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Old Harry Quotes:

  • Jack Morris: Hey storekeeper!

    Jordan Yarnell: I hear ya!

    Jack Morris: I'm hungry!

    Jordan Yarnell: You'll get fed.

    Spud Walker: Like the rest of the hogs.

    Jack Morris: You really think you fast huh kid? Hell I know guys who would blow you away before you could spit!

    Spud Walker: You know what you remind me of Morris?

    Jordan Yarnell: Leave it be Spud.

    Spud Walker: A turd with lips.

    Jack Morris: [looking at Kristen] Come over here hunny, I can show you where you could put your neckline.

    Jordan Yarnell: You watch your mouth around her saddle tramp!

    Jack Morris: Yes sir Mr. Storekeeper. You got me so scared I've got the diarrhea.

    Old Harry: [just then Old Harry rushes in and Spud takes out and points his gun at Old Harry] Jesus, Spud!

    Jack Morris: Shoot him kid! Shoot the old fart!

    Jordan Yarnell: Jesus Christ Harry, you know better than to come barging in here like that! What do you want anyway?

    Old Harry: Huh? Oh yeah! You not going to believe it Jordan! You are not going to believe it!

    Jordan Yarnell: What ain't I not going to believe?

    Old Harry: Frank Morgan just rode into town!

    Jordan Yarnell: Damn.

    Kristen Yarnell: Who's Frank Morgan? Jordan? Who's Frank Morgan?

    Jordan Yarnell: He's some kind of gunfighter.

    Old Harry: Oh no! He ain't! Calling Frank Morgan just a gunfighter is like calling the desert dry! He is more than some kind of gunfighter Jordan. He's a honest to God, walking around legend!

    Spud Walker: Do you think he come to spring Morris?

    Jack Morris: Naw, he ain't come 2 spring Morris. He come to convert everybody to the baby Jesus.

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