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Linda Yarnell Quotes:

  • Jordan Yarnell: No matter what happens, I love you.

    Linda Yarnell: Jordan, please...

    Jordan Yarnell: You can't come this time , son.

    Spud Walker: What are you talking about?

    Jordan Yarnell: You need to stay here and look out for everybody.

    Linda Yarnell: Jordan! Please! I have to tell you something! I have been lying to you about something!

    Jordan Yarnell: It doesn't make any difference! Nothing makes any difference anymore!

    Frank Morgan: [suddenly Morgan breaks the door in and hits Jordan with the butt of his rifle and knocks him out] Grrrr!

    Frank Morgan: [Morgan grabs Spud and smashes him against a cabinet and renders Spud helpless] You want to kill me? you want to spit in my face?

    Kristen Yarnell: [Kristen tries to stop Morgan but Morgan pushes her off] Stop it! No!

    Frank Morgan: This little girl loves you! If you feel the same about her, you marry her! But if you ever put a gun in your hand again, I'll hear about it! And so help me God, I will find you, and I will kill you dead! Do you understand me?

    Kristen Yarnell: I hate you. I hope you die.

    Frank Morgan: [Morgan walks over to the door with Linda and observe Jordan on the floor] He's not going to die. He's gonna wake up with a hell of a headache. But he will be all in one piece, just like you wanted.

    Linda Yarnell: What about you?

    Frank Morgan: What about me...?


  • Juan Acosta: I'm sorry! The shotgun just went off by itself!

    Frank Morgan: [moans because of the 2 gun wounds he now has] Get my horse!

    Frank Morgan: [Acosta brings Morgan his horse] Goodbye Linda...

    Linda Yarnell: [feeling guilty of all that has happened] Kristen, I have to tell you something about your real father.

    Frank Morgan: No, no it's better your way Linda...

    Kristen Yarnell: No it's not! What? What about my real father?

    Kristen Yarnell: [looks at Linda who in turn looks at Morgan] Why did you kill Shannon? Why did you do that?

    Frank Morgan: I don't know... sometimes I do things I can't explain. I'm a lot like you!

    Kristen Yarnell: [Morgan gets on his horse and leaves] Mom?, mom? He called you Linda.

    Linda Yarnell: Yes he did...

    Kristen Yarnell: [Kristen starts crying] But how did he know your name?

    Linda Yarnell: I use to know him... a long time ago.

    Kristen Yarnell: [continues crying] Is he... is he my...

    Kristen Yarnell: [Linda nods yes] Oh God!...

    Kristen Yarnell: [Kristen runs after Morgan but he is to far already gone on his way with his dog right beside him] I'm sorry... I didn't mean it...

    [continues crying and then smiles]

  • Frank Morgan: Shannon!

    Walt Shannon: [Julio cocks his rifle] Stop!

    Julio: What's the matter?

    Walt Shannon: I know that voice.

    Boise: Well, who is it?

    Frank Morgan: Hey Walt! Get your ass out here!

    Walt Shannon: Morgan.

    Boise: Frank Morgan? Jesus, Walt! You never said...

    Walt Shannon: Shut up!... I wonder what he's doing here?

    Frank Morgan: What are you doing in there Shannon, playing with yourself?

    Walt Shannon: [approaches the bar doors very cautiously and slowly and appears vampire-like as he opens the doors] What do you say Frank? Been a long time.

    Walt Shannon: [Shannon comes out with his hands up and Boise & Julio come out behind him and spread out to encircle Morgan] What are you doing here Frank?

    Frank Morgan: Standing in for Yarnell.

    Walt Shannon: Standing in huh?... You all by yourself Frank?... You don't look to good... Someone get mad at you Frank?

    Frank Morgan: Come on Walt, let's get this over with.

    Walt Shannon: This here is... Frank Morgan fellas.

    Kristen Yarnell: [Kristen, Linda and Spud arrive in the background] Mom, why is he...

    Linda Yarnell: Be still, Kristen. Be still and watch.

    Walt Shannon: Frank will be standing in for Yarnell... But he's having a little trouble... just standing... Ain't that right , Frank?

    Frank Morgan: Why don't I get rid of this...

    Walt Shannon: Why don't you do... just that...

    Frank Morgan: [drops the rifle so Acosta can start shooting but Morgan realizes that Acosta didn't see him do it and he's on his own against all 3 villains] Hmmm...

    Frank Morgan: [stares at Shannon who stares at Boise who then stares at Morgan, who in turn looks at Julio who in turn looks at Shannon who in turn looks at Morgan and it's the moment of truth in which there is no turning back] Sighs...

    Boise: [Shannon draws but Morgan is quicker and shoots him and Julio but Shannon manages to shoot Frank and Morgan shoots him again while Acosta finally shoots in the air no less and Boise was just about to shoot Frank but his gun breaks] Bullshit! The gun broke open! There's no bullets! There's no bullets, no gun! I didn't mean it! It was a mistake! Don't shoot! I quit!

    Spud Walker: [Morgan fires 2 shots and kills Boise who crashes through a store window] Sweet Jesus!

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