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  • Tock: [singing] Time is a gift, given to you, given to give you the time you need, the time you need to have the time of your life.

  • Tock: You must forgive me, but you see, it's traditional for watch dogs to be ferocious.

    Milo: I thought you were just great, but are you sure it's all right to leave those Lethargians back there alone?

    Tock: Oh, I don't just watch Lethargians. I watch boys too. And right now, I'd say you needed a watch dog. And anyway, I just love automobile rides!

    Milo: Very pleased to have you along. My name is Milo.

    Tock: Milo? That's a strange name for a boy. My name is Tock.

    Milo: Isn't that kind of a strange name for a dog?

    Tock: Oh, no. How many names can you give a watch dog? Actually, my name is Tick Tock, but my friends call me Tock.

    Milo: May I call you Tock? It's about time I had a friend.

    Tock: It's about time? But time is your friend!

  • The Terrible Trivium: Hello, little boy. Welcome to you, your faithful dog, and that handsome gentleman. I'm so terribly happy to see all of you. But before you travel on, I wonder if you could spare me a little time and asssist me with a few trivial tasks?

    Humbug: Why of course, we're in no hurry.

    The Terrible Trivium: Now young man, if you will take these exquisite tweezers, and move this pile of sand from here, to here.

    Milo: With these?

    The Terrible Trivium: Of course. And you sir, have the privilege of taking this delicate needle for digging a hole through this cliff.

    Humbug: Why, thank you sir! An exacting assignment, quite worthy of my talents. I shall enjoy it no end.

    The Terrible Trivium: And you sir, get to take this eye-dropper and empty that well.

    Milo: But these tasks don't seem very important.

    The Terrible Trivium: Of course they're not important! If you always do the easy and useless jobs, you'll never have to worry about the important ones!

    Tock: Now I know who you are! You're the Terrible Trivium!

    The Terrible Trivium: Quite correct! The Terrible Trivium, demon of petty tasks, ogre of wasted effort!

    Milo: Come on, Humbug, let's get out of here!

    The Terrible Trivium: [advancing] And *friend* to lazy and foolish people everywhere!

  • Tock: Oh, I don't just watch Lethargians. I watch boys, too.

  • Senses Taker: Names! I must have your names before you can proceed!

    Milo: Well, uh, this is the Humbug.

    Senses Taker: Humbug.

    Milo: This is Tock.

    Senses Taker: Tock.

    Milo: And my name is Milo. Now can we go?

    Senses Taker: Milo. Ooh, I haven't had an M in ages. Now then, if you will just tell me when you were born, where you were born, why you were born, how old you are, how old you were then, what grade you're in, your shoe size, shirt size, collar size, hat size, and the names and bank references of six people who can verify this information! Then you can go.

    Milo: What do you need all this for? We're in a hurry.

    Senses Taker: I'm the official Senses Taker! I must have this information before I take your senses! So, now then, if you will fill out in triplicate your height, your weight, how many ice-cream cones you eat in a week, how many you don't eat in a week...

    Milo: We can't waste the time! We've got to get to the Castle in the Air!

    Senses Taker: That does it! Now, I'm going to take your sense of duty, your sense of proportion, and especially your sense of direction!

    Tock: Milo, the bottle of laughter! Use this bottle of laughter I got from Dr. Discord! He can't take away our sense of humor!

  • Tock: Look, son, it's bad enough wasting time without killing it.

  • Tock: [sintging] Take a second to look around / See a sight, hear a sound / Take a minute to concentrate / Analyze, contemplate / Take an hour and change the fate of the world!

  • The Dodecahedron: My sides are many, my angles aren't few. I'm the Dodecahedron, and who are you?

    Milo: What's a dodecahedron?

    Tock: If I'm remember correctly, a dodecahedron is a geometrical shape with twelve sides.

    The Dodecahedron: See for yourself. I only use one at a time. Saves wear and tear.

  • Milo: I never knew words could be so confusing.

    Tock: Only confusing, Milo, when you use a lot to say a little.

  • Faintly Macabre: When Rhyme and Reason were banished...

    Milo: Rhyme? And Reason?

    Faintly Macabre: Yes Milo. When the two kings had their terrible quarrel. When King Azaz insisted that words were far more important than numbers, and hence his kingdom was truly the greater. And when the Mathemagician claimed that numbers were much more important than words, and hence his kingdom was supreme, why then naturally the asked the princess of Sweet Rhyme and the princess of Pure Reason to settle the question.

    Milo: And what did they decide? What is the most important - words or numbers?

    Faintly Macabre: The princesses decided that words and numbers are of equal value.

    Tock: In the cloak of knowledge, one is the warp, and the other is the 'Woof!'

    Faintly Macabre: But you see Milo, this decision infuriated the two kings. And they banished the princesses to the Castle in the Air. And I was thrown into this dungeon.

  • The MathemaGician: Rescue Rhyme and Reason? What a wonderful idea... wait! Has Azaz agreed to it?

    Tock: Yes sir, he has.

    The MathemaGician: Then I don't! We've never agreed on anything and we never will!

    Milo: And if I can prove otherwise, can we have permission to go?

    The MathemaGician: Of course, of course.

    Milo: Very well then. Now - if Azaz agrees with something then you disagree, correct?

    The MathemaGician: Correct.

    Milo: And anything Azaz disagrees with, you agree, is that correct?

    The MathemaGician: Correct.

    Milo: Then each of you agrees that he will disagree with the other, right?

    The MathemaGician: Right.

    Milo: Then you admit that you do agree with Azaz about something - you agree about disagreeing!

    The MathemaGician: I'VE BEEN TRICKED!

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