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  • Bret Landon: Whiskey.

    [as the catina bartender ignores his request, Bret quickly takes out his gun and points it at the bartender]

    Bret Landon: I said whiskey pig!

    Jesse Landon: You better get my brother a drink friend or he will put a bullet in you.

    [the bartender serves him a drink]

    Jesse Landon: My name is Jesse Landon. This is my brother Bret. Have you heard of him?

    Cantina Bartender: I don't think so Senor.

    Jesse Landon: My brother and I looking for somebody. Can you tell us if that man is here.

    Cantina Bartender: The name Senor?

    Jesse Landon: Frank Morgan.

    Cantina Bartender: I don't know anyone by that name.

    Bret Landon: You lying amigo. Everyone knows Frank Morgan.

    [the dog gets up and leaves]

    Jesse Landon: Why is it so damn quite in here? Play some music! Where do you think you going 'chiquita'? Stay up there and dance! Are you so damn stupid you don't understand English? I said dance dammit!

    Frank Morgan: Leave her alone.

    [slowly gets up and stares without blinking]

    Bret Landon: Morgan? is that you?

    Jesse Landon: So, you're Frank Morgan? My name is Jesse Landon. This here is my brother Bret.

    Frank Morgan: I know who you are. What do you have in mind?

    Jesse Landon: People say you fast, but you wanna hear something funny? I think my brother here is a little faster.

    Frank Morgan: We don't have to do this . Let me buy you a drink.

    Bret Landon: I'll drink later.

    Rosa: No you won't. You'll be dead. Both of you. When he pulls that gun, you both will be Dead!

    Jesse Landon: He will be the one dead lady.

    Frank Morgan: I saw you strap your gun on that bartender. You really fast kid. But you ain't gonna make it. Don't do this to yourself. Please.

    Jesse Landon: Don't listen to him little brother. He trying to rattle you. You can do it! You younger and you faster. Look He's an old man for Christ's sake. Look at him he's yellow. He's scared of you. He's got piss swelling in his eyes. Listen, what did we ride out here from Kansas anyhow? So you, can have your name written in the wind forever, right? So what's it gonna be? You or him? Come on do it. Do it! Do it boy! Now!

    Frank Morgan: [Bret pulls out his gun but Morgan is way faster and shoots Bret dead] He was just a... kid.

    [turns to Jesse and cocks his gun again]

    Frank Morgan: I have seen sons of bitches like you all my life.

    Jesse Landon: No, no, Morgan, wait, wait! I ain't no gunfighter! My brother, he was the gunfighter. He was not even my real brother. He's my half-brother.

    Frank Morgan: I'll give you an edge. Look what you done! Take it out... Do it! slowly... Now cock it... there's your edge...

    Frank Morgan: [Jesse goes to shoot but is way to slow and Morgan shoots him but not killing him] Now get up damn you! Get Up! Get up and dance! Are you to stupid to understand English? Get up!

    Rosa: Please Frank! Don't kill him! Stop! I'm begging you! For me, Rosa! No lo mates! No vale la pena! For me Frank , for me!

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