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  • Hassan: [Encountering a giant bee] Look at that bee

    Zabid: That's not a bee, it's a mosquito

  • Hassan: I've never seen a black man turn white before

  • Maroof: My thirst is the thirst of a thousand men!

    Sinbad: Stop and drink and I promise you will go no further. Remember the last time?

    Hassan: You were stripped off all your possessions.

    Aboo-Seer: Because of that, I added four more eunuchs to the population.

  • [first lines]

    Hassan: Come on! Come on, come on, boys. Hey, captain, why the haste? The city will not vanish.

    Aboo-Seer: It's not the city of Charak he wishes to see, but someone who dwells within.

    Sinbad: After a long voyage, it is good to stretch one's legs.

    Hassan: The only good thing about this port is the inn of Abu Jamil the Squint, who, for six months, I have been dreaming of his roasted sheep's eyes.

    Aboo-Seer: And I the eyes of his daughter.

    Sinbad: You were dreaming of more than her eyes.

  • Melanthius: No, no, no, no. If you study my design, you'll see there's more curve in the runners. The snow will be deep.

    Hassan: But I have never seen snow, master.

  • Hassan: Captain, the beast was playing...

    Sinbad: Chess. I know. He has beaten me twice.

  • Hassan: You! Fuck! Motherfuck!

    Chris Garret: [Hassan reaches for a pistol in the waistband of his pants, Garret blows him away with his shotgun. Hassan flys through the air and crashes through a window] Drop dead.

  • Hassan: I'm not leaving, your going to ride to my people. It's dangerous for you here.

    Princess Marjan: If I leave How will you keep the soldier entertained? Will you dance for them? And Sing?

  • Hassan: [Raps] I'm the Mujahideen and I'm making a scene / Now you's gonna feel what the boom-boom means / It's like Tupac said, "When I die, I'm not dead"/ We are the martyrs, you're just smashed tomatoes / Allahu Akbar!

    [Audience screams as Hassan detonate his suicide belt releasing party streams]

    Barry: [Silent from audience] Mashallah, brother

    [Murmurs from the audience]

    Hassan: [Looking at the audiences] Oh, what, man? Come on. What? Just cos I'm Muslim, you thought it was real?

  • Hassan: I'm a martyr, you're all squashed tomatoes.

  • Madame Mallory: What is this flavor that is fighting against the chicken ?

    Hassan: I added some spices for flavor to the sauce, and coriander for garnish and freshness.

    Madame Mallory: But why change a recipe that is 200 years old ?

    Hassan: Because, madam, maybe 200 years is long enough.

  • Hassan: [narrating] And my mother was my instructor.

    Mama: The sea urchins taste of life, don't you think ? Life has its own flavor. Hidden in that shell, raw, beautiful life.

    Hassan: [narrating] It was an education for all of the senses.

    Mama: But to cook, you must kill. You make ghosts. You cook to make ghosts. Spirits that live on in every ingredient.

    Hassan: [narrating] But mostly, I was taught.

    Hassan: [Slurping] How to taste.

    Mama: Can you taste them?

  • Madame Mallory: Oh. Vous m'étonnez.


    Madame Mallory: You have it. Hmm. Your pigeon had it, too.

    Hassan: I know. I knew then, and I know now.

    Madame Mallory: Arrogance.

    Hassan: A chef must lead.

    Madame Mallory: Sharp and cool and hot in the mouth, all at the same time. Do you know how long it takes chefs to learn that? What will Papa say?

  • Papa: You want Hassan because you want another star for yourself, yes ?

    Madame Mallory: Oh, yes. Yes, I will not lie. But I will also offer him a stepping stone to the world. He deserves it. He has a gift.

    Papa: You are very stubborn.

    [rooster crowing]

    Papa: Oh, it's morning already.


    Papa: A new dawn. So... How much will you pay him per week ?

    Madame Mallory: 200 euro.

    Papa: [chuckling] Now you are proving you are insane.

    Madame Mallory: 250, plus food.

    Papa: If you sit in cold all night, he's worth 600.

    Madame Mallory: [scoffs] In your dreams.

    Papa: 450, or I walk.

    Madame Mallory: 320, but 350 after three month. Do we have a deal ?

    Papa: No.

    Hassan: Yes. We have a deal.

    Papa: [speaking Hindi]

    Hassan: Okay, relax, Papa.

    Papa: What do you mean, "relax" ? Spoiled the whole game.

    Madame Mallory: Papa, we have a deal.

    Papa: Madame...

  • Hassan: Marguerite! Thank you for the books !

    Marguerite: [chuckling] What books ?

    Hassan: The books !

  • Hassan: [Injured and bleeding] I just got stung by a lousy mosquito. These neighborhoods are dangerous. Lagos is safer. What's your name?

    Sophie: Sophie.

    Hassan: I'd give you my card but I have none left. Too bad! Sophie, fancy a cup of coffee? Go on! Can I massage your feet?

    Sophie: Why would I let you?

    Hassan: Because they hurt.

    Sophie: They do?

    Hassan: You were running in my dreams all night... Please have coffee with me.

  • Malik El Djebena: If you want a favor, learn to ask.

    Hassan: What do you want?

    Malik El Djebena: What can I get out of it?

    Hassan: Respect.

    Malik El Djebena: Do I look Corsican?

  • [first lines]

    Hassan: It's almost new. Three hundred cartridges. The guy who gave it to me said you can hit as far as three kilometers.

  • Hassan: In my country they say Allah told the south wind that he'd create the Arabian horse from it. So be it, said the wind. He held a puft and tied it to the horse's mane it wouldn't forget where it came from but it turned out to be so fast and cunning that no one could ride it, and it was Ishmael the first faithful, who was able to tame one of them and called it Kuhaylan, the Black Antelope. You're more difficult to tame than that first horse.

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