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Fran Hobson Quotes:

  • Fran Hobson: Remember, the Spanish word for "no" is "No"!

  • Fran Hobson: Come with me.

    Dr. Andres Briones: You know my work is here.

    Fran Hobson: Well then let me stay here and help earn money for your clinic.

    Dr. Andres Briones: You know I can't do that either.

    Fran Hobson: Well, that's that. The most beautiful two days in my whole life, wasted on a fine, decent, stubborn, pigheaded, beautiful, dumb cluck like you. I wouldn't have missed it for anything.

  • Susie Higgins: What about the men?

    Fran Hobson: Shall we?

    Maggie Williams: She'll find out sooner or later.

    Fran Hobson: There aren't any.

    Susie Higgins: Why the place is crawling with men!

    Maggie Williams: Try not to catch their eye, darling, or they just explode.

  • Fran Hobson: You can always have an affair.

    Susie Higgins: I don't want an affair.

    Fran Hobson: You mean you've never...

    Susie Higgins: No! But, don't spread it around. Have you?

    Fran Hobson: Here, have some sardine sandwich.

    Susie Higgins: [starts to take a bite] They got their heads on!

    Fran Hobson: That's the best part.

  • Fran Hobson: Aren't you going to pour some brandy down my throat?

  • Fran Hobson: [singing] No one you know lives twice mister, Take my advice mister, Give what you got before its not there to give, Get with the pleasure seekers, Lovers and cheek-to-cheekers, Seek the pleasure seekers, And live, And live, And live, Like live.

  • Fran Hobson: Oh, honey, you're such a drag.

  • Fran Hobson: [singing] We should be careful, I know I know, But every time that you're near me so, My heart starts pounding, To let me know, We're on the brink, I think its something to think about, OooOooOoo, Something to think about, OooOooOoo, Something to think about, But let's not - think.

  • Fran Hobson: You afraid of American girls, doc?

  • Fran Hobson: [kiss] Oh, where have you been?

    Dr. Andres Briones: Francisca, amore mio, this was what I've been trying to avoid.

    Fran Hobson: Oh! Let's avoid it some more!

  • Fran Hobson: Mmmm. What a beautiful bedside manner you have, doctor. Practice much?

    Dr. Andres Briones: No. Only with those who come to me, in the night, saying, "I need a doctor. There's something wrong with my heart."

  • Dr. Andres Briones: Everybody in Spain dances the flamenco!

    Fran Hobson: Everybody?

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