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  • Esther Smith: I'm going to let John Truett kiss me tonight.

    Rose Smith: Esther Smith.

    Esther Smith: Well, if we're going to get married, I may as well start it.

    Rose Smith: Nice girls don't let men kiss them until after they're engaged. Men don't want the bloom rubbed off.

    Esther Smith: Personally, I think I have too much bloom. Maybe that's the trouble with me.

  • Esther Smith: Oh, Katie, they were just little white lies.

    Katie the Maid: A lie's a lie. Dressin' it in white don't help it. And just why was I lying this time? Why must we have dinner an hour early?

    Esther Smith: Because Rose is expecting...

    Katie the Maid: Now don't go blaming your sister.

    Esther Smith: Blaming her? Why, we're doing this for her. You know Rose's problem. Warren Sheffield has been writing to her for six months without one word that even smells like a proposal.

    Katie the Maid: What's that got to do with having dinner an hour early?

    Esther Smith: Warren is telephoning Rose long-distance from New York at half-past six.

    Katie the Maid: Long-distance?

    Esther Smith: Yes, and if the whole family is sitting here drinking in every word, she may be loathe to say the things a girl's compelled to say to get a proposal out of a man. If that man, unfortunately, is Warren Sheffield.

    Katie the Maid: Personally, I wouldn't marry a man who proposed to me over an invention.

    Esther Smith: Well, we can't be too particular. While we love Rose, the brutal fact is that, well, she isn't getting any younger.

    Katie the Maid: There's the poor old maid now!

  • Esther Smith: Meeting him across the lawn for the first time would be so ordinary. I don't want to be just introduced to him. I want it to be something strange and romantic and something I'll always remember.

  • Esther Smith: Papa, if losing a case depresses you so, why don't you quit practicing law and go into another line of business?

    Mr. Alonzo Smith: That's a good idea. Starting tomorrow, I intend to play first base for the Baltimore Orioles. I'm sorry, Anna, if I was a little bombastic.

    Mrs. Anna Smith: That's all right, dear, you'll feel better once you've had your dinner.

    Mr. Alonzo Smith: I suppose so, but right now I'm going to soak in that cool bathtub for one solid hour.

    Esther Smith: But that's impossible. Dinner's being served in five minutes.

    Mr. Alonzo Smith: It's only five twenty-five, not six twenty-five.

    Mrs. Anna Smith: We've planned on eating an hour early tonight.

    Mr. Alonzo Smith: Well, the plans have just been changed. I'm taking a bath.

    Mrs. Anna Smith: We're eating early for Katie's sake. Family trouble. She wants to go over there as soon as we've finished eating. Her sister's fighting with her husband.

    Mr. Alonzo Smith: I see. And I suppose they'll stop fighting if I don't take a bath?

    Mrs. Anna Smith: Now she's been with us for ten years, and she never asks favors. We don't want to risk losing her.

    Esther Smith: No, nowadays you can't get a maid for less than twelve dollars a month.

    Mr. Alonzo Smith: I don't care if we have to pay a maid fifteen dollars a month! Dinner's at six-thirty, and if Katie wants to hand in her notice, she can reach me in the bathtub!

  • Esther Smith: [singing] Have yourself a merry little Christmas, let your heart be light. / Next year all our troubles will be out of sight. / Have yourself a merry little Christmas, make the yule time gay / Next year all our troubles will be miles away. / Once again as in olden days, happy golden days of yore / Faithful friends who are dear to us, will be near to us once more. / Someday soon we all will be together, if the fates allow / Until then we'll have to muddle through somehow. / So have yourself a merry little Christmas now.

  • [after John tells Esther he couldn't pick up his tuxedo from the tailor because he was busy playing basketball]

    John Truett: This is a fine going away present I'm giving you for Christmas. I'll bet you really hate me.

    Esther Smith: Oh, no, John, I don't hate you! I just hate basketball!

  • John Truett: Wow, that's nice perfume.

    Esther Smith: Do you like it? It's Essence of Violet. I only take it out on special occasions

    John Truett: Exactly the kind my grandmother wears.

  • [last lines]

    Esther Smith: I can't believe it. Right here where we live - right here in St. Louis.

  • 'Tootie' Smith: I wanna sleep right here.

    Mrs. Anna Smith: Of course you will, darling.

    'Tootie' Smith: And I wanna wear Esther's nightgown.

    Rose Smith: I'll get it for you right now.

    Mrs. Anna Smith: I hate to think about what your papa's going to do when he hears about all this. He may strike that Truett boy.

    Rose Smith: I'll do that, Mama.

    Mrs. Anna Smith: All right. And I'll get you some ice cream and cake, Tootie.

    'Tootie' Smith: [singing] Feed a cold, starve a fever. I was drunk last night, dear Mother, I was drunk the night before. But if you'll forgive me, Mother, I'll never get drunk anymore!

    Esther Smith: I got him! He didn't even have a chance to scratch me.

    Rose Smith: Why, your dress is torn.

    Esther Smith: Oh, that must've happened while he was trying to hold me off. I bit him!

    'Tootie' Smith: [clapping her hands] I bit him, too!

  • 'Tootie' Smith: And I'm taking all my dolls, even the dead ones. I'm taking everything.

    Esther Smith: Of course you are. I'll help you pack them myself. You won't have to leave anything behind. Except your snow people, of course. We'd look pretty silly trying to get them on the train, wouldn't we?

  • 'Tootie' Smith: Nobody's going to have them, not if we can't take them to New York! I'd rather kill them if we can't take them with us!

    Esther Smith: Oh, Tootie, don't cry. Don't cry, it's all right. You can build other snow people in New York.

    'Tootie' Smith: No, you can't! You can't do any of the things that I can do in St. Louis!

    Esther Smith: No, no, Tootie, you're wrong. New York is a wonderful town. Everybody dreams about going there, but we're luckier than lots of families because we're really going. Wait till you see the nice new home we're going to have, and the loads and loads of new friends we're going to make. But the main thing is, Tootie, that we're all going to be together, just like we've always been. That's what really counts. We could be happy anywhere as long as we're together.

  • John Truett: Gosh, Miss Esther, I hope I'm not too presumptuous, but you don't need any beauty sleep.

    Esther Smith: What a nice compliment.

  • Mrs. Anna Smith: Rose, Esther, the water's hot. We're eating early tonight, so if you're going to wash your hair, you better do it now.

    Rose Smith: All right, Mama. Es, why are we eating early?

    Esther Smith: Well, you certainly don't want the whole family sitting there drinking in every word while a man proposes to you long-distance.

    Rose Smith: Proposes? I don't see why you think Warren's going to propose to me.

    Esther Smith: Well, why else would he be calling you long-distance? Do you know what it costs?

    Rose Smith: I'm not even sure I'll be in. My dear, when you get to be my age, you'll find there are more important things in life than boys!

  • Rose SmithEsther Smith: [singing] Meet me in St. Louie, Louie, meet me at...

    Mr. Alonzo Smith: For heaven's sake, stop that screeching!

    Rose Smith: We're sorry, Papa.

    Mr. Alonzo Smith: The fair won't open for seven months, and that's all anybody ever sings about or talks about. I wish they would all meet at the fair and leave me alone.

  • Agnes Smith: Rose, it's six-thirty and Warren hasn't called yet.

    'Tootie' Smith: Maybe he found another girl.

    Mrs. Anna Smith: Quiet, you two.

    Rose Smith: Mama, I assure you that I'm not the slightest bit sensitive about Warren Sheffield.

    Grandpa: The queen has spoken.

    Alonzo 'Lon' Smith Jr.: I suppose Warren's too young, too. Every fellow I introduce her to is too young.

    Mrs. Anna Smith: Now, listen. Your papa will be down in a minute, and if we all eat quickly, we may still get out of here before the call comes through.

    Esther Smith: Warren is twenty-one and I think that's a perfect age.

    Rose Smith: He's practically a child.

    Mrs. Anna Smith: Your father was twenty when we were married.

    Grandpa: We gave him the bachelor dinner the night before. He almost missed the wedding!

  • Esther Smith: John Truett. I've come here to ask you something... What do you mean hitting a five-year-old child?... The next time you want to hit somebody, pick on somebody your own size. If there's anything I hate, loathe, despise, and abominate, it's a bully.

    [punches and kicks him]

  • [after John & Esther kiss]

    Esther Smith: You've got a mighty strong grip for a boy.

  • Esther Smith: It's our last dance in St. Louis. I feel like I'm going to cry.

  • Grandpa: That doctor must be walking!

    Rose Smith: Should I call Papa at his office?

    Mrs. Anna Smith: Oh, heavens no, don't call your father! What could he do? There, there, Tootie, darling.

    'Tootie' Smith: He tried to kill me...

    Mrs. Anna Smith: Now tell Mommy what happened.

    Esther Smith: It was the streetcar. I think it hit her.

    Rose Smith: It must have knocked her onto the sidewalk, didn't it, Tootie?

    'Tootie' Smith: No, it wasn't a streetcar. It was John Truett. He tried to kill me.

    Mrs. Anna Smith: John Truett hit you?

    'Tootie' Smith: He tried to kill me, and when I screamed, he ran away.

    Esther Smith: Tootie Smith, that's a monstrous falsehood. John Truett would never hit a girl, least of all my sister.

  • Rose Smith: Oh, Es, isn't he simply enchanting? And so mature!

    Esther Smith: Well, how did it happen? Where did you meet?

    Rose Smith: I was coming out of the shop and he was coming in. We bumped into each other!

    Esther Smith: Accidentally?

    Rose Smith: Almost!

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