Dr. Jonas Miller Quotes in Twister (1996)


Dr. Jonas Miller Quotes:

  • Dr. Jonas Miller: Well, let me enlighten you people.

  • Dr. Jonas Miller: [explaining what his own version of Dorothy can do when Bill uppercuts him in the face] Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.

    Bill: You son of a bitch. What'd you think, I wouldn't find out?

    [grabs Jonas by his shirt and begins to fight]

    Dr. Jonas Miller: What is the matter with you?

    Bill: You stole my design, you son of a bitch.

    [continues to fight with Jonas then Bill's team and Jonas' team breaks them up]

    Dr. Jonas Miller: The hell are you talking about?

    Bill: Dorothy. You took her, you damn thief.

    Dr. Jonas Miller: [relizes what Bill is talking about] Oh, I get it. You want to take credit for MY design.

    Bill: She was OUR idea and you know it.

    Dr. Jonas Miller: Unrealised idea... unrealised.

  • [Jonas is watching the doppler]

    Dr. Jonas Miller: Looking good. Looking real good. Okay, about 4 miles down hang a right, deploy and we'll be done.

    Eddie: Uh, Dr. Miller?

    [Jonas looks up in time to see the twister change direction]

    Dr. Jonas Miller: Shit... shit! It's moving away! God!

    Eddie: Looks like they're going to intercept.

    [Jonas spots Bill's team moving in]

    Dr. Jonas Miller: [Over radio] Dammit, Tony, I thought you said this thing was gonna stay on the same heading!

  • Dr. Jonas Miller: Today, we're gonna make history, so stick around. 'Cause the days of sniffing the dirt are over.

    Laurence: Better than what *you* sniff.

    Bill: We'll see who gets there first... "pal".

    Dr. Jonas Miller: [to Bill] Oh, by the way. I really enjoy your weather reports.

    [Jonas' crew laugh]

    Bill: [runs at Jonas] You slime! I'm not through with you yet!

    [Jo's crew break up the fight]

    Laurence: [of Jonas] He's a corporate kiss-butt, man!

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