Diane Darcy Quotes in Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo (1977)


Diane Darcy Quotes:

  • Jim Douglas: Now wait a minute, buddy.

    Diane Darcy: [takes off her helmet] What do you mean "buddy"?

    Jim Douglas: Uh, Miss Buddy.

  • Jim Douglas: Come on, you come with us.

    Diane Darcy: No, no, I'm - I'm gonna stay with my car.

    Wheely Applegate: Looks like we're all gonna stay with her car.

    [we see Herbie drive up and park right next to the Lancia, where they open each other's doors to kiss]

    Wheely Applegate: [Herbie pulled the Diane Darcy's Lancia out of lake, after Jim Douglas & Wheely Applegate rescued her, from drowning Diane Darcy then spoke to Herbie]

    Diane Darcy: Uh, Herbie? Now, listen to me. Uh, Herbie, I know just how you feel... but I know you're also not a quitter. Now show 'em you can do it. Win it for them!

    [Diane's Launcha horn honks]

    Diane Darcy: And for her.

  • Jim Douglas: [trying to think of any clue of where Herbie and the Lancia could be, but Diane misunderstands him and thinks that he is trying to be fresh with her] Where would you take a boyfriend on his first night to Paris?

    Diane Darcy: 'Boyfriend?' Don't tell me this is your cute way of making a pass.

    Jim Douglas: If I had romance in mind, would he be along?

    [points to Wheely]

    Wheely Applegate: Right.

    [suddenly makes an annoyed-looking frown]

  • Jim Douglas: We've lost our car, and we'd like to know if you've seen it by any chance.

    Diane Darcy: Who cares about your silly Volkswagen? My Lancia has been stolen!

    Waiter: [points to Diane] Uh, your car.

    [then points over to Jim and Wheely]

    Waiter: And your car.

    Jim Douglas: Yes.

    Waiter: I saw them both.

    Diane Darcy: Then you saw who stole them?

    Waiter: You would not believe this. I would not believe this. No one would believe this.

    Jim Douglas: What?

    Waiter: I think they steal each other.

  • Diane Darcy: [she sees the taxi driver laughing, when really at something other strange he heard about her car and Herbie on the radio, but thinking that it's over the fact that they are missing] Do you think this is something to laugh about?

    Taxi driver: [while still chuckling] Forgive me, madamoiselle, I laugh at the radio. Two cars take a ride on the Bateau Mouche. Would you believe such a thing?

  • Diane Darcy: [to Jim Douglas] When the men come by from the booby hatch come...

    Diane Darcy: go quietly.

    [tilts head & walks away]

    Diane Darcy: Diane Darcy.

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