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Pete Sheppard Quotes:

  • Pete Sheppard: Well, goodbye and bad luck, Mr. Adams.

  • [after meeting Gladys in central Park]

    Pete Sheppard: Good luck to you, Gladys. I sure hope you make a name for yourself, if that's what you want. If that's what you really want, you'll get it.

    Gladys Glover: How?

    Pete Sheppard: I don't know. Just a theory of mine: that not only 'where there's a will, there's a way'... but, 'where's there's a way, there's a will'. See?

  • Gladys Glover: Listen, Peter, I'm over twenty-one.

    Pete Sheppard: From the neck down, yeah.

  • Sour Man in Central Park: Look, girlie. I don't mind a pick up once in a while, only I like to do the pickin' see?

    Gladys Glover: Lister, mister. How would you like to watch some of your language?

    Sour Man in Central Park: Who are you?

    Gladys Glover: Nobody, that's who.

    Pete SheppardSour Man in Central Park: So why are you trying to make a big stink?

    Gladys Glover: Who, me?

    Sour Man in Central Park: Sure you, not who.

    [to the others in the park listening]

    Sour Man in Central Park: Comes in walkin' in barefooted. Sits down on the top of me...

    Gladys Glover: [Incredulous] Top of?

    Sour Man in Central Park: Starts throwing around peanuts around. Gets all them dusty birds over. Top it off, she tries to pick me up... if I ain't got enough troubles now.

    Gladys Glover: Listen, mister, how would you like a good smack in your face?

    Sour Man in Central Park: Why don't you try it?

    Gladys Glover: Because it's too hot's why!

    Sour Man in Central Park: What a putz!

    [He leaves]

    Gladys Glover: [to Pete Sheppard] How do you like that?

    Pete Sheppard: [Who has been filming the encounter] Not bad. A real interesting chat.

  • Pete Sheppard: Say, if you care to give me your address, I could drop you a postcard and fix it up for you to see this picture when it gets done.

    Gladys Glover: I'd give my right arm to see myself in the movies.

    Pete Sheppard: You don't have to give me your right arm. Just give me your right address.

    Gladys Glover: 262 West 61st Street, Room 9.

    Pete Sheppard: Well, so long Gladys.

    Gladys Glover: [Extends her hand but instead of him shaking it, Pete kisses it impulsively. She looks taken aback]

    Pete Sheppard: I saw a fella do that in a French movie last week. I've been meaning to try it ever since.

  • Pete Sheppard: [Walking around inspecting Evan's foreign vehicle] Imported.

    Evan Adams III: [In the driver's seat] That's right.

    Pete Sheppard: Hm. Great little car.

    Evan Adams III: I like it.

    Pete Sheppard: I like it too.

    Evan Adams III: [to Evan's irritation, Pete continues to inspect the car] Need something?

    Pete Sheppard: What's car like this worth?

    Evan Adams III: About $5,000. Why? You want to buy it?

    Pete Sheppard: Yes, I do. The only thing I don't happen to have $5,000 on me just njow. And I don't get paid 'til Friday.

    Evan Adams III: That's too bad.

    Pete Sheppard: [Digging in his pocket] You wouldn't take eleven dollars and what... thirty cents. I suppose that'd do it, eh?

    Evan Adams III: No.

    Pete Sheppard: I didn't think it would.

  • Pete Sheppard: There's a lot of things... sensitive things... we could talk about and do and try for but Ican't seem to get you down to Earth.

    Gladys Glover: What's so wonderful about Earth?

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