The Interrogator Quotes in Kingsman: The Secret Service (2014)


The Interrogator Quotes:

  • [Eggsy wakes up, tied to a railroad track. He sees the Interrogator approach him with a knife in hand]

    Gary 'Eggsy' Unwin: Who the fuck are you? Where am I?

    The Interrogator: This knife can save your life.

    [Eggsy suddenly notices a train approaching]

    Gary 'Eggsy' Unwin: Fuck!

    The Interrogator: My employer's got two questions for you, Eggsy. What the fuck is Kingsman? And who is Harry Hart?

    Gary 'Eggsy' Unwin: I don't know who the fuck that is! Shit!

    The Interrogator: Oh, Eggsy, I just killed two of your friends who gave me the same bullshit answer!

    Gary 'Eggsy' Unwin: Fuck! Just cut the fucking ropes, please!

    The Interrogator: Hey, Eggsy, is Kingsman worth dying for?

    Gary 'Eggsy' Unwin: Fuck yeah!

    [Train passes over Eggsy. He discovers that the section dropped down before impact. Hart arrives at the scene]

    Harry Hart: Congratulations. Bloody well done.

    Gary 'Eggsy' Unwin: How'd the others do?

    Harry Hart: Roxy passed with flying colours. Charlie's up next. Want to watch?

    Gary 'Eggsy' Unwin: Yeah. Alright.

  • [the Interrogator questions Charlie, who is tied to a railroad track]

    The Interrogator: Is Kingsman worth dying for?

    Charlie: No it fucking isn't! Shit! I'll tell you what you want, please! Chester King's Arthur! Arthur's head of the secret spy agency! It's called Kingsman! Get me out of here!

    The Interrogator: Thank you, Charlie. Much appreciated.

    [Interrogator walks away]

    Charlie: No, that wasn't the fucking deal!

    [Train passes over Charlie and the section he's tied to drops down. Section rises as Arthur arrives at the scene]

    Arthur: I had such high hopes for you. You're a bloody disgrace.

    Charlie: I'm so sorry. Please untie me.

    Arthur: Untie yourself.

    [Arthur walks away]

    Charlie: Arth- Arthur, please. Shit. Anyone!

    [Merlin, Hart, Eggsy, Roxy, and Percival observe the scene in the control room]

    Merlin: Galahad, Percival, congratulations. Your candidates have reached the final stage of the testing process. As tradition allows, you will have 24 hours to spend with them. Eggsy, you should know your father reached this point. From now on, there are no safety nets. Understood?

    [Eggsy and Roxy look at each other and nod to Merlin]

    Merlin: Good. Dismissed.

    [the Kingsman agents and candidates leave the room. Merlin turns around and turns on the loudspeaker at the railway]

    Merlin: Charlie, time to go home.

    Charlie: Fuck you! Fucking dad's gonna hear about this!

  • The Interrogator: Where is Magneto? Raven? Raven, I asked you a question.

    Raven Darkholme: I don't answer to my slave name.

    The Interrogator: Raven Darkholme. That's your real name, isn't it? Or has he convinced you you don't have a family anymore?

    Raven Darkholme: My family tried to kill me, you pathetic meat sack.

  • The Interrogator: You're being very foolish, Victor. You know yourself, they always talk in the end. You've seen it with your own two eyes in... where was it, Indochina? And Algeria, of course. Why don't you tell us what they're waiting for in that hotel, eh? Rodin, Montclair, Casson: what are they planning, who have they been meeting? Nobody? Not a soul, hmm? Then where were they before they went to Rome, eh? Tell us, Victor.

  • Damien: Get out of my country.

    The Interrogator: What is your name?

    Damien: Get out of my country.

  • The Interrogator: You're not a bog cutter. Show me your hands. Show me your fucking hands!

    Damien: What are you gonna do? What are you gonna do? Pull my fingernails off, is that it?

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