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Uncle Quotes:

  • [first lines]

    Cheng Chao-an: Uncle, is this it?

    Uncle: Yes, right over there. That's the town, Cheng. That's right. Not much further to go.

  • [his last words]

    Uncle: Like an aged tree which yields no blossoms... cheerful my life has been... bearing but a single fruit...

  • [in American DVD subtitles]

    Uncle: You were as strong as a bull, and so I named you Ricky.

  • Uncle: [p.o.'d at his nephew for the 'goods' received in trade for his horse] ... I don't ask for much... In return for all those years I put food in your belly; clothes on your back; a roof over your head... So what do I have to show for it?... Beans!

    Jack: I'll, I'll take them to The Abbey tomorrow and we'll tell the monks what happened!

    Uncle: You believe that story?

    Jack: I mean, he was a monk!

    Uncle: -Cuz he wore a robe... funny haircut?

  • Uncle: Where were you? I was looking for you in all pubs.

    Richard: I don't drink.

    Uncle: Nevermind.

  • Malenka: You mean to tell me that the ancestors are still alive?

    Uncle: Not exactly.

  • Uncle: £2 a ticket. Young Francis Thompson. Seventh son of a seventh son. Any more now for the cure?

  • Uncle: Poor Don Carlos, suffered such excruciating misery from seasickness, almost at the despair of his life.

    Marietta: But he didn't die?

    Uncle: Fortunately not.

    Marietta: Sad.

  • Wang Lung: [must sell his land to feed his family but the buyers take advantage of him] Thieves ! Thieves ! And well you know I must sell.

    O-Lan: No ! Not the land. We'll not sell the land. We'll keep it. We'll go south and when we return, we'll still have the land.

    Uncle: But I've arranged it. I brought these men here. You MUST sell !

    O-Lan: Is it your land ? Did you buy it bit by bit ? The land is our life... and it's better to go south... or die walking... than to give it to you for nothing.

  • Aunt: When a farmer buys silk robes and washes his whole body every day, there's a woman. That's sure !

    Uncle: But a rich man may have two wives but the wife must cling to her husband. That is as it should be.

    Aunt: That's right. A woman is allowed but one mistake.

    Uncle: Of course. Now then, it is said: you may see a teapot with four teacups, but did you ever see a teacup with four teapots ?

    Aunt: It is also said: do you ever see two spoons in the same bowl that do not knock against each other ?

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