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  • Zêda: Harlock! I have found you to be a true Earthman, who cannot simply be judged in terms of data. The same goes for Tochiro, and for Maya. I have long wished to duel with you, not as commander of the Earth Occupation Forces, but a warrior. Rest assured, I will give no quarter in this battle!

  • [Zeda's final words to Harlock]

    Zêda: Harlock, when we meet in Hell, let us drink as friends. Until then, realize your dreams without dying! Live, and be certain to realize your dreams! Farewell!

  • Zêda: This is the Illumidus Occupation Force. Follow these commands and land at Base 446. If you resist, we will destroy your ship at once!

  • Zêda: [analysing Harlock's data] A recipient of the Badge of Combat Heroism... such a man would not be without use.

  • [an apprehensive Zoll waits for Harlock's arrival]

    Zêda: It would seem you took this Earthman for better than he was, Zoll...

    [the clock strikes ten]

    Captain Harlock: I have come.

  • Zoll: This is His Excellency Zeda, Supreme Commander of the Illumidus Earth Occupation Forces.

    Captain Harlock: I am Harlock, captain of the Deathshadow. I have nothing more to say.

    Murigson: Don't wisecrack, you whip cur!

    [tries to punch Harlock, but his hand is seized in a deadlock]

    Zêda: Let him go, Harlock.

  • Zêda: [holding Phantom F. Harlock's autobiography] If you had time to read books, you should have devised a means of victory. You can't defeat us with books!

  • Zêda: [about Triter] Unprincipled man!

  • Murigson: Anyway, Harlock... the Supreme Commander has heard of your reputation and would not be unwilling to give you work, if you want it.

    Captain Harlock: Not a chance!

    Zêda: You are stubborn. Very well, then!

    Murigson: When you receive your food coupon, get lost and stay lost! There's nothing more for you to do! You'll never fly again! Got that?

  • Murigson: Harlock's returning? It can't be! All bases prepare to intercept!

    Zêda: Hold it! Let them return to Earth, just as they are!

    Murigson: Why sir? Let's shoot it down, it's only one ship!

    Zêda: Just try shooting down one returning ship with Illumidus's combined forces - the Earthmen will simply stir up another insurrection!

    Murigson: Commander, we really must intercept!

    Zêda: They are seeking to land on their own initiative. Shooting down those who dare to return to Earth where a harsh fate awaits them, is something I won't do! They are true men, we must meet them as befits knights!

  • Zêda: [to his officers] Do not be intimidated! Fire!

  • Zêda: Murigson!

    Murigson: Sir?

    Zêda: Rest assured, Harlock will come back! Start thinking about how to face him by then!

  • Zêda: Hold it, Harlock! I, too have pride. If you want to depart Earth in safety, you will have to go through me!

    Captain Harlock: A duel?

    Zêda: Yes. I shall choose the battlefield. As in times of old, the duel shall be one-on-one. I will not allow anyone to interfere.

  • [Murigson trains a blaster on Harlock]

    Zêda: You disobeyed me. You took matters into your own hands, and drew your gun. Settle this yourself!

    [Zeda walks away; Harlock shoots Murigson in the head]

  • Captain HarlockZêda: [aboard their respective bridges] FIRE!

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