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Phantom F. Harlock II Quotes:

  • [Harlock's plane crashes]

    Phantom F. Harlock II: Damn, it's wrecked!

    Toshirô Ôyama: What are you doing? Hey! Get out of there before it blows!

    Phantom F. Harlock II: [fiddling with his gunsight] I've got get take this out with me at least...

    Toshirô Ôyama: A Revi C-12D!

    Phantom F. Harlock II: This is my eye. Whether in the Battle of Britain or the African Campaign, it's always been my eye.

  • Toshirô Ôyama: What... what are you going to do?

    Phantom F. Harlock II: I can't run into a sanctuary. It is the way of the pirate to take responsibility for his actions.

  • [about World War II]

    Phantom F. Harlock II: It's Ragnarok, all right...

    Toshirô Ôyama: But my battle still isn't over.

  • Toshirô Ôyama: How could they even start such a damned war?

    Phantom F. Harlock II: Both of us feel it pointless, huh?

    Toshirô Ôyama: Uh-huh... if I was going to do something, I'd rather work on a brighter future... like going to the moon, maybe.

    Phantom F. Harlock II: I believe that one day the time will come when we too can fly there.

    [Both gaze up at the moon]

  • [During an aerial attack. Harlock II readies his plane for battle, but Toshiro loiters around]

    Phantom F. Harlock II: Toshiro! What's wrong? Get going!

    Toshirô Ôyama: There's no place for me to go, anywhere, anymore. Go to Wiesbaden, from there you can escape to Switzerland. A powerful Allied Tank Corps is coming from the other side of that town. There's nowhere I can go now. I at least hoped I could go to Switzerland and continue my research, but...

    [Harlock opens up a hidden compartment and pushes Toshiro in]

    Phantom F. Harlock II: It's a bit cramped, but bear with it.

    Toshirô Ôyama: My house was cramped too...

    Phantom F. Harlock II: There's no bulletproof plating in there; if you get shot, don't hold it against me!

    Toshirô Ôyama: I won't!

  • [after Harlock II's plane is ripped apart by spitfire]

    Phantom F. Harlock II: Toshiro, you all right?

    Toshirô Ôyama: Yeah! Thanks to that, I got a beautiful view now!

  • Phantom F. Harlock II: My eye... there isn't a single plane that has escaped once trapped within my Revi C-12D!

  • Phantom F. Harlock II: Toshiro, do you want to return to Japan?

    Toshirô Ôyama: Naturally! What about you, Harlock?

    Phantom F. Harlock II: Yes...

    [loses himself in reflection]

    Phantom F. Harlock II: [thinking] I want to return to Arcadia... Heiligenstadt, my home, whose forests and lakes are compared to that ancient Greek paradise... the place where my youth will forever run through green fields... the homeland of the Germanic pirate-knight Harlock clan. At the end of a journey, all my kinsmen think of their homeland. We hear the voice of Arcadia's pirate-knight spirit calling...

  • [Harlock II crashes his plane]

    Phantom F. Harlock II: Toshiro, neutral Switzerland is on the other side of this river! Get out and run!

    [There's no answer]

    Phantom F. Harlock II: What's wrong, Toshiro? Don't just sit there! What are you doing?

    [Harlock opens the compartment and discovers Toshiro had connected his body with the plane's wiring, and that he has been wounded]

    Phantom F. Harlock II: [shocked] Toshiro, you... you held the severed wire with your body... that's why the stick was so soft... I'm sorry Toshiro I didn't realize...

    Toshirô Ôyama: It's not like I'm dead. My hand's torn up, that's all.

  • Phantom F. Harlock II: [holding out his gunsight] Toshiro, take this and go home.

    Toshirô Ôyama: That's...

    Phantom F. Harlock II: My Revi C-12D. I'm giving it to you.

    Toshirô Ôyama: But that's...

    Phantom F. Harlock II: To a true man who I can believe in, to a true friend, I can give up my eye or even my heart.

  • Toshirô Ôyama: Someone's coming!

    Phantom F. Harlock II: French Resistance, who have entered German territory. Don't worry, I'll get you away from them no matter what!

  • Phantom F. Harlock II: Are you Japanese?

    Toshirô Ôyama: Yeah, I'm here with the Technical Exchange. I'm an optical machinery designer; my name's Toshiro Oyama.

    Phantom F. Harlock II: I'm Phantom F. Harlock II.

    Toshirô Ôyama: [holds up a book] Harlock? Then you're the Harlock who wrote this book?

    Phantom F. Harlock II: That book was written by my father.

    Toshirô Ôyama: I see...

    [skims through the book]

    Toshirô Ôyama: "Arcadia of My Youth"... only men can appreciate such feelings.

    Phantom F. Harlock II: Something like that.

  • Phantom F. Harlock II: Tochiro, don't abandon your dreams. Live, no matter what...

    [Harlock is hit]

    Toshirô Ôyama: HARLOCK!

    Phantom F. Harlock II: I'm glad to have met you at the end of this vain war. I wish we'd met in different times...

  • Phantom F. Harlock II: All fighters, regroup!

    [looks around and sees no one at his side]

    Phantom F. Harlock II: I'm the only one left... Revi C-12D, my eye... it's just us now.

  • Phantom F. Harlock II: [longingly] Switzerland...

  • Toshirô Ôyama: But why are you flying around in an Iron Cross plane?

    Phantom F. Harlock II: It's what you might call paying rent.

  • Phantom F. Harlock II: Toshiro, are you of the samurai class?

    Toshirô Ôyama: [taking a leak] My father's a farmer!

  • Phantom F. Harlock II: [leading a squadron of fighters] Follow me! We'll land on the Autobahn for refueling!

  • Toshirô Ôyama: It's a shame your plane ended up like that.

    Phantom F. Harlock II: Yeah. To think that I of all people would make such a blunder...

    Toshirô Ôyama: The metal in the landing gear was faulty, and it broke. It's not your fault.

  • [Harlock throws a gunsight out of a plane, causing it to smash]

    Toshirô Ôyama: Hey...! Oh, what a waste! It's doing things like this that mean this country won't endure!

    Phantom F. Harlock II: Did you need that for something?

    Toshirô Ôyama: Yeah. My work is the development of a new sight. I had one that I was carrying with great care, but it got wrecked thanks to your outrageous landing.

    Phantom F. Harlock II: Sorry about that...

  • [Harlock II's aircraft gearstick doesn't respond well]

    Phantom F. Harlock II: That's strange... Toshiro, is the elevator wire coming loose?

    Toshirô Ôyama: It's fine...

    Phantom F. Harlock II: It has a strange feel to it, one I've never experienced before...

  • [Harlock and Toshiro watch something in the sky]

    Toshirô Ôyama: That's the world's first manned rocket.

    [the rocket falls to Earth and crashes]

    Phantom F. Harlock II: Looks like it ran out of fuel, too...

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