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  • Tochirô Ôyama: [examining Emeraldas's ship] Those are unusual burns...

    Queen Emeraldas: I failed to cross the Prominence of the Streams of Fire, also known as the Stanley Witch of Space. It's a terrifying place, where in addition to tremendous thermal energy, there is also supergravity which attracts living energy to itself.

  • Mâya: Emeraldas, forgive me. I didn't want to see Harlock a slave. That's why I called to him to escape via the Voice of Free Arcadia. As a result, Zoll died, and you have a scar on your beautiful face that will last a lifetime, and many people were captured and wounded. All of it, coming from my broadcasts. I should have been executed.

    Queen Emeraldas: That's not true. Even without your broadcasts, sooner or later the people of Earth, Zoll and I would have done this. Harlock, Tochiro and LaMime would surely have taken the same path.

  • Queen Emeraldas: Harlock! Zeda deliberately led us to a place where we can easily escape! If we reverse course and accelerate immediately, the Illumidus fleet can't catch us!

    Captain Harlock: This is the beginning... I don't want it said throughout history that I fled at the beginning. What do you think, Tochiro?

    Tochirô Ôyama: I don't want to put to sea while showing my back to the enemy!

    Queen Emeraldas: [smiles] From now on, those who run into you will be unfortunate!

    Captain Harlock: Pirates have pirates' ways! Those are our ways! All hands to stations! Full speed, port and starboard! Prepare to board! We'll reverse course, and board the bastards' flagship!

  • Queen Emeraldas: I am Emeraldas, a free space trader. I'm a legitimately licensed trader. A free space trader, neither enemy or ally to anyone. Who are you?

    Tochirô Ôyama: Tochiro... Tochiro Oyama, to be precise.

    Queen Emeraldas: What do you want?

    Tochirô Ôyama: I am looking for a friend.

  • Queen Emeraldas: Harlock! Long time no see!

    Captain Harlock: Has a man named Tochiro been here?

    Tochirô Ôyama: Oh, you finally got here, huh?

  • Queen Emeraldas: The brutality of Murigson, who shot Maya and I, will not be forgotten! The baseness of Ttriter, who shot Zoll, will not be forgiven! You, who have no respect for peoples' lives, your cruelty will not be forgiven!

    Triter: I... I was...

    Captain Harlock: Don't make excuses! There is no act more cowardly than that!

  • Triter: [about Harlock's return] This may make you feel good, but it is very inconvenient for Earth. Earth is now choosing to maintain its cooperative relationship with Illumidus. Some idiots plot revolts and the like, but they will be suppressed. From now on, I want peace in the world. Dangerous elements like you do not fit Earth's policy. Thereofre, the government of Earth sentences you to eternal exile!

    Tochirô Ôyama: Say what?

    Captain Harlock: If you remain on Earth, we shall have to fight you.

    Captain Harlock: Fight, against us?

    Triter: You are enemies of Earth!

    Captain Harlock: Enemies of Earth?

    [the soldiers around lower their weapons and heads in shame]

    Captain Harlock: All right. If you say you're exiling us, then we'll leave.

    Tochirô Ôyama: Harlock!

    Queen Emeraldas: That's right. Living does not mean clinging on to Earth and becoming filthy pigs.

  • Queen Emeraldas: If Tochiro hadn't repaired this ship, I would have had to discard it. Use it!

    Tochirô Ôyama: Hold on! If you this ship, then no matter what excuse you give Emeraldas will lose her free trader license. Furthermore, as soon as Zoll takes off, Tokarga will be attacked; they won't wait till tomorrow. Let's go in another ship...

    Tochirô Ôyama: Harlock, let's go to Tokarga in Zoll's place.

  • Triter: Why not make a last plea to them to come back?

    Queen Emeraldas: Neither she nor I would say those words, even if our mouths were torn open! And neither will Harlock and the others return.

    Murgison: Anyway, they are cowards who only care for their own lives!

    Queen Emeraldas: You people know nothing of real heroes. You know nothing of the true frightfulness of humans, you pathetic aliens!

  • Queen Emeraldas: Maya, Harlock and his crew are returning to Earth. I hear he openly requested landing clearance from Zeda.

    Mâya: If he returns to Earth, he will again experience hardship...

    Queen Emeraldas: Even so, he is returning. Harlock is that kind of man. The next time Harlock and the others leave Earth, let's go with them. You've done all you can for Earth.

  • Mâya: [on the radio] This is the Voice of Free Arcadia. If you burn yourself out, only ashes will remain. A fire of living hope will never go out. Someday it will spread from person to person as a wildfire, and with their hands a new future is born. In order to protect that fire, no one laughs, even if you go far away tomorrow. People will believe that you will surely return...

    [a shot interrupts the broadcast]

    Captain Harlock: Did she get out?

    Queen Emeraldas: I can envision her: the kind of person whom, within a gentle body that seems it may shatter when touched, holds fiery magma. That broadcast just now was a personal message to someone; she sent it aware of the danger...

  • Queen Emeraldas: [making a toast] Now, for Tokarga's future; for Zoll of Tokarga, a true hero; for the burning hearts of Harlock, Tochiro and LaMime!

  • Queen Emeraldas: Look, Harlock, at the red skull flag on my ship. This is Maya's blood. The pirates' emblem, painted with the blood that stained Maya's white dress. The ensign of blood, of all who seek freedom.

  • Tochirô Ôyama: Maya... she was Harlock's...?

    Queen Emeraldas: Yes. Someone who did not chain down those she loved... someone you, too, would surely have loved.

  • Captain Harlock: Arcadia of my youth, lift off!

    Queen Emeraldas: Queen Emeraldas, lift off!

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