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  • Triter: Now then... we have decided to send a volunteer dispatch of troops to Tokarga.

    Captain Harlock: To Tokarga?

    Triter: We want to give you the duty of transporting the troops.

    Captain Harlock: A volunteer corps, for what purpose? For what reason must Earthmen go to Tokarga?

    Triter: You pledged total loyalty to Earth didn't you? That's fine, so did I. Now you must kill either your mother, or a stray dog.

    Captain Harlock: Earth is the mother, and Tokarga the dog, right?

    Triter: Yes. As far as Illumidus is concerned, Tokarga has served its purpose.

    Captain Harlock: Annihilate Tokarga? Liquidate it? Just who decides if that planet is useless? To WHOM is it useless? All life has worth! And yet you enlist Earthmen to take the duty of destroying Tokarga? Earthmen, by their own hands? You're scum!

    Triter: Shut up! If we cooperate with Illumidas and send a volunteer corps to Tokarga, Earth's safety will be assured forever! You've called me scum, but would I NOT be scum if I let Earth be destroyed to save another planet?

  • Triter: [to Harlock] According to Zoll's report, your data analysis was perfectly clean, and there are no problems.

    [Harlock and Tochiro exchange glances]

  • Triter: Harlock, we must once again have you pledge loyalty to Earth.

    Captain Harlock: I've always fought with a will. But it's always depended on the state of the Earth at the time.

  • Queen Emeraldas: The brutality of Murigson, who shot Maya and I, will not be forgotten! The baseness of Ttriter, who shot Zoll, will not be forgiven! You, who have no respect for peoples' lives, your cruelty will not be forgiven!

    Triter: I... I was...

    Captain Harlock: Don't make excuses! There is no act more cowardly than that!

  • Triter: [about Harlock's return] This may make you feel good, but it is very inconvenient for Earth. Earth is now choosing to maintain its cooperative relationship with Illumidus. Some idiots plot revolts and the like, but they will be suppressed. From now on, I want peace in the world. Dangerous elements like you do not fit Earth's policy. Thereofre, the government of Earth sentences you to eternal exile!

    Tochirô Ôyama: Say what?

    Captain Harlock: If you remain on Earth, we shall have to fight you.

    Captain Harlock: Fight, against us?

    Triter: You are enemies of Earth!

    Captain Harlock: Enemies of Earth?

    [the soldiers around lower their weapons and heads in shame]

    Captain Harlock: All right. If you say you're exiling us, then we'll leave.

    Tochirô Ôyama: Harlock!

    Queen Emeraldas: That's right. Living does not mean clinging on to Earth and becoming filthy pigs.

  • [Maya and Emeraldas are captured]

    Triter: [through a broadcast, to Harlock] If you do not return to Earth and surrender, by 6:00 AM tomorrow Earth time, these people will be publicly executed!

  • Triter: Why not make a last plea to them to come back?

    Queen Emeraldas: Neither she nor I would say those words, even if our mouths were torn open! And neither will Harlock and the others return.

    Murgison: Anyway, they are cowards who only care for their own lives!

    Queen Emeraldas: You people know nothing of real heroes. You know nothing of the true frightfulness of humans, you pathetic aliens!

  • [at Zoll's grave]

    Captain Harlock: Zoll, I came back as I promised. But I was too late. Forgive me.

    Bird: [crying] Brother Zoll, come back to Tokarga... I brought your sister Mira... Brother, Zoll, save us...

    Captain Harlock: Zoll, I won't let your death be in vain. I swear it!

    Murgison: You went to the trouble of coming back, just to say that to a dead man! Here, where this large army is waiting for you?

    Triter: All I can say is you're an idiot!

    Captain Harlock: Don't you understand? If you don't understand, then fine!

  • [last lines]

    Triter: Citizens of Earth, the lawless ones have gone! Let us combine our strength with Illumidus, and once again build a paradise on Earth! We...

    [Harlock switches off the broadcast]

    Captain Harlock: Oh, you fools! Dance to your heart's content in that small world of yours! Our world is the expanse of space!

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