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Jack Morris Quotes:

  • Jack Morris: Hey storekeeper!

    Jordan Yarnell: I hear ya!

    Jack Morris: I'm hungry!

    Jordan Yarnell: You'll get fed.

    Spud Walker: Like the rest of the hogs.

    Jack Morris: You really think you fast huh kid? Hell I know guys who would blow you away before you could spit!

    Spud Walker: You know what you remind me of Morris?

    Jordan Yarnell: Leave it be Spud.

    Spud Walker: A turd with lips.

    Jack Morris: [looking at Kristen] Come over here hunny, I can show you where you could put your neckline.

    Jordan Yarnell: You watch your mouth around her saddle tramp!

    Jack Morris: Yes sir Mr. Storekeeper. You got me so scared I've got the diarrhea.

    Old Harry: [just then Old Harry rushes in and Spud takes out and points his gun at Old Harry] Jesus, Spud!

    Jack Morris: Shoot him kid! Shoot the old fart!

    Jordan Yarnell: Jesus Christ Harry, you know better than to come barging in here like that! What do you want anyway?

    Old Harry: Huh? Oh yeah! You not going to believe it Jordan! You are not going to believe it!

    Jordan Yarnell: What ain't I not going to believe?

    Old Harry: Frank Morgan just rode into town!

    Jordan Yarnell: Damn.

    Kristen Yarnell: Who's Frank Morgan? Jordan? Who's Frank Morgan?

    Jordan Yarnell: He's some kind of gunfighter.

    Old Harry: Oh no! He ain't! Calling Frank Morgan just a gunfighter is like calling the desert dry! He is more than some kind of gunfighter Jordan. He's a honest to God, walking around legend!

    Spud Walker: Do you think he come to spring Morris?

    Jack Morris: Naw, he ain't come 2 spring Morris. He come to convert everybody to the baby Jesus.

  • [Referring to the leg Jack lost in combat]

    Willie Morris: Does it ever itch or hurt, like it's still there?

    Jack Morris: Yes, it hurts.

    Willie Morris: But they gave you a medal for it, didn't they?

    Jack Morris: I'd rather have the leg.

  • Jack Morris: You know I.C.? Colored fellow at the service station?

    Ellen Morris: Sure.

    Jack Morris: His son came back from Europe today.

    Ellen Morris: Wonderful.

    Jack Morris: In a box.

  • Dink: You bawling like a big baby 'cause you lost that ball game?

    Willie Morris: What do you know about it? You didn't come you big liar. Leave me alone.

    Dink: That's how it is, isn't it? You're a hero today, and then you're a goat tomorrow. Now I didn't come because games don't mean nothing to me anymore.

    Willie Morris: It's not the game. It's Skip. He's gone for good.

    Dink: For good? Now how do you know that? You some kind of fortune teller?

    Willie Morris: I got mad at him and I hit him. And he ran away. Just like you ran away. Skip was never afraid of nothing.

    Dink: You think I don't know what folks are saying? That old Dink's a coward? Huh? Well I know. And you know what? They're right. I got scared. And I ran. You think it was 'cause I was afraid of dying? Because I wished I was dead plenty of times.

    Willie Morris: Then what was it?

    Dink: It ain't the dying that scary, boy. It's the killing. Now look, that dog ain't lost. You just need to know where to find him. There's gotta be at least one place around here that you hadn't thought of to look at, right?

    [Willy runs off to find Skip]

    Jack Morris: Sometimes he gets mad and says things he doesn't mean. He gets it from his mother. When I got back from Spain, I got into accounting. I figured I could hide behind a desk. I looked down, and I didn't so much as look up for a whole year. When I finally did, people weren't staring at me anymore. I guess they kind of forgot about it.

    Dink: Well, Mr. Morris. You got a purple heart. I got a yellow stripe. You can trust me. They don't forget about cowards.

    Jack Morris: Well, folks like to keep things small, Dink. Fit you into one pocket or the other. Give a man a label, and you never really need to get to know him. My son, he looks up to you, Dink. Not because you can run or throw a ball. You're his hero because you're his friend. And that's what he needs. A friend.

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