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Jordan Yarnell Quotes:

  • Jordan Yarnell: No matter what happens, I love you.

    Linda Yarnell: Jordan, please...

    Jordan Yarnell: You can't come this time , son.

    Spud Walker: What are you talking about?

    Jordan Yarnell: You need to stay here and look out for everybody.

    Linda Yarnell: Jordan! Please! I have to tell you something! I have been lying to you about something!

    Jordan Yarnell: It doesn't make any difference! Nothing makes any difference anymore!

    Frank Morgan: [suddenly Morgan breaks the door in and hits Jordan with the butt of his rifle and knocks him out] Grrrr!

    Frank Morgan: [Morgan grabs Spud and smashes him against a cabinet and renders Spud helpless] You want to kill me? you want to spit in my face?

    Kristen Yarnell: [Kristen tries to stop Morgan but Morgan pushes her off] Stop it! No!

    Frank Morgan: This little girl loves you! If you feel the same about her, you marry her! But if you ever put a gun in your hand again, I'll hear about it! And so help me God, I will find you, and I will kill you dead! Do you understand me?

    Kristen Yarnell: I hate you. I hope you die.

    Frank Morgan: [Morgan walks over to the door with Linda and observe Jordan on the floor] He's not going to die. He's gonna wake up with a hell of a headache. But he will be all in one piece, just like you wanted.

    Linda Yarnell: What about you?

    Frank Morgan: What about me...?


  • Jack Morris: Hey storekeeper!

    Jordan Yarnell: I hear ya!

    Jack Morris: I'm hungry!

    Jordan Yarnell: You'll get fed.

    Spud Walker: Like the rest of the hogs.

    Jack Morris: You really think you fast huh kid? Hell I know guys who would blow you away before you could spit!

    Spud Walker: You know what you remind me of Morris?

    Jordan Yarnell: Leave it be Spud.

    Spud Walker: A turd with lips.

    Jack Morris: [looking at Kristen] Come over here hunny, I can show you where you could put your neckline.

    Jordan Yarnell: You watch your mouth around her saddle tramp!

    Jack Morris: Yes sir Mr. Storekeeper. You got me so scared I've got the diarrhea.

    Old Harry: [just then Old Harry rushes in and Spud takes out and points his gun at Old Harry] Jesus, Spud!

    Jack Morris: Shoot him kid! Shoot the old fart!

    Jordan Yarnell: Jesus Christ Harry, you know better than to come barging in here like that! What do you want anyway?

    Old Harry: Huh? Oh yeah! You not going to believe it Jordan! You are not going to believe it!

    Jordan Yarnell: What ain't I not going to believe?

    Old Harry: Frank Morgan just rode into town!

    Jordan Yarnell: Damn.

    Kristen Yarnell: Who's Frank Morgan? Jordan? Who's Frank Morgan?

    Jordan Yarnell: He's some kind of gunfighter.

    Old Harry: Oh no! He ain't! Calling Frank Morgan just a gunfighter is like calling the desert dry! He is more than some kind of gunfighter Jordan. He's a honest to God, walking around legend!

    Spud Walker: Do you think he come to spring Morris?

    Jack Morris: Naw, he ain't come 2 spring Morris. He come to convert everybody to the baby Jesus.

  • Jordan Yarnell: Good afternoon. Mind if I sit down?

    Frank Morgan: [looks at the dog] Move!

    Jordan Yarnell: You Frank Morgan?

    Frank Morgan: Who are you?

    Jordan Yarnell: Jordan Yarnell, temporary sheriff. This is my deputy Spud Walker.

    Frank Morgan: Where's the real one?

    Jordan Yarnell: Real what?

    Frank Morgan: Sheriff.

    Jordan Yarnell: He got shot.

    Frank Morgan: [Spud moves closer to Morgan and Morgan keeps his eye on him] You packing a lot of iron there kid.

    Spud Walker: I can use it too.

    Frank Morgan: You can huh?

    Jordan Yarnell: What do you want here, Morgan?

    Frank Morgan: I want more... coffee.

    [Tom the bartender rushes to serve him]

    Jordan Yarnell: We got a prisoner over in the jail, Jack Morris.

    Spud Walker: We gonna hang him next week.

    Frank Morgan: That's nice.

    Jordan Yarnell: Maybe you didn't hear him right. We gonna Hang Morris next week!

    Frank Morgan: Listen Mr. Temporary Sheriff, I don't care if you hang Ulysses S. Grant! It ain't got nothing to do with me because I'm just passing thru.

    Frank Morgan: [Just then Juan Acosta accidently knocks over some glasses and breaks them which makes Spud jump and goes for his gun and cocks it] Your deputy has hooked himself on a short fuse there Mr. Temporary sheriff.

    Jordan Yarnell: You just remember what I said. We gonna hang him.

    Spud Walker: Ain't nobody gonna stop us neither.

    Jordan Yarnell: How long you planning on staying in Red Pine, Morgan?

    Frank Morgan: [stares at Spud] As long as I want. And nobody can stop me, neither.

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