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  • Mae: Look, I'll take care of him!

    Homer: You can't, Mae. I turned you, I taught you.

    Mae: Well I turned him and I can teach him!

    Severen: [smirking] What's the matter, Homer? You jealous? A little too little to be jealous.

    Homer: You have any idea what it's like to be a big man on the inside and have a small body on the outside?

    Severen: You have ANY idea what it's like to HEAR about it every NIGHT?

  • Mae: The light that's leaving that star right now will take a billion years to get down here. You want to know why you've never met a girl like me before?

    Caleb Colton: Yeah. Why?

    Mae: Because I'll still be here when the light from that star gets down here to earth in a billion years.

  • Caleb Colton: I sure haven't met any girls like you.

    Mae: No. No, you sure haven't.

  • Mae: There's somethin' I want to show you.

    [Caleb and Mae get off the truck]

    Caleb Colton: There's somethin' you want to show me?

    Mae: Yeah. The night.

    Caleb Colton: What about it?

    Mae: It's dark.

    Caleb Colton: I noticed.

    Mae: It's so bright, it'll blind you.

    Caleb Colton: I can't see.

    Mae: Well, listen. Do you hear it?

    Caleb Colton: I'm listenin'. I don't hear nothin'.

    Mae: Listen hard. Do you hear it?

    Caleb Colton: Hear what?

    Mae: The night, it's deafening.

  • [last lines]

    Mae: Caleb, what's happening?

    Caleb Colton: I brought you home.

    Mae: I'm afraid.

    Caleb Colton: Don't be. It's just the sun.

  • Caleb Colton: Can I have a bite?

    Mae: Bite?

    Caleb Colton: I'm just dyin' for a cone.

    Mae: Dyin'?

  • Caleb Colton: Who you out here with?

    Mae: Friends.

    Caleb Colton: Boyfriend?

    Mae: Friends.

  • Caleb Colton: I mean, I don't have a girlfriend.

    Mae: That's too bad.

    Caleb Colton: Exactly.

  • Mae: Horses just don't like me.

  • Caleb Colton: What'll we do now?

    Mae: [Chuckles] Anything we want... to the end of time.

  • Mae: The night has its price.

  • Mae: [after kissing Caleb] You're warm. Your skin's warm.

  • Mae: Give a man something to suck on and he's happy.

  • Lana: I don't know about you girls but I wanna get the hell out of this town. Somewhere there's clean air where you can breathe. I don't know, maybe Tahiti?

    Molly Stewart/Angel: Tahiti? Why Tahiti?

    Mae: Because the men use their dicks for oars.

  • Mae: [waving to Angel] Don't let fatso go yet!

    [to Vice Cop]

    Mae: Why don't you go home now and spank your monkey numb nuts?

  • Mae: Sweetheart, I thought they busted you.

    Molly Stewart/Angel: I had porky made out the minute I got in the car.

  • Mae: Two blind lesbians lost in a fish market. THAT is crazy. Get it?

  • Mae: It's lean out there tonight.

    Molly Stewart/Angel: It's the murders Mae. It's got the Johns scared.

    Crystal: Why should the Johns be scared? It's the hookers that are getting killed.

    Mae: Ever see a man try to run away with his pants wrapped around his ankles?

  • Molly Stewart/Angel: Do you have any idea what they do to unclaimed bodies?

    Kit Carson: No, I don't reckon I do.

    Molly Stewart/Angel: Oh, well... I don't know either but whatever it is, it can't be good.

    Mae: Well, we better get over there before she ends up in the tomb for the unknown hooker.

  • Mae: Remind me never to get murdered!

  • Mae: When I was a kid my father warned me. He said, Rachel don't ever play cards with a Jewish dyke. They cheat!

    Solly Mosler: Eh, eat my puff will ya!

    Mae: Puff?

  • Patricia Allen: I ment to ask you... that dress. Sacks?

    Mae: I Magnuns.

    Patricia Allen: Oh! Stunning.

    Mae: Thank you. I got it on sale.

  • Patricia Allen: Listen, I don't know who's mother you are, but you're not Molly's.

    Mae: I'm not?

    Patricia Allen: No.

  • Mae: [extremely upset] Why?

    Ko: Why ? That's a very vague question, don't you think.

    Mae: You always do this.

    Ko: Consistency is a very rare trait these days, you should be proud.

  • Mae: Show 'em your friendly, Honey! Let 'em sniff your hand

  • Walter: Has he hit YOU yet?


  • [from trailer]

    Mae: Mom, why do you always wear the high tops?

    Daphne Wilder: I just got these, what's wrong with these?

    Maggie: There just kinda depressing.

    Milly: Mom for your 60th birthday we'll buy you something beautiful, something that grandma Moses would not wear.

  • Mae: You're not a helicopter, mom. Quit hovering.

  • Maggie: [discussing sex] I swear, by the third time I was so loud car alarms were going off and dogs were barking.

    Daphne Wilder: What? Three times? Is that... is that normal?

    Mae: Oh, come on, we all know I hold the record in this family.

    [holds up seven fingers, Milly Smirks]

    Daphne Wilder: Milly, honey, why are you so quiet?

    Mae: [Coyly] 'Cause she's doing the oompa-loompa with two guys, mom.

  • Mae: Yo, homie, how am I doin'?

    Johnny: Slammin'

  • Mae: We ain't giving up nothing!

    Katie 'Babe' Williams, Grievance Committee: Wait a minute, don't you see? We've won!

  • Mae: I declare! I don't know how these gay men meet each other if they won't crack a smile!

  • Mae: So Jennie Sue, have you and Brian given any thought to what you'll name the children?

    Brian: Mom...

    Mae: Well I'm just makin' conversation!

  • Mae: [about Jennie Sue] Brian, she's practically cotton candy!

  • Brian: You mean you're hanging out with male strippers?

    Mae: Well, just the one!

  • Mae: [Answering to the door to Salsa and Kitty] Oh, it's so good of you to come!

    Brian: Oh, yeah, because we always have drag queens over for dinner.

  • Mae: I've had to many good times.

  • [last lines]

    Mae: Hello.

  • Mae: Who busted your hand, Curley?

    Curley: I told ya, I got it caught in a machine.

    Mae: I saw that machine last night!

    Curley: They told ya?

    Mae: Why didn't you tell your old man, so he could can him?

    Curley: The double crossin'...

    Mae: I'll tell you why! Cause you were scared, if you'd talk, they'll talk too. You were scared you'd get the horse laugh... like I'm giving ya now! HA HA HA HA HA HA! Just a punk with a crippled hand! HA HA HA HA HA...

    Curley: I ain't even gonna slug ya! I'm going upstairs and pack your junk. You're gettin' out of here! You and me are through!

    Mae: ONE TWO! The old one-two! HA HA HA HA HA...

    [laughter turns into sobbing]

  • Mae: Well, aren't you gonna take me to the movies? Like you promised?

    Curley: I seen it the other night with some of the boys.

  • Mae: Thanks for sending the big guy out. I gotta talk to you.

    Slim: You got nothing to say to me.

    Mae: Please, Slim. I gotta talk to somebody or I'll go crazy. Please let me. I ain't meant to live like this. I'd leave this place only I got no money. My Mother won't take me back. I only married Curley 'cause I wanted to get away from her. Maybe I oughtn't a be saying this but I don't like Curley.

    MaeSlim: No you oughtn't. You oughtn't a be here. You oughtn't a talk to me or to any guy on the ranch. Go on back to the house where you belong. I don't want to listen to your troubles. You got no troubles except what you bring on yourself. Go on, lady.

    Mae: [She cries as he moves away]

    Slim: [to himself] Poor kid. I should'a let her talk.

  • Mae: [to Lennie] You're goofy. But you're kind of a nice fella. Just like a big baby.

  • Mae: I wish you'd lay off those kids!

    Jack: Why don't you get over that "mother complex"?

  • Mae: What time is it?

    Jack: Time to get up and give this place the goin' over. It looks like the marines have landed.

    Mae: Well, that bunch last night was high enough to take over the marines and the navy!

  • [Jack fixes Mae a drink that is not filled as high as she'd prefer]

    Mae: Hey, what an I? An orphan?

    [he pours more into the glass]

    Jack: Where do you put it? D'ya got a hollow leg?

  • [Blanche introduces Bill to Mae]

    Blanche: This is Bill Harper. He's okay.

    [Mae travels to other room]

    Mae: There's a new one in today.

    Jack: Yeah - Bill Harper. He's all right.

  • [after realizing the box is empty]

    Ralph: Mae? MAE!

    [Mae enters]

    Mae: What do you want?

    Ralph: Bring me some reefers!

  • Mae: Baby, it will be OK.

    Mae: Do you know how I know?

    Mae: We have everything to live for.

  • Mae: We stole this shit fair and square.

    Mae: They want it?

    Mae: Let 'um try.

  • Mae: [shuffling cards] I used to read them round here til it got too uncomfortable. They kept turning up black. Who wants to pay to see the ace of spades?

    Danny: Am I going to cross water, Mae?

    Mae: When the last day comes, I think everyone'll turn up black, all over this city. Thousands and thousands of aces of spades on the same day at the same hour, and we'll know it not.

  • [first lines]

    Mae: There are 8 million stories in Manhattan. This ain't one of them. This story takes place in Weehawken, New Jersey, right across the river.

  • Edward: What are you doing back there?

    Mae: I'm getting into my party clothes, sweetie. It's Halloween, there's party going on.

    Edward: You're not going downstairs.

    Mae: I most certainly am. There are people to haunt.

  • Arnita: They say that persons like yourselves...

    Mae: What do you mean?

    Arnita: ...hang around because you're unhappy - well, ghosts. Can I say "ghosts"?

    Edward: Can we say "people"?

  • [last lines]

    Mae: So Edward, you finally gave up the ghost. I'll be seein' ya.

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