Vice President Quotes in Get Smart (2008)


Vice President Quotes:

  • Vice President: I just got a new pacemaker! I can go all day!

  • Vice President: I've got one question for you, Fred, one question only. Can it get back to us?

    Herbert: Can it get back to us? Well, Vice President, Morris is dead, Hazar is dead, all his men are dead...

    [trips the Vice President, smashing his head into a sink and killing him]

    Herbert: And you're dead. So, in answer to your question, getting back to anyone, I would say no, it's not getting back to anyone.

  • Vice President: You're telling me we lost our President like you lose a set of car keys? This is the most powerful nation in the history of the planet. Look at me! This is America, and as Vice President of this great nation I am commanding you to sort this shit out!

  • Vice President: What do you want?

    Joshua Foss: What do I want? World peace, an end to bigotry, and no more mini-malls. What am I gonna get? And I am gonna get it. That, boys and girls, is really hot.

    Vice President: What is your objective?

    Joshua Foss: My objective?


    Joshua Foss: I get funny all over when you talk like that.

  • Vice President: What kind of lunatic are you?

    Joshua Foss: [chuckles] The best kind!

  • Vice President: [after Foss shoots an agent] That agent's name was Eddie Kaline. He has a five-year-old boy, a three-year-old little girl, and his wife's pregnant.

    Joshua Foss: I'll send a card.

  • Hickey: They haven't moved a dime. You, y'know, I - I don't think they believe you.

    Joshua Foss: They are gonna sacrifice a life to test my will.


    Joshua Foss: I'm truly disappointed. Nobody does anything these days 'cause it's right, they only do it if you make them. Would you like to vote on who gets the distinction of demonstrating my resolve?

    Vice President: You're not giving them enough time. I told you it couldn't be done that quickly!

    Joshua Foss: Oh, you watch how much they accomplish during the next period. Now, would you all agree that the mayor's wife's been most annoying?

  • Joshua Foss: Enough bombs have been planted in this building to stop all the clocks in the hemisphere.

    Vice President: You'll die with us.

    Joshua Foss: Could be.

    Mrs. Baldwin: I don't think anyone with manicured fingernails wearing a ten-thousand-dollar wristwatch is planning on blowing himself up.

    Joshua Foss: Fifteen-thousand-dollar wristwatch.

    [walks over to her]

    Joshua Foss: I'm not sure if I like you. When I make up my mind, you'll be the first to know.

  • Vice President: You have no idea of the complexity...

    Joshua Foss: I had an idea, I had *this* idea, and we are gonna make it work or we're gonna die trying. You will call the President, and on flash precedence priority, he will call the Secretary of State and the Secretary of the Treasury. Then banks will be notified, and the money will begin to move. Or it won't. And if it doesn't, when the game ends, everyone in this box and in this arena will die by explosion, fire and panic.

  • [Boyd throws the Vice President over a bridge]

    Orin Boyd: I'm sorry sir. I got to do this.

    Vice President: Shit! I can't swim.

  • [first lines]

    Vice President: Ladies and gentleman, it's a pleasure for me to be here on such a beautiful day, in the great city of Detroit. And I'd love to tell you all to sit back, relax, and enjoy yourselves. I'd love to, but unfortunately, I can't do that. There's a very serious issue that's spiraling out of control in this country. Illegal handguns ending up in the hands of our children. But instead of reading off a bunch of statistics that you might not already know that last year, more preschoolers died from guns that police officers, or that gunshot wounds are the second leading cause of death for all people in the U.S. ages ten to thirty four.

  • Dr. Craig Mosby: Uh, Mr. Vice President... If we plant these sensors, around the world under the sea, in pressure points along here, and through here, and *anchor* them in the crust of the earth, we'll have the early warning system we need.

    Vice President: Well this means a great deal of risk, doesn't it?

    Dr. August 'Gus' Boren: We know less about the deep oceans than we do the surface of the moon.

    Vice President: And you're willing to take on this risk?

    Dr. Doug Standish: Well, that's why we're here.

    Vice President: Well gentleman, I'd like you to proceed on the assumption that I can get the necessary appropriation for the voyage of the Hydronaut.

    Dr. Craig Mosby: Great!

  • Hon. Judson Hammond - The President of the United States: [as the Vice-President leaves the room] Good night, Mr. Vice-President. I hope you sleep well.

    Vice President: When did a Vice-President do anything else?

    [Hammond shakes hands with him, but wipes it in disdain after he leaves]

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