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  • [Zoll and a squad of Tokargan soldiers approach Harlock, Tochiro and Emeraldas]

    Captain Harlock: You bastard, how rotten are you? Do you desire so much the degradation of being an Illumidus dog?

    La Mîmé: Stop it, Harlock! Zoll didn't come here to arrest you. He came to steal the Emeraldas, they're trying to return to Tokarga...

    Zoll: Mime, stop it! It's nothing to tell them about!

    La Mîmé: My planet was wiped out by Illumidus and returned to its primal state. I watched from the refugee ship as it vanished, and that moment of sadness is something I have never forgotten, not even for a single day. Zoll and his men now have those same feelings. If Zoll and his men escape, Tokarga will of course suffer reprisal; even so, they can't sit by and watch their homeworld die in silence. If they are to be destroyed, they want to be destroyed with their own people on Tokarga. They came to steal this ship as an escape ship. It is a fate that will someday befall Earth too. Here and now, let Zoll and his men go, without interference.

    Captain Harlock: [to Zoll] Those were heartless words I said. Forgive me.

  • [last words]

    Zoll: [shot] Farewell, friend... I'm sorry that I couldn't carry out my promise...

  • Zoll: I've been a dog... a dog begging for the lives of my people... a fighting dog in service to Illumidus! Those who stayed back home are clenching their teeth, believing in the day of revival! They're holding their breath under Illumidus believing we'll return to save them one day! When I close my eyes, I can still see my young brother and sister, still little, praying for the day I return... their clenched teeth, their prayers that I come back alive...

    [kneels in front of Tochiro]

    Zoll: I beg you, go to Tokarga!

    [Tochiro breaks into tears]

    Zoll: Thank you. You're the only man who's shed tears hearing what I have to say.

  • Zoll: Captain Harlock, isn't it?

    Zoll: Disarmament is being carried out here. Hand over your gun.

    [Harlock draws his pistol... and hands it over]

    Zoll: That was a violent landing you made; unavoidable, given the condition of the runway. But in addition you intended to make your ship inoperable.

    Captain Harlock: That's right.

  • Captain Harlock: Have we met before?

    Zoll: At the battle of the Charlemagne Star Cluster Sector, your ship blew a big hole in mine.

    Captain Harlock: I see. Victory must feel good.

    Zoll: It was a long battle, after all. Many times, I too thought I was dead. Your people were tough, especially your ship.

    Captain Harlock: Thank you.

  • Captain Harlock: By the way, what's your name?

    Zoll: Zoll of Tokarga.

    Captain Harlock: Tokarga? You're a Tokargan? The people who fought Illumidus way back and lost?

    Zoll: That's right.

  • Zoll: This is His Excellency Zeda, Supreme Commander of the Illumidus Earth Occupation Forces.

    Captain Harlock: I am Harlock, captain of the Deathshadow. I have nothing more to say.

    Murigson: Don't wisecrack, you whip cur!

    [tries to punch Harlock, but his hand is seized in a deadlock]

    Zêda: Let him go, Harlock.

  • [Tochiro and Harlock are both strapped to a machine]

    Zoll: The device we have placed in you is for simultaneous two-person analysis of the memory regions of the genes in your cells. It can completely analyze 3000 years of memory in one minute.

    Captain Harlock: So what?

    Tochirô Ôyama: Is this some kind of torture?

    Zoll: Listen to me. You two have some genes in common...

    [points to a monitor]

    Zoll: Notice how those lines intermingle from time to time? Those portions that throw off sparks are the ones.

    Captain Harlock: What is this leading up to?

    Zoll: Your memories, in fact your genes, all the way from your distant ancestors, both have parts that are absolutely identical.

    Captain Harlock: You, and...?

    Tochirô Ôyama: Me?

    Zoll: I've been acquiring data from ages concerning your genes. Strange data, at that. You both share identical memories, based on a common experience. I'm going to play those memories back.

  • LaMime: Zoll...

    Zoll: What is it, LaMime? It's dangerous to come here!

    LaMime: I know, but...

    Zoll: But what?

    LaMime: I overheard a top secret coded order to the Supreme Commander. Tokarga...

    Zoll: What about Tokarga?

    LaMime: Tokarga...

  • Zoll: You are to present yourself to the office at ten o'clock.

    [Harlock walks away]

    Zoll: Hold it! Didn't you hear me? I thought I told you to present yourself at GHQ!

    Captain Harlock: Ten o'clock is still two hours away. There's someplace I have to go first.

    Zoll: To your family?

    Captain Harlock: My parents are gone.

    Zoll: You are to present yourself at ten o'clock.

    Captain Harlock: I'll be back. Don't you trust my word?

    Zoll: Watch yourself, there isn't much law and order around. If you die and don't come back, it'll be my fault.

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