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Bone Quotes:

  • Bone: Who the hell do you think you are? Muhammad Ali?

    Robert Sand: No, I'm better!

  • Bear: Hey! What you're gonna do to them with that ain't shit compared to what I'm gonna do to you with this.

    Bone: Where did you get that piece Bear?

    Bear: Got it for my nephew, 5 and dime

  • Bear: You mean that's it, I don't get to take Junior here out to play?

    Bone: Nope

    Bear: SHIT!

  • Bone: [to Calvin Hogg ] Why don't you cut the shit, I mean you know Ironbutt's got you up a tree.

    Calvin Hogg: Hey look don't get smart-ass with me cowboy.

  • Bone: Look Ironbutt, If I ain't back in an hour, you bring the bros and you let a bond fire for me and the Bear.

  • Bone: [looking up at Bear ] Hey Bear, how they hangin' bro?

    Bear: Little closer to the ground, just the way I like it

  • Bone: This is the club I hang at. And the problem is I'm going to be walking in with a guy dressed as a waterbed.

  • Casey: [to Abdul] Your Excellency, do you want to wait for your bodyguard?

    Bone: What do you mean? What do I look like? His manicurist? I'M his bodyguard! I'm his American bodyguard. Yeah, he's got a whole bunch of bodyguards out there. Those towlheads out there are his Arabian bodyguards. They protect him from sandstorms comming up in his face, and camel farts which make him nervous. I protect him from... from those guys because there was an artical in Scentific American that these Iranian guys get the sun beatin' on their heads. They come out of the sun and they go ape shit... and kill their superiors, their generals and stuff. I'm here to protect him from them.

    Casey: Is that all right, your Excellency?

    Bone: Of course it's all right! I'm his bodyguard. I'm Bone and this is... what's your name?

    [Abdul does not respond]

    Bone: Fine. Let's call him Abdul. Let's just drive. Lady, just drive.

  • Bone: Okay ladies, it's time for the GRATUITOUS NUDITY! You supply the nudity, and we supply the gratuity.

  • Bone: [to Casey] What planet are you from, sugar tits? Saturn with the rings around your head?

  • Bone: Listen, if you have a little more trouble getting that skirt off I'll give you another hundred.

  • Alonzo Harris: One time. What's up Bone?

    Bone: What's up, Alonzo? - What's happenin' with you, Damu?

    Alonzo Harris: It's all good.

    Bone: I wanna tell you man: I appreciate what you did for my nephew, that's some real shit.

    Alonzo Harris: For sure. For sure.

    [Alonzo walks away]

    Bone: I'm sick of this shit I can't stand that motherfucker.

  • Bone: [while pointing a gun at Alonzo] Jake, go ahead and bounce, homey. Get up out of here. We got your back.

    Alonzo Harris: What?

    Bone: It's like that.

  • [Bone is smoking a cigarette with his friends]

    Bone: You got business here, Rookie?

    Jake Hoyt: I'm here for Alonzo.

  • Gary Spargo: Where is it?

    Bone: He says he doesn't remember.

    Chris Pratt: Lewis, you OK?

    Lewis: [sarcastically] oh, I'm terrific.

    Gary Spargo: Don't do this, Chris. Just tell me where it is.

    Chris Pratt: I don't know where it is.

    Bone: Bullshit.

  • Roy: Man, do you really wanna fight an army of vampires?

    Bone: [pauses to do a dramatic turn] Since I was twelve years old.

  • Bone: Look, we are fucked! We're fucked like an autistic 8 year old at a NAMBLA meeting.

  • Carrie: What the hell is wrong with this town? Those guys were, like, fucking rabid.

    Bone: They had fangs. Those other two died pretty quickly when I put a stake through their heart. So, obviously... they're Lutherans.

  • Lynette: So that's what those things are? They's vampires?

    Byron: No, I already told ya, they're genetically enhanced fang bots made by the government!

    Lynette: Then why come that's one we saw stuck out in the daytime 'splode up when the daylight hit 'em?

    Byron: That was just a coincidence. What happened was we got too close to his special robot secrets.

    [to Bone]

    Byron: And I'm tellin' ya, trying to run durin' the day is a death sentence! They can see ya more clearly!

    Bone: [to Carrie] So, sunrise. That cool?

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