Connor Quotes in The Boondock Saints (1999)


Connor Quotes:

  • Connor: Now you will receive us.

    Murphy: We do not ask for your poor or your hungry.

    Connor: We do not want your tired and sick.

    Murphy: It is your corrupt we claim.

    Connor: It is your evil that will be sought by us.

    Murphy: With every breath, we shall hunt them down.

    Connor: Each day, we will spill their blood till it rains down from the skies.

    Murphy: Do not kill. Do not rape. Do not steal. These are principles which every man of every faith can embrace.

    Connor: These are not polite suggestions. These are codes of behavior, and those of you that ignore them will pay the dearest cost.

    Murphy: There are varying degrees of evil. We urge you lesser forms of filth not to push the bounds and cross over into true corruption, into our domain.

    Connor: For if you do, one day you will look behind you and you will see we three. And on that day, you will reap it.

    Murphy: And we will send you to whatever god you wish.

    [Murphy and Conner join II Duce behind Yakavetta]

    ConnorMurphyIl Duce: And shepherds we shall be, for Thee, my Lord, for Thee. Power hath descended forth from Thy hand.

    Yakavetta: Vaffanculo!

    ["Fuck you"]

    ConnorMurphyIl Duce: That our feet may swiftly carry out Thy command. So we shall flow a river forth to Thee, and teeming with souls shall it ever be.

    Il Duce: In nomine Patri.

    Connor: Et Filii.

    Murphy: Spiritus Sancti.

    [they execute Yakavetta]

  • Rocco: Fuckin'- What the fuckin'. Fuck. Who the fuck fucked this fucking... How did you two fucking fucks...


    Rocco: Fuck!

    Connor: Well, that certainly illustrates the diversity of the word.

  • Monsignor: And I am reminded, on this holy day, of the sad story of Kitty Genovese. As you all may remember, a long time ago, almost thirty years ago, this poor soul cried out for help time and time again, but no person answered her calls. Though many saw, no one so much as called the police. They all just watched as Kitty was being stabbed to death in broad daylight. They watched as her assailant walked away. Now, we must all fear evil men. But there is another kind of evil which we must fear most, and that is the indifference of good men.

    Connor: [as the brothers exit the church] I do believe the monsignor's finally got the point.

    Murphy: Aye.

  • Doc: You know what they say: People in glass houses sink sh-sh-ships.

    Rocco: Doc, I gotta buy you, like, a proverb book or something. This mix'n'match shit's gotta go.

    Doc: What?

    Connor: A penny saved is worth two in the bush, isn't it?

    Murphy: And don't cross the road if you can't get out of the kitchen.

  • Connor: Jeez! It's a fuckin' six-shooter. Fuck!

    Murphy: There's nine bodies, genius.

    Connor: What the fuck were you gonna do, laugh the last three to death, Funny-Man?

  • Connor: [picking out weapons and gear] Do ya know what we need, man? Some rope.

    Murphy: Absolutely. What are ya, insane?

    Connor: No I ain't. Charlie Bronson's always got rope.

    Murphy: What?

    Connor: Yeah. He's got a lot of rope strapped around him in the movies, and they always end up using it.

    Murphy: You've lost it, haven't ya?

    Connor: No, I'm serious.

    Murphy: Me too. That's stupid. Name one thing you gonna need a rope for.

    Connor: You don't fuckin' know what you're gonna need it for. They just always need it.

    Murphy: What's this 'they' shit? This isn't a movie.

    Connor: Oh, right.

    [picks up large knife out of Murphy's bag]

    Connor: Is that right, Rambo?

    Murphy: All right. Get your stupid fuckin' rope.

    Connor: I'll get my stupid rope. I'll get it. This is a rope right here.

  • Connor: We haven't really got a system of deciding who, Roc. It's, uh...

    Rocco: Me! *Me*! I'm the guy! I know everyone! Their habits, who they hang out with, who they talk to! I've got phone numbers, addresses! I know who they're fucking! I know where they live! We could kill *everyone.*

    Murphy: So what do you think?

    Connor: I'm strangely comfortable with it.

  • Rocco: [shouts] Fuck it! There's so much shit that pisses me off! You guys should recruit, 'cause I'm sick and fucking tired of walking down the street, waiting for one of these crack-piping, ass-wiping, motherless lowlifes to get me!

    Murphy: Hallelujah, Jaffar.

    Rocco: So, like, you're not just talking about mob guys, right? You're talking about pimps and drug dealers and all that shit, right?

    Connor: Oh, yeah.

    Rocco: Fuck. You guys could do this every goddamn day!

    Murphy: We're sorta like 7-Eleven. We're not always doing business, but we're always open.

    Connor: That is nicely put.

  • [after dropping through the ceiling on a rope and killing nine mobsters]

    Connor: Well, "Name one thing you're gonna need this stupid fucking rope for."

    Murphy: That was way easier than I thought.

    Connor: Aye.

    Murphy: You know, on TV you always got that guy that jumps over the sofa.

    Connor: And then you gotta shoot at him for ten fucking minutes, too.

    Murphy: Aye.

    Connor: Christ.

    Murphy: We're good.

    Connor: Yes, we are.

  • Connor: [during job training for an avid feminist] The rule of thumb here is...

    Rosengurtie: Wait, rule of thumb? In the early 1900s it was legal for men to beat their wives, as long as they used a stick no wider than their thumb.

    Connor: Can't do much damage with that then, can we? Perhaps it should have been a rule of wrist?

  • Connor: Destroy all that which is evil.

    Murphy: So that which is good may flourish.

  • Connor: How far are we gonna take this, Da?

    Il Duce: The question is not how far. The question is, do you possess the constitution, the depth of faith, to go as far is as needed?

  • Rocco: Anybody *you* think is evil?

    Connor: Aye.

    Rocco: Don't you think that's a little weird, a little psycho?

    Connor: D'you know what I think is psycho, Roc? It's decent men with loving families. They go home every day after work and they turn on the news. You know what they see? They see rapists, and murderers and child molesters. They're all getting out of prison.

    Murphy: Mafiosos. Gettin' caught with twenty kilos. Gettin' out on bail the same fuckin' day.

    Connor: And everywhere, everyone thinks the same thing: that someone should just go kill those motherfuckers.

    Murphy: Kill 'em all. Admit it. Even you've thought about it.

    Rocco: You guys should be in every major city. This is some heavy shit. This is, like, Lone Ranger heavy, man.

  • Detective Greenly: These guys are miles away by now, but if you wanna beat your head against a wall, then here's what you're looking for: they're scared, like two little bunny rabbits. Anything in a uniform or flashing blue lights is gonna spook 'em, okay? So the only thing we can do is put a potato on a string and drag it through South Boston, "Thanks for coming out!"

    [Murphy and Connor walk into the station and Smecker sees them]

    Murphy: You'd probably have better luck with a beer.

    Connor: Aye, you would.

    Detective Greenly: Aw, fuck.

    Paul Smecker: Hey, Greenly. Onion bagel, cream cheese.

  • [while interrogating the boys, Smecker is surprised that they are fluent in Russian]

    Paul Smecker: You speak any other languages?

    Murphy: Aye. Our mother insisted on it.

    Paul Smecker: French?

    Murphy: [in French] How do you think he figured all this out without talking to us?

    Paul Smecker: Oh, that's beautiful.

    Connor: [in Italian] I have no idea. Maybe somebody saw and talked.

    Paul Smecker: What's that?

    Connor: [chuckling] That's Italian.

    Murphy: [in German] Not in our neighborhood, man. A hundred percent Irish. No one talks to cops. Period.

    Paul Smecker: [not understanding] Jawohl!

    Connor: [in Spanish] Then I guess he's just real, real good.

  • [the two brothers are in an airshaft and getting a bit uncomfortable]

    Murphy: Where the fuck are you going?

    Connor: Shhh. I'm figuring some shit out here.

    Murphy: Ahh, fuck you! I'm sweatin' my ass off draggin' your fuckin' rope around. Must weigh thirty pounds.

    Connor: Shhh. We are doing some serious shit here, now get a fucking hold of yourself!

    Murphy: Oh, *fuck you*! I'm not the rope-totin' Charlie Bronson wannabe that's getting us fucking lost!

    Connor: Would you fucking shut it?

    [taps him on the head with his flash light, and both brothers start fighting in the air vent until it gives way]

    Connor: You mother- Jesus fucking Christ!

    Murphy: Oh, shit!

    [the vents give way]

  • [after Rocco fondles an unconscious stripper's breast]

    Connor: What the fuck are you doing?

    Rocco: ...I'll tip her.

  • Ivan Checkov: [Checkov has handcuffed Connor to the toilet] You know why I fucking come here? I come here to kill you. But now, I no think I fucking kill you. I kill your brother. Shoot him in the head.

    Connor: Fuck you!

    Ivan Checkov: Gotta go.

    Connor: Murph!

    Murphy: Connor!

    [to the Russians]

    Murphy: It was just a fucking bar fight! You guys are fucking pussies!

  • [after discovering sickos in the booths at a strip club]

    Connor: It's like a scumbag yard sale.

    Murphy: We should come down here once a week and clean house.

  • Il Duce: [the Saints break into Yakavettas courtroom] You people have been chosen to reveal our existence to the world! You will witness what happens here today, and you will tell of it later. All eyes to the front.

    Yakavetta: Now's a good time to fucking...

    [gets kicked over by Murphy]

    Connor: Shut your fucking mouth!

    Il Duce: [walks up to a cowering girl, takes her chin in his hand] You must watch dear. It'll all be over soon.

  • [after Rocco shoots three men in a coffee shop]

    Murphy: Liberating, isn't it?

    Connor: Let's fuckin' go!

    Rocco: You know, it is a bit.

  • [the brothers discover a briefcase of money with the roomful of Russian mobsters they've just wiped out]

    Connor: Fuck me!

    Murphy: Oh. The hits just keep on coming!

    [whacks Connor in the face with a wad of cash]

    Connor: Ow! Give it a smell!

    Murphy: I love our new job.

  • Connor: Okay, Roc...

    [Connor looks at him and laughs; his mask is badly put on]

    Rocco: What? You guys got masks.

    Murphy: You look like Mush Mouth from Fat Albert.

    [as they keep giggling, Rocco takes his mask off]

    Rocco: Fine! Fuck it. When we're done, she can ID me. I don't care. Just trying to be professional, but nooooo...

    Connor: It looks fine!

    Rocco: Fuck it.

    Connor: Now shut the fuck up, you look good. Put it on! You look fuckin' scary, man!

    [Rocco puts his mask on, again badly]

    Connor: [trying not to laugh] Now Roc, are you sure that you're obee-kay-bee?

  • [after Rocco gets his finger shot off]

    Rocco: Feels like it's still there.

    Connor: Yeah, well it's not.

  • Connor: Donna's gonna be angry about her cat.

    Rocco: Shit. She's on every drug known to man. She'd have sold the thing for a dime-bag. Screw her.


    Rocco: I do kinda feel like an asshole, though.

    Connor: Yeah, Roc, you sound real remorseful there.

  • Connor: It's the real deal, Roc. Evil men, dead men.

  • Mike Banning: Come on. Scoot back. Put your belt on.

    Connor: What if I don't?

    Mike Banning: Then O'Neil here is gonna punch you in the nuts.

  • Murphy: Dolly, Duffy and Greenly?

    Eunice: The very same.

    Connor: How are the lads?

    Eunice: Two of them are scared. One's just horny.

    Murphy: Bet'cha I can guess which one.

  • Blaster: Is that all you got?

    Connor: Ready to go for the record?

    Blaster: Maybe this would be a good time to take your medication.

  • Connor: [Connor just shot the house intruder] I'm Sorry but he was such a dipshit!

  • Connor: Celestial roulette. That is what life is all about. Celestial roulette.

  • Connor: Hey buddy, you know what the homeless need? A midget.

    Pete: Why would the homeless need a midget?

    Connor: Dude, shut up!

  • Connor: What are you doing, freak?

    Dizzy: Knocking you into the hall, and me into the history books.

  • Connor: You are not going over there.

    Danielle: Well I wasn't. Now I am. Later.

    Pete: Hey man, she just dissed you.

    Connor: Dude! Shut up!

  • Connor: What was that about?

    Danielle: Asking the new guy a favor.

    Connor: And what could you possibly need from him?

    Danielle: Just things I'm not getting elsewhere...

  • Connor: Oh, what? You're impressed because this guy showed up on a horse?

    Danielle: No, I'm impressed because he showed up for me.

    [to Dizzy]

    Danielle: Let's go.

    Pete: She just dissed you again.

    Connor: Dude, do you *ever* shut up?

  • Connor: I think I oughta go over there and kick his ass.

    Danielle: That's great, because I've always dreamed of dating the expelled guy.

    Courtney: Expelled guys rock!

  • Connor: Coach, did you order the pizzas yet?

    Phil Weston: All in good time, Connor. But in the event the pizzas don't arrive, I have already made the decision... that we will eat Byong Sun.

    [Byong Sun backs away from the campfire, freaked out]

    Phil Weston: Okay, we're not gonna eat him. But he does look pretty appetizing, you have to admit.

  • Connor: Do you know who I am?

    Brad: What?

    Connor: Google me bitch! I might be famous one day.

  • Marlon Spencer: Well, that is fantastic, Detective Shep Winford. Now why don't you track me down another drink? And tell them to put some booze in it this time, yeah?

    Connor: Coming right up.

    Samara Dubois: Are you sure you want another one?

    Marlon Spencer: Yes.

    Samara Dubois: Maybe a virgin rum and coke.

    Marlon Spencer: That would just be coke.

    Samara Dubois: Oh, that sounds delicious

  • Connor: [to the bartender] This is for a pissed off movie star so give it some balls. Yeah that's it!

    Nuts: Hola diablo blancos! Zongo like vodka!

  • Connor: I like dancing with you, Dot.

  • Connor: [Talking to Dot] You know, I was thinking about you last night. I was thinking that if we went on a road trip, how quiet it would be.

    Connor: You know, we could go all the way through Long Island to Pennsylvania. You know, that's where they make Hershey's chocolate. Pennsylvania. And all the lamp posts look like Hershey's Kisses. They give you free M&M's at the factory.

    Connor: I can smell your hair. It smells like cucumbers. I got really, really hard last night. I had to beat off. And my mom was just outside of my room, putting the towels away. You know I could hear her, but I couldn't help myself.

    Connor: I mean, I came four times. I mean, four times, that isn't normal, is it? What am I gonna do? I'm this sex addict with a learning disorderd who forgot how to play basketball.

  • Connor: Fuck me and nobody else, baby! Nobody else!

  • Shane: Hey, let her go!

    Connor: You better back the fuck off, or I am gonna hurt you. I am gonna dump your body in the Pasig River, you motherfucker!

  • Connor: Are there any more records about my son?

    Jemal: We are Ottomans, not Germans.

  • Connor: Hope's a necessity where I come from.

  • Connor: She wanted them buried in consecrated ground.

    Lt-Col Cyril Hughes: How much blood do you need for it to be holy?

  • Connor: You need sortin' out, you do.

    Mia: So you keep sayin' But you're nothing to me, so why should I listen?

  • Joanne: [as Mia bends over, drinking from faucet] Get some clothes on, Mia

    Mia: I've got some clothes on

    Joanne: You're half naked

    Mia: [drinks again] You don't normally care

    Joanne: Yeah, well I do now so - get dressed

    Mia: Why are you talking different?

    Joanne: [to Connor] We should get a move on, yeah?

    Tyler: Where you going?

    Joanne: Not going nowhere

    Tyler: Well, why did you just say, "Shall we get a move on then"?

    Joanne: Listen, we're only going for a drive

    Connor: You want to come?

    Joanne: No!

    Tyler: Yeah! Yeah!

    Joanne: No, they don't want to come

    Tyler: I do

    Joanne: We're not going nowhere

    Tyler: I don't care. I still want to come

    Connor: Off you go, then, and get dressed

    Tyler: [exit] Thanks for that

    Connor: [to Mia] What about you?

    Joanne: No, she won't want to

    Connor: We're leaving in 20 minutes

    Mia: Yeah. All right. I'd love to come

  • Connor: [about Sidda and Connor's wedding] Vivi, it's taken years to nail down a date. She's always said, "What's the rush, when things are so good?" I don't know what the hell she's so afraid of - it's like she's always waiting for the bottom to drop out.

    Vivi: You know why she thinks that, don't ya, honey? Because it did. It always did.

  • Vivi: I tried to be the best momma I could.

    Connor: How did that go?

    Vivi: Not so hot.

  • Vivi: [after Vivi has hung up on Connor several times, Connor calls one last time] Yes?

    Connor: I don't know if you really ruined Sidda's life or not, but I do know right now that you're ruining mine! And your phone etiquette SUCKS!

    [hangs up]

    Vivi: [aghast] He hung up on me!

  • Vivi: You know, Teensy, ever since you quit drinking you've stopped thinking clearly. How can I possibly call somebody who no longer exists? Give me the phone!

    [phone rings on Sidda's end]

    Sidda: Oh my God, that's her. Do not pick up the phone, please don't pick up the phone, Connor. Connor, don't pick up the phone!

    Connor: [picks up the phone] Hello?

    Vivi: Well, hello Connor.

    Connor: Oh, hello Vivi. How are you?

    Vivi: Well just lovely, thank you for asking. Is she there?

    [Connor hands the phone to Sidda, as she glares at Connor and takes the phone]

    Sidda: ...Momma?

    Vivi: ...YOUUUUUUU!

    Vivi: [slams phone against the table]

  • Connor: [on the phone with Sidda] Hi.

    Sidda: How did you know it was me?

    Connor: Who else? How are you feeling?

    Sidda: A little disoriented.

    Connor: Well, horse tranquilizers will do that for you.

    Sidda: I can't believe you let them do this.

    Connor: They didn't ask my permission. They called me on the way to the airport, they informed me of their plan. I saw you off.

    Sidda: From where?

    Connor: I met you at the airport, helped them get you on the plane. They're organized. They even had a note from a doctor. By the way, your pills are in your bag.

    Sidda: [to Ya Yas] I have a bag?

    Caro: Yeah, in the closet. Tell Connor we say hello.

    Connor: [Sidda asks Connor if he heard them] Yeah. I'll tell you one thing, meeting them explains a lot about you.

    Sidda: Such as?

    Connor: Well, let me put it this way. You're a hell of a lot more normal than you've any right to be.

    Sidda: Listen, I'm gonna try and bust out of here tomorrow. I gotta get back for work.

    Connor: Don't rush back on my account.

    Sidda: I just said it was for work.

    Connor: And I just meant maybe you ought to try to stay and fix this thing with your mother for once and for all.

    Sidda: Why are you so worried about this?

    Connor: Because I'm afraid that one day our kids may feel that way about you.

    Sidda: Ow.

    Connor: These women may be nuts, but I have a feeling they might know something that you don't.

    Sidda: I don't think it's fair that you're bringing kids we don't even have into this, Connor, okay? That was just a really low blow.

    Connor: Well, that's the way I feel. Stay there. Deal with it.

    Sidda: [hangs up] YOU deal with it.

  • Connor: [Answering the phone] Hello, Vivi.

    Vivi: Well, hello, Connor.

    Connor: Did you call to talk to Sidda, or to hang up?

  • [last lines]

    Connor: [to his sister following an assassination] It's Done!

  • Connor: [walks up to Rand on the stairs with Topher] What'cha doin'?

    Rand: Workin' on a poem.

    Topher: Fag.

    Rand: Chicks love poetry you dumbass. They think it's romantic. No wonder you never get any.

    Topher: [looks at Connor] He's got a point.

    Rand: You guys know a word that rhymes with "bonner"?

  • Ashley: [sits down by Connor who is on the sofa; slaps his leg] Havin' fun little brother?

    Connor: Why, yes I am.

    Topher: [Pushes in between them with two beers] Yes, we are.

    [hands one to Connor who takes it; all three laugh]

    Ashley: Who the hell let you guys in here?

    Topher: Are you kidding me? We are so getting some action tonight!

    Ashley: [pulls the sun visor off of his head] Not with this you're not.

  • [last lines]

    Connor: [to the cabbie] Scotland Yard please, cabbie.

    Nicholas Revel: You know, the way you say that, Mr. Connor, it could almost be the Ritz.

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