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Peewee Quotes:

  • [searching for car parts in a scrap yard]

    Peewee: What'chyou looking for, Wendell?

    Wendell Scott: Some of this, some of that, some of everything. A universal joint.

    Peewee: Hmph. I wouldn't know a universal joint if it bit me.

    Wendell Scott: Well, one's about to bite you.

  • Limpy: [at the police station] We come to see Muggs McGinnis.

    Police Lieutenant: Now, isn't that nice! And did you bring flowers and candy?

    Scruno: Mmm, I got a rabbit's foot.

    Skinny: I brought dynamite.

    Peewee: I got a saw.

    Limpy: I got a machine gun.

    Police Lieutenant: Oh, you think you're smart. Maybe you'd like to stay here and spend a vacation.

  • PeeWee: Say it ain't so, Joe. Say it ain't so.

  • Peewee: [Overhearing what Joey says Turkey about the Baldies] Hey, Terror! This guy just said we look like a bunch of pricks with ears!

    Joey: [Terror and the rest of the Baldies walk toward Joey] I didn't say that! I didn't say that!

    Peewee: Oh yeah! What did you say?

    Joey: I said, uh, you guys look like a bunch of, uh, ears without pricks!

    [Takes off running with the Baldies in pursuit]

  • Peewee: Nobody fucks with the Baldies!

  • Joey: Those guys just look like a bunch of Neanderthal retardos' man, take a look at them.

    Turkey: Are you kiddin' man? Those are the Fordham Baldies JOEY! They're so Fuckin' insane man, they shave their heads so their hair won't get in their eyes when they FIGHT! No one Fucks with the Baldies MAN!

    Joey: Those guys look like a bunch of pricks with ears.

    Peewee: What you'd just say?

    Joey: I ain't talkin' to yuh', SCRAM!

    Turkey: Easy Joey, easy. Hey yuh Peewee. Joey this is Peewee, she's head of the ladies Baldies auxiliary. That's Terror's woman man, she goes with Terror. How you doin' Peewee?

    Peewee: What you'd just say?

    Turkey: He didn't say nuttin' Peewee.

    Peewee: I ain't talkin' to you. What you'd just say about pricks?

    Joey: I said pricks with ears.

    Peewee: Hey Terror! This asshole just said we look like a bunch of pricks with ears!

    Turkey: He didn't say that did you Joey!

    Peewee: OH Yeah, then what'd he say?

    Joey: [as the gang of Baldies walks angrily toward Joey and Turkey] I didn't say that! I didn't that! I didn't say you guys look like a bunch of pricks with ears. UH, UH, I said you guys look like a bunch of ears without pricks!

    [then turns and runs off]

    Turkey: [slowly backing away from the Baldies] Hey Terror, how you doin'?

    [then turns and quickly follows Joey out of fear for their lives]

  • Dealey: What do you say we stop all this tree-trimming jazz and hit the road to town?

    Peewee: Oh now, Dealey, you know how I promised Mama about Christmas. You see, while she's trimming her tree in Peoria, I'm trimming mine right here. It's almost as if we're together!

  • Perky: The kid needs a mother. Every kid needs a mother. Somebody to take his troubles to, or somebody to hear his prayers.

    Peewee: Well, he could always bring his troubles to me. I'd be glad to hear his prayers. I like prayers.

    Sammy Boy: You can't be no mother, Peewee. Mothers is female!

  • Peewee: Hey, you know, guys, I got an idea.

    ScrunoSkinny: [together] Yeah?

    Skinny: Does it hurt much?

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