Paramedic Quotes in Twister (1996)


Paramedic Quotes:

  • [Aunt Meg is being loaded into an ambulance]

    Jo: Is she OK?

    Paramedic: We'll probably keep her overnight just to be safe.

    Aunt Meg: Overnight, forget it, I'm all right.

    Jo: You're going to the hospital.

    Aunt Meg: OK, I'll go, but I'm gonna drive myself.

    Rabbit: [standing next to her] Honey, your car is in a tree around the corner.


  • Doctor: What have we got?

    Paramedic: [about Priest] Gunshot wound to the head doc.

    Doctor: Eh, she's dead.

  • Dr. Richard Kimble: [after Kimbles has just passed the stabbed bus prison guard who he saved] Tell the attending he's got a puncture in the epigastric area.

    Paramedic: How the hell could he tell that by looking at his face?

  • [Hop is assisted by paramedics onto a stretcher]

    Jason Tripitikas: How is he?

    Paramedic: Bullet missed his heart. He'll live.

    Old Man Hop: [whispering, only Jake hears him] Of course I'll live. I'm immortal.

    [Hop beckons Jake to his side]

    Old Man Hop: Did you return that thing I gave you?

    Jason Tripitikas: Yeah, I did.

    Old Man Hop: You the man.

  • Gus Mally: [in cell] You found out I was right, didn't you?

    Ben Shockley: [opening cell door, entering] I didn't find out dick. All I know is there is a horse named Mally No Show in the 10th race at Santa Anita, and the way the odds are going up, somebody's betting she's going to drop dead at the starting gate.

    Gus Mally: That's right! And this is the gate right here! Don't you see? They're saying we don't have a chance!

    Ben Shockley: For all I know, there is a horse, it's just a coincidence.

    Gus Mally: [scoffs impatiently] It's not a coincidence! For Chrissakes, Shockley, there isn't any 10th race at Anita!

    [he scowls at her]

    Paramedic Driver: [two medics arrive] The wagon's outside.

    Ben Shockley: What about that horse?

    Paramedic: 75 to one. Sounds like a real nag.

    Gus Mally: [frantic] Look, go back home. Leave me be. Call it off. Please!

    Ben Shockley: We're splitting right now.

    [to the paramedics]

    Ben Shockley: Look, one of you call Hertz or Avis, I don't care which one. Get me a car. Have them leave it somewhere inbetween here and the airport. Leave the keys in and I'll pay for it when I get her on the plane.

    [to her:]

    Ben Shockley: If, and I say if, what you're saying is true, then somebody's betting I can't do my job. Well, they're full of shit!

    Gus Mally: You are - - These people laying these odds will chew you up and spit you out! You're fucking crazy! I'm not going anywhere with you!

    [retreats back to the bunk bed, looking into his steely unsympathetic eyes tearfully]

  • [wearing a white lab coat, Harrison enters a deserted hospital emergency room when suddenly, injured people pour into the area from all directions]

    Paramedic #1: [voice] A volcano has erupted!

    Paramedic #2: [voice] Tornado!

    Paramedic: [voice] Earthquake!

    Patient: [voice] El Nino!

    Man: [voice] Herpies!

    Hospital Visitor: [voice] An ocean liner just hit an iceburg!

  • [impersonating a doctor, Harrison looks at various patients in a hospital ER]

    Ryan Harrison: [refering to a fat man] He's pregnant.

    Paramedic #2: [refering to another patient] Doctor, this man has been shot five times!

    Ryan Harrison: Put him in the 10 bullets or less line.

    Paramedic: [refering to a pregnant woman in labor] Doctor, you may want to take a look at this.

    Ryan Harrison: No thank you!

    Ryan Harrison: [refering to another patient] This man's in cardiac arrest. Give him 200,000 cc's of adrenaline.

    Nurse: But Doc...

    Ryan Harrison: But what? Damn your butt! I said 200,000 cc's of adrenaline!

    Ryan Harrison: [refering to another injured woman] Balance, rotate, and align the organs.

  • Paramedic: I only got room for one of you.

    Dean: I'm the father...

    Patrick: I'm the boyfriend...

    Mitch: [points to Dean] I'm HIS boyfriend.

    Paramedic: That's nice, but I still only got room for one of you.

  • [Jack is being taken on an ambulance after losing his breath on the jogging track]

    Jack: I'm fine really.

    Paramedic: Take it easy Mr. Schidntmann

    Walter: Has this ever happened to you before?

    Jack: Yes.

    Paramedic: Seven times in the past five months.

    Walter: I thought the jogging was getting you in better shape.

    Jack: It is.

    Paramedic: Yeah thanks to the jogging I can lift him into the ambulance.

  • Paramedic: She's still alive.

    Policeman: She doesn't deserve to live. Let's kill her. Nobody will know

    Paramedic: It wouldn't be hard to do.

    Policeman: It would put an end to it, once and for all.

    Paramedic: Where are we?

    Policeman: I'll check.

    [Angela grabs a needle and stabs the two men]

    Ambulance driver: What's going on back there?

    Angela: Just taking care of business.

  • Paramedic: What? What are you... Don't kick it! For God's sake, those are live human organs!

    Tommy Spinelli: Trust me, pal, they don't feel it.

  • [Paramedic checks for Ditto's pulse]

    Paramedic: This guy's dead.

    School Nurse: [holding a lit cigarette] Really? How can you tell?

  • [first lines]

    Paramedic: [over radio] Dispatch this is Rescue 3. I have a 55 year old white male named Lyar, John. He has massive blunt trauma to the skull. Glasgow Coma Score is 1, Henry 3. Patient has ID in his wallet identifying him as an organ donor. Alert trauma and transport team.

    Dispatcher: Copy that.

  • Doctor Sam Loomis: Dear God! Jamie!

    Paramedic: Only God can help her now sir.

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