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Juan Acosta Quotes:

  • Frank Morgan: How many you say?

    Juan Acosta: Three Senor.

    Frank Morgan: [barely walking because of the pain from his previous gun wound] Alright. Damn...

    Juan Acosta: Are you gonna make it?

    Frank Morgan: When they come out in the street, they will try to be as far apart as they can. I'll take Shannon and one close by. And you take the closes one to you.

    Juan Acosta: Closes... one?

    Frank Morgan: If Shannon is the closes one , I will take him. And the one next to him. Listen, don't hesitate. For Christ sakes. When I drop this rifle, you cut the bastard in half. Don't let me be out there, pissing in the wind! You think you can manage that old man?

    Juan Acosta: I... hope... so...

    Frank Morgan: Well, you better do a lot more than hope so... or we are gonna be dead as door-nails, in a couple of minutes.

  • Juan Acosta: I'm sorry! The shotgun just went off by itself!

    Frank Morgan: [moans because of the 2 gun wounds he now has] Get my horse!

    Frank Morgan: [Acosta brings Morgan his horse] Goodbye Linda...

    Linda Yarnell: [feeling guilty of all that has happened] Kristen, I have to tell you something about your real father.

    Frank Morgan: No, no it's better your way Linda...

    Kristen Yarnell: No it's not! What? What about my real father?

    Kristen Yarnell: [looks at Linda who in turn looks at Morgan] Why did you kill Shannon? Why did you do that?

    Frank Morgan: I don't know... sometimes I do things I can't explain. I'm a lot like you!

    Kristen Yarnell: [Morgan gets on his horse and leaves] Mom?, mom? He called you Linda.

    Linda Yarnell: Yes he did...

    Kristen Yarnell: [Kristen starts crying] But how did he know your name?

    Linda Yarnell: I use to know him... a long time ago.

    Kristen Yarnell: [continues crying] Is he... is he my...

    Kristen Yarnell: [Linda nods yes] Oh God!...

    Kristen Yarnell: [Kristen runs after Morgan but he is to far already gone on his way with his dog right beside him] I'm sorry... I didn't mean it...

    [continues crying and then smiles]

  • Frank Morgan: [Acosta is on his knees cleaning the broken glass he broke] Hey, get up!

    Juan Acosta: [scared] You talking to me?

    Frank Morgan: Yes, I'm talking to you. Come here. Sit down. Por favor.

    [Morgan pulls out a tobacco cigar and takes out a knife]

    Frank Morgan: Tobacco?

    [Acosta nods yes and Morgan cuts it in two and stabs the knife on the table]

    Frank Morgan: A man should not be on his knees, it's a bad place to be. A man on his knees, is half a man.

    [lights the cigars]

    Frank Morgan: [lights the cigars] Do you know where I could stay and get some decent food that doesn't taste like a gringo cow pissed on it?

    Juan Acosta: There's a house, but it may not be for a man, with such "exceptional" taste as yourself.

    Frank Morgan: [looks at Tom the bartender] What are you looking at? You better clean up that mess or someone could slip and break their fool neck. Did you hear what I said you jackass? Pick up that broom and clean it up!

    Juan Acosta: My woman is a pretty good cook. We don't have much, but you are welcomed in my house.

    Frank Morgan: Gracias Senor.

    Juan Acosta: [both looking at Tom] You right amigo. It's not a good place to be... On the knees.

    [both laugh]

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