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  • Captain Harlock: Why did you act like a beggar?

    Tochirô Ôyama: It's what you'd call a one-man revolt.

    Captain Harlock: Revolt?

    Tochirô Ôyama: That's right!

    Captain Harlock: How can that be a revolt, when you don't have weapons, or anything?

    Tochirô Ôyama: If there were weapons to be had, would you do it too?

    Captain Harlock: Weapons? There aren't any, anywhere!

    Tochirô Ôyama: [chuckles] In any world, there are loopholes, you know.

    [produces a gun]

  • Triter: Now then... we have decided to send a volunteer dispatch of troops to Tokarga.

    Captain Harlock: To Tokarga?

    Triter: We want to give you the duty of transporting the troops.

    Captain Harlock: A volunteer corps, for what purpose? For what reason must Earthmen go to Tokarga?

    Triter: You pledged total loyalty to Earth didn't you? That's fine, so did I. Now you must kill either your mother, or a stray dog.

    Captain Harlock: Earth is the mother, and Tokarga the dog, right?

    Triter: Yes. As far as Illumidus is concerned, Tokarga has served its purpose.

    Captain Harlock: Annihilate Tokarga? Liquidate it? Just who decides if that planet is useless? To WHOM is it useless? All life has worth! And yet you enlist Earthmen to take the duty of destroying Tokarga? Earthmen, by their own hands? You're scum!

    Triter: Shut up! If we cooperate with Illumidas and send a volunteer corps to Tokarga, Earth's safety will be assured forever! You've called me scum, but would I NOT be scum if I let Earth be destroyed to save another planet?

  • [At dinner, Harlock sets his eyes on a young youth for the first time]

    Captain Harlock: It's hard on you too, huh? I know how you feel inside. But right now, all we can do is shut up and eat. We've been beaten after all, but that does not mean we've been destroyed.

    [the youth finishes his meal, and walks away. As he passes by Harlock, he deposits a bottle of sake]

    Tochirô Ôyama: Don't die.

    [walks away from a surprised Harlock]

    Captain Harlock: And here I was feeling sorry for you...

  • [Zoll and a squad of Tokargan soldiers approach Harlock, Tochiro and Emeraldas]

    Captain Harlock: You bastard, how rotten are you? Do you desire so much the degradation of being an Illumidus dog?

    La Mîmé: Stop it, Harlock! Zoll didn't come here to arrest you. He came to steal the Emeraldas, they're trying to return to Tokarga...

    Zoll: Mime, stop it! It's nothing to tell them about!

    La Mîmé: My planet was wiped out by Illumidus and returned to its primal state. I watched from the refugee ship as it vanished, and that moment of sadness is something I have never forgotten, not even for a single day. Zoll and his men now have those same feelings. If Zoll and his men escape, Tokarga will of course suffer reprisal; even so, they can't sit by and watch their homeworld die in silence. If they are to be destroyed, they want to be destroyed with their own people on Tokarga. They came to steal this ship as an escape ship. It is a fate that will someday befall Earth too. Here and now, let Zoll and his men go, without interference.

    Captain Harlock: [to Zoll] Those were heartless words I said. Forgive me.

  • La Mîmé: How terrible, to attack even women and children!

    Captain Harlock: Earth will be next...

  • Captain Harlock: Is there anyone who will go with us under our flag?

    [Two Earthmen run towards Harlock and salute him]

  • Tochirô Ôyama: He's gonna ram right into us!

    Captain Harlock: Zeda's a man of courage. Such men existed on Earth in olden times.

    Tochirô Ôyama: It's a head-on collision! No choice - I'm firing!

    Captain Harlock: Tochiro, I command you to hold your fire!

  • [looking around the Arcadia]

    Captain Harlock: You built this?

    Tochirô Ôyama: Yes, with my inherited knowledge of technology. This ship is my alter-ego. Harlock, this is the ship that will achieve your dreams and mine.

  • Queen Emeraldas: Harlock! Zeda deliberately led us to a place where we can easily escape! If we reverse course and accelerate immediately, the Illumidus fleet can't catch us!

    Captain Harlock: This is the beginning... I don't want it said throughout history that I fled at the beginning. What do you think, Tochiro?

    Tochirô Ôyama: I don't want to put to sea while showing my back to the enemy!

    Queen Emeraldas: [smiles] From now on, those who run into you will be unfortunate!

    Captain Harlock: Pirates have pirates' ways! Those are our ways! All hands to stations! Full speed, port and starboard! Prepare to board! We'll reverse course, and board the bastards' flagship!

  • Captain Harlock: The truth of creation that governs the universe... my friend Zoll, and his sister Mira, the last pure Tokargan female; are hereby trusted to your bosom. Farewell, truth; give Zoll and Mira eternal rest.

    Tochirô Ôyama: Farewell, friends.

    [the coffins carrying Zoll and Mira are deployed into space]

  • Captain Harlock: We will meet again, at the far place where the ring of time is linked. Goodbye Maya. Until I reach the end of my life in the Sea of Stars, I will never forget you.

    Tochirô Ôyama: Are you ready, Harlock?

    [Harlock is silent, so Emeraldas gives the signal, and Tochiro deploys Maya's coffin]

    Captain Harlock: Sea of Stars, we now leave our precious loved ones in your hands, in the belief that righteousness rules over this sea...

  • Captain Harlock: We will not pray for anything. Nor will we seek help from anyone. Never again will we fight under another's flag. We will keep on fighting only for what we believe in, under only OUR flag, as long as we live! Under MY flag!

  • Mâya: [on the radio] This is frequency 6050, using variable micro-current cycles... The sun which set yesterday will rise again this morning. And we believe that sun will rise again tomorrow...

    Captain Harlock: That voice...

    Mâya: We believe in our future. Hear me, those who try to live, those who can live, on Earth...

    Captain Harlock: Maya...

    Mâya: Though the ground was burnt and everything turned into ashes, we will revive again. The sky is still blue, the crashing waves from long ago are unchanged. This is Earth, our planet. This dream is in the hearts of people; so long as they do not abandon it, it will not fade away. For the sake of tomorrow, keep a song in your heart. For the sake of our future, let us stop our crying and stand on our ground firmly.

  • Captain Harlock: The dream has come to an end... Earth is now the only place for Earthmen to live... This is our defeat... is it all over?

  • Zoll: Captain Harlock, isn't it?

    Zoll: Disarmament is being carried out here. Hand over your gun.

    [Harlock draws his pistol... and hands it over]

    Zoll: That was a violent landing you made; unavoidable, given the condition of the runway. But in addition you intended to make your ship inoperable.

    Captain Harlock: That's right.

  • Captain Harlock: Have we met before?

    Zoll: At the battle of the Charlemagne Star Cluster Sector, your ship blew a big hole in mine.

    Captain Harlock: I see. Victory must feel good.

    Zoll: It was a long battle, after all. Many times, I too thought I was dead. Your people were tough, especially your ship.

    Captain Harlock: Thank you.

  • Captain Harlock: By the way, what's your name?

    Zoll: Zoll of Tokarga.

    Captain Harlock: Tokarga? You're a Tokargan? The people who fought Illumidus way back and lost?

    Zoll: That's right.

  • [an apprehensive Zoll waits for Harlock's arrival]

    Zêda: It would seem you took this Earthman for better than he was, Zoll...

    [the clock strikes ten]

    Captain Harlock: I have come.

  • Zoll: This is His Excellency Zeda, Supreme Commander of the Illumidus Earth Occupation Forces.

    Captain Harlock: I am Harlock, captain of the Deathshadow. I have nothing more to say.

    Murigson: Don't wisecrack, you whip cur!

    [tries to punch Harlock, but his hand is seized in a deadlock]

    Zêda: Let him go, Harlock.

  • Murigson: Since we occupied Earth, we have collected data on a great number of Earthmen. According to computer analysis, Earthmen adapt quickly to new circumstances. In other words, until yesterday they hated us as an enemy, and today they follow us wagging their tails!

    Captain Harlock: Earthmen are not such cowards as that!

  • Murigson: Anyway, Harlock... the Supreme Commander has heard of your reputation and would not be unwilling to give you work, if you want it.

    Captain Harlock: Not a chance!

    Zêda: You are stubborn. Very well, then!

    Murigson: When you receive your food coupon, get lost and stay lost! There's nothing more for you to do! You'll never fly again! Got that?

  • [Tochiro and Harlock are both strapped to a machine]

    Zoll: The device we have placed in you is for simultaneous two-person analysis of the memory regions of the genes in your cells. It can completely analyze 3000 years of memory in one minute.

    Captain Harlock: So what?

    Tochirô Ôyama: Is this some kind of torture?

    Zoll: Listen to me. You two have some genes in common...

    [points to a monitor]

    Zoll: Notice how those lines intermingle from time to time? Those portions that throw off sparks are the ones.

    Captain Harlock: What is this leading up to?

    Zoll: Your memories, in fact your genes, all the way from your distant ancestors, both have parts that are absolutely identical.

    Captain Harlock: You, and...?

    Tochirô Ôyama: Me?

    Zoll: I've been acquiring data from ages concerning your genes. Strange data, at that. You both share identical memories, based on a common experience. I'm going to play those memories back.

  • Triter: Harlock, we must once again have you pledge loyalty to Earth.

    Captain Harlock: I've always fought with a will. But it's always depended on the state of the Earth at the time.

  • Captain Harlock: Emeraldas... let me hijack your ship. I wish to leave Earth.

  • Zoll: You are to present yourself to the office at ten o'clock.

    [Harlock walks away]

    Zoll: Hold it! Didn't you hear me? I thought I told you to present yourself at GHQ!

    Captain Harlock: Ten o'clock is still two hours away. There's someplace I have to go first.

    Zoll: To your family?

    Captain Harlock: My parents are gone.

    Zoll: You are to present yourself at ten o'clock.

    Captain Harlock: I'll be back. Don't you trust my word?

    Zoll: Watch yourself, there isn't much law and order around. If you die and don't come back, it'll be my fault.

  • Mâya: Harlock...

    Captain Harlock: Maya, watch out! Take cover!

  • Maya: Harlock... No! Don't come any closer! I'm glad you've come this far! Run, quickly!

    Captain Harlock: You're telling me to leave, and abandon you?

    [Harlock steps towards Maya]

    Maya: No! You must stay away! Dying will accomplish nothing! If we live, we can meet again someday. The day will surely come when we see the sun and smile...

    [Harlock keeps going]

    Maya: Harlock! Stay away! Stay away, Harlock...

  • [Harlock is shot in the eye]

    Mâya: Harlock!

    Captain Harlock: Maya!

  • Queen Emeraldas: Harlock! Long time no see!

    Captain Harlock: Has a man named Tochiro been here?

    Tochirô Ôyama: Oh, you finally got here, huh?

  • Queen Emeraldas: The brutality of Murigson, who shot Maya and I, will not be forgotten! The baseness of Ttriter, who shot Zoll, will not be forgiven! You, who have no respect for peoples' lives, your cruelty will not be forgiven!

    Triter: I... I was...

    Captain Harlock: Don't make excuses! There is no act more cowardly than that!

  • Triter: [about Harlock's return] This may make you feel good, but it is very inconvenient for Earth. Earth is now choosing to maintain its cooperative relationship with Illumidus. Some idiots plot revolts and the like, but they will be suppressed. From now on, I want peace in the world. Dangerous elements like you do not fit Earth's policy. Thereofre, the government of Earth sentences you to eternal exile!

    Tochirô Ôyama: Say what?

    Captain Harlock: If you remain on Earth, we shall have to fight you.

    Captain Harlock: Fight, against us?

    Triter: You are enemies of Earth!

    Captain Harlock: Enemies of Earth?

    [the soldiers around lower their weapons and heads in shame]

    Captain Harlock: All right. If you say you're exiling us, then we'll leave.

    Tochirô Ôyama: Harlock!

    Queen Emeraldas: That's right. Living does not mean clinging on to Earth and becoming filthy pigs.

  • Tochirô Ôyama: I've been waiting... waiting for so long... acting like a beggar, I've been waiting... for the day when I... I would fly my ship! I've been searching for a worthy captain to entrust my ship...

    Captain Harlock: Where... where is such a ship?

    Tochirô Ôyama: [crying] It's there! IT'S THERE!

  • [at Zoll's grave]

    Captain Harlock: Zoll, I came back as I promised. But I was too late. Forgive me.

    Bird: [crying] Brother Zoll, come back to Tokarga... I brought your sister Mira... Brother, Zoll, save us...

    Captain Harlock: Zoll, I won't let your death be in vain. I swear it!

    Murgison: You went to the trouble of coming back, just to say that to a dead man! Here, where this large army is waiting for you?

    Triter: All I can say is you're an idiot!

    Captain Harlock: Don't you understand? If you don't understand, then fine!

  • La Mîmé: Everything's been blown away... there isn't a single sign of life... Tokarga is finished...

    Captain Harlock: What an atrocity...

  • [about the slaughtered Tokargan civilians]

    Captain Harlock: They fought as long as the last of them had strength remaining...

  • Captain Harlock: Farewell, Zeda! We'll meet in Hell!

  • Captain Harlock: Tochiro, you all right?

    Tochirô Ôyama: I'm fine, but the automatic sight is damaged. Without it, the relative angle... sight?

  • Captain Harlock: All hands prepare for combat!

  • Captain Harlock: Zeda's central hull is undamaged...

    Captain Harlock: Concentrate fire on the central part of the bridge!

    Tochirô Ôyama: Got it! Damn, my hands are shaking...

  • Black-Suited Commander: The way you fight...!

    Captain Harlock: Not by the rules, right! Exactly! That's the way a pirate fights!

    [shoots the officer]

    Captain Harlock: Never again come near any place where my flag flies!

  • Captain Harlock: What is this?

    Tochirô Ôyama: The ship, with which I have fulfilled the dream of my distant ancestor... the Arcadia!

    Captain Harlock: Arcadia?

    Tochirô Ôyama: No other name will serve for the ship we travel in.

  • Captain Harlock: Tochiro, you all right?

    Tochirô Ôyama: I, I'm still alive... but if he comes at us once more, who knows...?

  • Tochiro: Do you want to go to Maya?

    Captain Harlock: If I go, she will be angry. She's that kind of person

  • [after a major brawl with Illumidus officers]

    Tochirô Ôyama: That was fun! My name's Tochiro! I'm getting out of here now!

    Captain Harlock: Me too!

  • Mâya: [on the radio] This is the Voice of Free Arcadia. If you burn yourself out, only ashes will remain. A fire of living hope will never go out. Someday it will spread from person to person as a wildfire, and with their hands a new future is born. In order to protect that fire, no one laughs, even if you go far away tomorrow. People will believe that you will surely return...

    [a shot interrupts the broadcast]

    Captain Harlock: Did she get out?

    Queen Emeraldas: I can envision her: the kind of person whom, within a gentle body that seems it may shatter when touched, holds fiery magma. That broadcast just now was a personal message to someone; she sent it aware of the danger...

  • [examining a star map]

    Tochirô Ôyama: If we go this way, we run smack into the Illumidus fleet!

    Captain Harlock: Can we shake them off?

    Tochirô Ôyama: Not without changing course. But the only change we can make is to break through the Prominence of the Streams of Fire.

    Captain Harlock: The Stanley Witch of Space?

    Captain Harlock: That's right. The five fire streams suspended between the double suns of Besberas. It's the most difficult passage in space... where the Esmeraldas was beaten.

    Captain Harlock: Right! Just as my ancient ancestor dared, we too shall challenge the Stanley Witch of Space!

  • Tochirô Ôyama: Mira...!

    La Mîmé: Mira isn't the only one who died.

    Captain Harlock: WHAT?

    [Harlock and Tochiro discover only a Tokargan helmet and weapon]

    La Mîmé: To cancel the life-essence attracting the ship, they all...

    Tochirô Ôyama: Are you saying they jumped, into that river of flame...?

  • Mâya: This is the Voice of Free Arcadia... I am Maya. People of Earth, I wanted to keep calling to you always... I wanted to keep singing... but I... I cannot go on any longer... please, forgive me... this is the last of the Voice of Free Arcadia...

    [slumps to the ground]

    Captain Harlock: Maya!

    [takes her in her arms]

    Mâya: This...

    Captain Harlock: Maya! It's all right! It's all right!

    Mâya: Harlock... I truly believed that you would come back... that you were the kind of man... who could keep a promise even to a dead friend...

    Captain Harlock: Let us go together to that Sea of Stars.

    Mâya: I have been... dreaming for so long... of going to that Sea of Stars with you... like Heiligenstadt... our Arcadia... where we ran... together...

    [closes her eyes... ]

    Tochirô Ôyama: Maya!

    Captain Harlock: Maya, Maya! I had so many things to tell you, so many things to ask you... Maya!

  • [Soldiers attempt to capture Zoll's coffin as it is taken aboard Harlock's ship]

    Captain Harlock: Keep your hands off! That's a good friend of mine!

  • Zêda: Hold it, Harlock! I, too have pride. If you want to depart Earth in safety, you will have to go through me!

    Captain Harlock: A duel?

    Zêda: Yes. I shall choose the battlefield. As in times of old, the duel shall be one-on-one. I will not allow anyone to interfere.

  • Captain HarlockZêda: [aboard their respective bridges] FIRE!

  • Captain Harlock: A manual sight?

    [Tochiro takes up a casket]

    Tochirô Ôyama: It's in here!

    Captain Harlock: In there?

    Tochirô Ôyama: [opening the casket] Look!

    Captain Harlock: That's...

    Tochirô Ôyama: Yes... the sight your ancestor gave my ancestor!

    Captain Harlock: This is the eye that tied our bloodlibnes together...

    Tochirô Ôyama: Yes, OUR eye!

  • Tochirô Ôyama: Harlock, the gravity zone and the dimension wave around Arcadia are producing anomalies!

    [looks through the damaged automatic sight]

    Tochirô Ôyama: It looks all right... but using the machinery I can't tell the enemy's position!

    Captain Harlock: It was the explosion of Zeda's ship, the explosion of his powerful engine warped this dimension of space! Which means... he did it deliberately to protect us! OKAY! Frontal breakthrough! We're boarding their flagship!

  • Captain Harlock: Arcadia of my youth, lift off!

    Queen Emeraldas: Queen Emeraldas, lift off!

  • [last lines]

    Triter: Citizens of Earth, the lawless ones have gone! Let us combine our strength with Illumidus, and once again build a paradise on Earth! We...

    [Harlock switches off the broadcast]

    Captain Harlock: Oh, you fools! Dance to your heart's content in that small world of yours! Our world is the expanse of space!

  • Captain Harlock: [from trailer] I've been called a criminal, a terrorist, and a threat to the known universe. But everything you were told is a lie. The truth is, the Gaia Coalition has become Earth's worst enemy. They've taken our freedom, our home, and our future. I am Captain Harlock, and I command the crew of the pirate ship Arcadia. The time has come for all mankind to take a stand...

  • Captain Harlock: [from trailer] If you believe in the future of our planet, you are not alone.

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