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Bird Quotes:

  • [at Zoll's grave]

    Captain Harlock: Zoll, I came back as I promised. But I was too late. Forgive me.

    Bird: [crying] Brother Zoll, come back to Tokarga... I brought your sister Mira... Brother, Zoll, save us...

    Captain Harlock: Zoll, I won't let your death be in vain. I swear it!

    Murgison: You went to the trouble of coming back, just to say that to a dead man! Here, where this large army is waiting for you?

    Triter: All I can say is you're an idiot!

    Captain Harlock: Don't you understand? If you don't understand, then fine!

  • Kenny: [after Lem arrives home from jail] So Lem, how you get out, man?

    Lem: Honestly, man, I don't know. Somebody talked to somebody, and the charges got dropped.

    Maxine: Well, Lem, we're all happy to have you back, brother.

    Bird: [happily] That's right! My boo is home!

    Teri: Actually, I called in to the D.A's office for a favor.

    Lem: [glares at Teri]

    Teri: I felt bad.

    Lem: You should feel bad! Because of you, I had to spend weeks in jail.

    Teri: You should be thankful! Now, you can stay home and take care of your pregnant wife.

    Bird: You know what, Teri? You need to mind your own damn business, all right? Didn't nobody ask you for your help! You need to worry about your own husband and why he's sleeping with her!

    [points towards Faith]

  • Lem: I don't need your help. I can find my own job.

    Bird: Okay.

    [Bird stares at Lem's crotch]

    Lem: And stop lookin' at my dick.

  • Bird: Who is that hoochie-koochie mama with her fat ass all over my man on the dance floor?

    [Tearing up]

    Bird: This is my wedding day! I'm supposed to be happy!

  • Bird: I just wanted to say thank you for always being there and supporting me.

    Maxine: You're my sister, girl.

  • Bird: What's the water for?

    Carter: For drinking

  • Bird: You know we are all trying to get you right?

    Mandy Lane: Get me?

    Bird: Get with you. Here's the deal, I'm not like the other guys.

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