Quincey Quotes in Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo (1977)


Quincey Quotes:

  • Max: Patience, Quincey.

    Quincey: You tell that to the guard. He'll be here in two minutes.

  • Max: Right on schedule. Just ten steps to six million dollars.

    Quincey: One step to Devil's Island, if anything touches that floor.

  • Max: Excuse me, sir. There's some very impressive racing cars here, but I don't seem to see the little Volkswagen.

    Showroom MC: Ah, you mean the Douglas car. It will be here. Patience, my friend, patience.

    Quincey: If one more person says "patience" to me, I'll - ...

    [Max taps his shoulder]

    Max: We better have it now, because if we don't turn up with that diamond, Double X is going to mark the spot where we're buried.

    Quincey: [sees Herbie finally arriving] Here, here. Don't dig our graves just yet.

  • Jim Douglas: I, I hate to mention this again... but I heard some clunking...

    Wheely Applegate: You mean that nonsense about the gas tank?

    Jim Douglas: Yeah, that's...

    Wheely Applegate: All right, let's get it straight, once and for all... who the mechanic is around here, okay? You say it's the gas tank, and I say it isn't the gas tank. You see? It isn't the gas tank. It's this... rock that was in the gas tank.

    [Clears throat]

    Jim Douglas: Hold it! There's only one kind of rock that glistens like that.

    Wheely Applegate: Well, sure, quartz. You can find millions of'em around any quarry in Philly.

    Jim Douglas: But... not one that's worth... 6,000,000 bucks.

    Wheely Applegate: Huh?

    Jim Douglas: L 'etoile dejoie.

    Wheely Applegate: The tall, the what?

    Jim Douglas: Etoile dejoie.

    Wheely Applegate: [Gasps] Oh, wow! That's...


    Wheely Applegate: That's the biggest hunk of diamond I've ever seen in my life.

    Jim Douglas: What I don't understand is how it - The black sedan!

    Wheely Applegate: Huh? Where?

    Jim Douglas: No, no, no. They're the ones that robbed the museum. Don't you see? They weren't trying to knock us out of the race. They were trying to get this out of Herbie.

    Max: [But suddenly coming behind] Thank you for helping us, gentlemen, and up with your hands.

    Quincey: You gave us the slip for the last time.

    Max: We'll take the rock.

    Wheely Applegate: [Clearing throat] I don't suppose you'd believe that was just a big hunk of quartz.

    Max: [Chuckles] The rock. Let me have it.

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