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Deputy Sheriff Quotes:

  • [Pale, sweating and in obvious withdrawal, Caleb is being shaken down by a policeman]

    Deputy Sheriff: You ain't looking too good, son.

    Caleb Colton: I ain't feeling too good, sir.

    Deputy Sheriff: What're you on?

    Caleb Colton: You wouldn't believe me...

  • Deputy Sheriff: Come this way, please.

    Caleb Colton: What's the problem?

    Deputy Sheriff: You.

  • Deputy Sheriff: Okay, put them up.

    Lew Harper: Put what up?

  • Marva Munson: And Othar don't like it neither!

    Deputy Sheriff: [Slightly mocking and sarcastic] It's been disturbing Othar, then, has it?

    Marva Munson: Well, how could it hep but do?

  • [last lines]

    Deputy Sheriff: We have a 10-80 out here, a truck on fire, we have a man on the lift. We are unable to find the switch to turn the lift off, can't stop the dancing chickens. Send an electrician, we're standing by.

  • [first lines]

    [Boots, Woody and Jeepers blunder into a shootout between lawmen and enemy agents]

    Deputy Sheriff: [to one of the spies] Drop it!

    Sheriff: [to the entertainers] It's okay. Sorry you got caught in the middle.

    Woody Wetherby: What's goin' on?

    Sheriff: Spies.

    Jeepers: Spies?

    Sheriff: That's right - over in Acme City and in these hills. They're all over the place.

  • Deputy Sheriff: Hey you! Sheriff wants to see you, down at the trading post. Don't waste any of his time 'cause he ain't staying around long. Maybe you ain't either.

    Charles Tatum: You don't say?

    Deputy Sheriff: You wanna know something? He don't like you.

    Charles Tatum: And I was going to propose to him.

  • Deputy Sheriff: I've got an order here to produce that child before Judge Thompson.

    Capt. January: All right, when do you want her?

    Deputy Sheriff: Tomorrow afternoon at three.

    Capt. January: All right, we'll be there.

    Mrs. Agatha Mogan: You take that child right now! Don't you understand he's trying to sneak her out of the jurisdiction of the court?

    Capt. Nazro: He's trying to do no such thing!

    Mrs. Agatha Mogan: Then why is he on this boat? Officer, you're responsible for the custody of the child!

    Deputy Sheriff: Maybe you're right. I can't take any chances.

    Helen: Oh, Cap, don't let them take me away!

  • Karla Dyson: My son's been kidnapped.

    Deputy Sheriff: If you wait here with me, ma'am, we'll file a report right now.

  • Deputy Sheriff: Is she your house cleaning lady, Garver?

  • Gene Autry aka Tex Smith: But I tell you, I'm Gene Autry!

    Deputy Sheriff: And I'm Bing Crosby.


    Deputy Sheriff: Boo-boo-boo-boo!

    Frog Millhouse: Boo-boo yourself.

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