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Mrs. Anna Smith Quotes:

  • Mrs. Anna Smith: Sure, don't mind what happens to your family. At a time like this you think about the chickens.

  • Agnes Smith: I can't get hungry till it gets dark.

    Katie the Maid: Dinner's at five-thirty. You can eat blind-folded!

    Mrs. Anna Smith: We have to be out of the dining room by six-thirty. Warren Sheffield is telephoning Rose from New York. And Rose, if I were you, I wouldn't committ myself one way or another. After all...

    Rose Smith: Mama, for goodness sakes!

    Mrs. Anna Smith: After all, we know very little about him. Why, we haven't even met his folks.

    Rose Smith: It seems to me that one little phone call is causing an awful lot of excitement in this family!

    Mrs. Anna Smith: Besides, you're entirely too young and I don't think your father will allow it.

    Katie the Maid: Mrs. Smith, if I'm going to keep lying to your daughters, I'll have to ask for more money.

    Mrs. Anna Smith: Now, remember, not a word of this to your papa. You know how he plagues the girls about their beaus.

    Agnes Smith: Everybody knows but Papa?

    Grandpa: Your papa's not supposed to know. It's enough we're letting him work hard every day to support the whole flock of us. He can't have everything.

  • Esther Smith: Papa, if losing a case depresses you so, why don't you quit practicing law and go into another line of business?

    Mr. Alonzo Smith: That's a good idea. Starting tomorrow, I intend to play first base for the Baltimore Orioles. I'm sorry, Anna, if I was a little bombastic.

    Mrs. Anna Smith: That's all right, dear, you'll feel better once you've had your dinner.

    Mr. Alonzo Smith: I suppose so, but right now I'm going to soak in that cool bathtub for one solid hour.

    Esther Smith: But that's impossible. Dinner's being served in five minutes.

    Mr. Alonzo Smith: It's only five twenty-five, not six twenty-five.

    Mrs. Anna Smith: We've planned on eating an hour early tonight.

    Mr. Alonzo Smith: Well, the plans have just been changed. I'm taking a bath.

    Mrs. Anna Smith: We're eating early for Katie's sake. Family trouble. She wants to go over there as soon as we've finished eating. Her sister's fighting with her husband.

    Mr. Alonzo Smith: I see. And I suppose they'll stop fighting if I don't take a bath?

    Mrs. Anna Smith: Now she's been with us for ten years, and she never asks favors. We don't want to risk losing her.

    Esther Smith: No, nowadays you can't get a maid for less than twelve dollars a month.

    Mr. Alonzo Smith: I don't care if we have to pay a maid fifteen dollars a month! Dinner's at six-thirty, and if Katie wants to hand in her notice, she can reach me in the bathtub!

  • 'Tootie' Smith: Here comes the invalid. I have to have two kinds of ice cream. I'm recuperating.

    Mrs. Anna Smith: If I ever catch you fibbing again like you did about John Truett, I'll give you something to recuperate about.

  • 'Tootie' Smith: I wanna sleep right here.

    Mrs. Anna Smith: Of course you will, darling.

    'Tootie' Smith: And I wanna wear Esther's nightgown.

    Rose Smith: I'll get it for you right now.

    Mrs. Anna Smith: I hate to think about what your papa's going to do when he hears about all this. He may strike that Truett boy.

    Rose Smith: I'll do that, Mama.

    Mrs. Anna Smith: All right. And I'll get you some ice cream and cake, Tootie.

    'Tootie' Smith: [singing] Feed a cold, starve a fever. I was drunk last night, dear Mother, I was drunk the night before. But if you'll forgive me, Mother, I'll never get drunk anymore!

    Esther Smith: I got him! He didn't even have a chance to scratch me.

    Rose Smith: Why, your dress is torn.

    Esther Smith: Oh, that must've happened while he was trying to hold me off. I bit him!

    'Tootie' Smith: [clapping her hands] I bit him, too!

  • Warren Sheffield: Rose Smith, we can't go on like this any longer. I've positively decided we're going to get married at the earliest opportunity and I don't want to hear any arguments. That's final. I love you. Merry Christmas.

    Rose Smith: Merry Christmas

    Mr. Alonzo Smith: Anna, who is that boy?

    Mrs. Anna Smith: Now Lonny he's a very fine young man. We'll talk about it later.

    Grandpa: That young man is so excited he's liable to leave on his honeymoon without Rose.

  • Mrs. Anna Smith: Rose, Esther, the water's hot. We're eating early tonight, so if you're going to wash your hair, you better do it now.

    Rose Smith: All right, Mama. Es, why are we eating early?

    Esther Smith: Well, you certainly don't want the whole family sitting there drinking in every word while a man proposes to you long-distance.

    Rose Smith: Proposes? I don't see why you think Warren's going to propose to me.

    Esther Smith: Well, why else would he be calling you long-distance? Do you know what it costs?

    Rose Smith: I'm not even sure I'll be in. My dear, when you get to be my age, you'll find there are more important things in life than boys!

  • Agnes Smith: Rose, it's six-thirty and Warren hasn't called yet.

    'Tootie' Smith: Maybe he found another girl.

    Mrs. Anna Smith: Quiet, you two.

    Rose Smith: Mama, I assure you that I'm not the slightest bit sensitive about Warren Sheffield.

    Grandpa: The queen has spoken.

    Alonzo 'Lon' Smith Jr.: I suppose Warren's too young, too. Every fellow I introduce her to is too young.

    Mrs. Anna Smith: Now, listen. Your papa will be down in a minute, and if we all eat quickly, we may still get out of here before the call comes through.

    Esther Smith: Warren is twenty-one and I think that's a perfect age.

    Rose Smith: He's practically a child.

    Mrs. Anna Smith: Your father was twenty when we were married.

    Grandpa: We gave him the bachelor dinner the night before. He almost missed the wedding!

  • Katie the Maid: Mrs. Smith, who are these boys?

    Agnes Smith: It's me, Katie, it's Agnes!

    Katie the Maid: Saints preserve us, it is! You had me fooled!

    'Tootie' Smith: Mama, we fooled her!

    Mrs. Anna Smith: Well, if you can fool our Katie, you can fool anyone.

    Katie the Maid: Agnes, I thought you were a drunken ghost.

    Agnes Smith: But I am. Tootie's a horrible ghost, and I'm a terrible drunken ghost.

    'Tootie' Smith: She was murdered in a den of thieves, and I died of a broken heart. I've never even been buried because everyone's scared to come near me.

  • Grandpa: That doctor must be walking!

    Rose Smith: Should I call Papa at his office?

    Mrs. Anna Smith: Oh, heavens no, don't call your father! What could he do? There, there, Tootie, darling.

    'Tootie' Smith: He tried to kill me...

    Mrs. Anna Smith: Now tell Mommy what happened.

    Esther Smith: It was the streetcar. I think it hit her.

    Rose Smith: It must have knocked her onto the sidewalk, didn't it, Tootie?

    'Tootie' Smith: No, it wasn't a streetcar. It was John Truett. He tried to kill me.

    Mrs. Anna Smith: John Truett hit you?

    'Tootie' Smith: He tried to kill me, and when I screamed, he ran away.

    Esther Smith: Tootie Smith, that's a monstrous falsehood. John Truett would never hit a girl, least of all my sister.

  • Katie the Maid: Would it start a minor revolution in this household if dinner was served an hour early today?

    Mrs. Anna Smith: Mr. Smith hates to eat early on a hot day.

    Katie the Maid: Eating early on a hot day gives you more time to digest your food before retiring. Besides, I'm due at my sister's at seven o'clock on a family matter.

    Mrs. Anna Smith: Is there something wrong with your sister?

    Katie the Maid: She's having trouble with her husband. Him bein' a man.

    Mrs. Anna Smith: Well, eating early is all right with me, but you'll have to explain it to Mr. Smith.

    Katie the Maid: Oh, he won't mind, seein' as how tonight's corn beef night.

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