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  • Maggie Williams: Susie, you're so dumb!

    Susie Higgins: I know I'm dumb! But it's all I have to work with.

  • Susie Higgins: Shall we take my cab or your's?

    Maggie Williams: Better yours. You're traveling light, as usual?

    Susie Higgins: Well, you know me. I'm a just-in-case packer.

  • Maggie Williams: Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. If you look, it's a sign of encouragement. It could be worse. In Rome, they pinch you.

  • Susie Higgins: What about the men?

    Fran Hobson: Shall we?

    Maggie Williams: She'll find out sooner or later.

    Fran Hobson: There aren't any.

    Susie Higgins: Why the place is crawling with men!

    Maggie Williams: Try not to catch their eye, darling, or they just explode.

  • Pete Mc Coy: Look, Maggie, dear, do you mind if I use your typewriter? Mine isn't writing such good copy, lately.

    Maggie Williams: Maybe it's drinking too much, lately.

    Pete Mc Coy: Maybe it's not drinking enough, lately.

  • Susie Higgins: Why don't you throw yourself at him?

    Maggie Williams: I freeze.

    Susie Higgins: What? Is it all you? The Belle of Bronxville?

  • Maggie Williams: Susie, Emilio Lacayo is from one of the oldest and richest families in Spain. He's also the most heartless, corrupt, inhuman man that ever lived.

    Susie Higgins: Is that all? I was afraid he was a gigolo.

  • Susie Higgins: Isn't he wonderful?

    Maggie Williams: Yes, he was. No he isn't!

  • Maggie Williams: If all else fails, he'll ask you to marry him.

    Susie Higgins: But, he doesn't even know me?

    Maggie Williams: Ah, but that's exactly what you will say. And then he will tumble into bed with you, in order to get better acquainted.

    Susie Higgins: But, what if I refuse?

    Maggie Williams: Well, then he'll drop you flat, my dear. But! You will call him and you will say, "Oh, Emilio, what have I done? What's wrong with me?" And that very night, you will tumble into bed with him, grateful, to know that there was nothing really wrong with you, after all.

    Susie Higgins: So, that's how he does it? Well, who does he think he is?

    Maggie Williams: He's a creep. He's a creep. He's - a - creep.

    Susie Higgins: If I'm next on his list, why is he paying so much attention to that girl?

    Maggie Williams: Oh, Susie!

  • Paul Barton: You know, we never have danced together before.

    Maggie Williams: No. I mean, eh, no we haven't.

    Paul Barton: We should do it more often.

  • Pete Mc Coy: What I can't figure out is Barton's dropping you?

    Maggie Williams: Dropping me for what?

    Pete Mc Coy: Aren't you having an affair with him?

    Maggie Williams: Of course not!

    Pete Mc Coy: Then, what's your problem?

    Maggie Williams: Well, if you must know, that's my problem.

  • Paul Barton: I'm sorry about that.

    Maggie Williams: Don't be. Nothing happened.

    Paul Barton: I know. I guess that's what I'm sorry about.

  • Maggie Williams: Just don't go around thinking that I'm easy, just because I was once.

  • Susie Higgins: I'll lie to you too if you ever need it.

    Maggie Williams: Don't bother. Your dumb honesty is much better than lying any day.

  • Maggie Williams: Pete, at least see Paul. He tried to reach you last night. He wants to talk to you.

    Pete Mc Coy: Sure. Tell him I'll send him a postcard - in color.

  • Pete Mc Coy: Any way I can louse this up further?

    Maggie Williams: Take me out of here.

    Pete Mc Coy: Hold on a minute, flower face, while I explain all this to my little lotus blossom.

  • Maggie Williams: So, there's the three of us. Fran, Susie and me. Nice girls. Really, really rather nice. And what happens to us? We all crash in flames!

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