Siegfried Quotes in Get Smart (2008)


Siegfried Quotes:

  • Maxwell Smart: I think it's only fair to warn you, this facility is surrounded by a highly trained team of 130 Black Op Snipers.

    Siegfried: I don't believe you.

    Maxwell Smart: Would you believe two dozen Delta Force Commandos?

    Siegfried: No.

    Maxwell Smart: How about Chuck Norris with a BB gun?

  • Siegfried: How do I know you're not Control?

    Maxwell Smart: If I were Control, you'd already be dead.

    Siegfried: If you were Control, you'd already be dead.

    Maxwell Smart: Neither of us is dead, so I am obviously not from Control.

    Shtarker: That actually makes sense.

  • Siegfried: [to Dalip] Well, you did your job, so I suppose I can't kill your wife. Although to be honest, I'd be doing the sighted world a favor...

    [Dalip kicks Siegfried out of the car]

  • Shtarker: Are you crazy? This is radioactive material! One wrong move, and it's ka-frickin'-boom!

    Siegfried: This is KAOS. We don't "ka-frickin'-boom" here.

  • Dalip: Bomb didn't go off.

    Siegfried: Oh really bright eyes, what alerted you? Was it no boom-boom or the lack of a mushroom cloud?

    Shtarker: It was the mushroom cloud for me.

  • Siegfried: Why does he do that?

    Shtarker: Don't look at me, I'm no one.

    Siegfried: And don't you forget it, everyone here can be replaced.

    [to Dalip]

    Siegfried: I even have backup for you, it's called a rhinoceros.

  • Siegfried: 200 billion dollars by 3pm.

    CIA Agent: 200 billion dollars by 3pm?

    Siegfried: You seem a bit slow, is there someone else I can talk to?

    Shtarker: Good one.

  • Siegfried: You know, you're the only human being I know who snores when he's awake.

  • Shtarker: Too bad about all the dead movie stars.

    Siegfried: Yes. What will we do without their razor-sharp political advice.

  • Siegfried: [to Dalip] Oh my god. Have you eaten the crew? Oh look. It understands.

  • Maxwell Smart: This is it?

    Siegfried: Of course not, I lied.

    Shtarker: He does that.

  • Dr. Edelman: Seigfried.

    Siegfried: Yes, sir.

    Dr. Edelman: I believe I know what you're afraid of.

    Siegfried: Do you?

    Dr. Edelman: You're afraid of me.

    Siegfried: Of you, sir?

    Dr. Edelman: 'Cause if you weren't, you'd look at me, Seigfried.

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