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Evan Adams III Quotes:

  • Bert Piazza: [discussing an ad campaign] But what's the angle?

    Evan Adams III: The 'average American girl!'

    Robert Grau: A lot of penetration there.

  • Gladys Glover: [Dancing with Evan and looking over his shoulder] Look!

    Evan Adams III: What?

    Gladys Glover: Walter Winchell!

    Evan Adams III: [Nonchalantly] Oh, yes.

    Gladys Glover: That's the seventh big name I've seen tonight. What a night!

  • Robert Grau: [Thinking about an ad for their product] How's this? "Stars need it. Celebrities too. But, more important, it's the favorite of average American girls such as Miss Gladys Glover!"

    Bert Piazza: I don't think she's so average.

    Evan Adams III: Why not?

    Bert Piazza: Because she's unusual.

    Evan Adams III: That's what you men don't understand. That the average American girl IS unusual.

    Bert Piazza: How's that again?

    Evan Adams III: Exactly.

    Robert Grau: He's got something there BP.

  • Evan Adams III: [Putting the moves on Gladys] There you are.

    Gladys Glover: Yes.

    Evan Adams III: Feeling better?

    Gladys Glover: Much.

    Evan Adams III: There's nothing like champagne.

    Gladys Glover: Yes, there is.

    Evan Adams III: What?

    Gladys Glover: More champagne.

  • Gladys Glover: The way it looks to me, Mr. Adams... there are two kinds of people. The ones who would do anything to make a name for themselves and the ones who would do almost anything.

    Evan Adams III: To which are you?

    Gladys Glover: Ah, I'll let you know.

  • Pete Sheppard: [Walking around inspecting Evan's foreign vehicle] Imported.

    Evan Adams III: [In the driver's seat] That's right.

    Pete Sheppard: Hm. Great little car.

    Evan Adams III: I like it.

    Pete Sheppard: I like it too.

    Evan Adams III: [to Evan's irritation, Pete continues to inspect the car] Need something?

    Pete Sheppard: What's car like this worth?

    Evan Adams III: About $5,000. Why? You want to buy it?

    Pete Sheppard: Yes, I do. The only thing I don't happen to have $5,000 on me just njow. And I don't get paid 'til Friday.

    Evan Adams III: That's too bad.

    Pete Sheppard: [Digging in his pocket] You wouldn't take eleven dollars and what... thirty cents. I suppose that'd do it, eh?

    Evan Adams III: No.

    Pete Sheppard: I didn't think it would.

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