Jo Quotes in Twister (1996)


Jo Quotes:

  • Jo: [cow flies by in the storm while in Bill's truck] Cow.

    [cow flies by in the storm]

    Jo: another cow.

    Bill: Actually I think that was the same one.

    -- Jo
  • Bill: Jo. Things go wrong. You can't explain it, you can't predict it. Killing yourself wo'nt bring your dad back. I'm sorry that he died, but that was a long time ago. You gotta move on. Stop living in the past, and look what you got right in front of you.

    Jo: What are you talking about?

    Bill: Me, Jo.

    -- Jo
  • [about Bill's new fiancĂ©e, while in his truck]

    Bill: She's a... a therapist.

    Jo: Oh... Yours?

    Bill: Christ, you couldn't resist, could you?

    Jo: What? I'm not saying you *need* therapy.

    Bill: What? Wait, wait, wait, I need therapy?

    Jo: I didn't say that. I didn't *say* that.

    Bill: What could I possibly need a therapist for? Huh? You're the doctor, tell me!

    Jo: I don't know... inability to finish things?

    Bill: "Inability to finish things"?

    Jo: Maybe rushing into things you can't quite commit to.

    Bill: Commitment?

    Jo: You asked!

    -- Jo
  • Melissa: [at Meg's home at her dining table, eating steak and eggs] Why do you call Billy "The Extreme?"

    Dusty: Because Billy *is* "The Extreme."

    Jason 'Preacher' Rowe: Bill is the most outta control son of a bitch in the game!

    Bill: [looking at Jo] No, I think I came in second.

    Dusty: So we get this one near Daleton, right?

    Rabbit: Oh, God.

    Jo: You guys have got to get some new stories. I'm gonna go wash up.

    Dusty: And we are way too close. And Jo's got the vid on it right, she's filming it. And all of the sudden outta nowhere, this shitty lookin' green Valiant comes pulling up right in the way.

    Beltzer: [points to Bill] And this loser stumbles out of the car, he's got like a bottle of Jack Daniel's in his hand...

    Dusty: He's naked!

    Rabbit: He is *butt* naked!

    Beltzer: Naked!

    Bill: NOT naked! I was NOT naked!

    Beltzer: [whispering & laughing in Melissa's ear] He was without apparel.

    Bill: Half naked.

    Dusty: Naked. Ok, so Jo's yelling at him to get out of the way, right?

    [all laugh]

    Dusty: And he just strolls up to the twister, says 'have a drink', and he chucks the bottle into the twister, and it NEVER hits the ground.

    Jason 'Preacher' Rowe: The twister caught it, and sucked it right up!

    Bill: [directing towards Melissa] Honey, this is a tissue of lies. See, there was another Bill, an evil Bill, and I killed him.

    -- Jo
  • Dusty: [after a pair of tornadoes spun Bill's truck around a few times] Red meat. We crave sustenance.

    Jo: No, guys. We are not invading my aunt.

    Dusty: Food.

    DustyRabbit: [others join in] Food.

    DustyRabbitBeltzer: [the rest join in] FOOOOOOOOD!

    Jo: Hey! We are absolutely not going.

    -- Jo
  • [Aunt Meg is being loaded into an ambulance]

    Jo: Is she OK?

    Paramedic: We'll probably keep her overnight just to be safe.

    Aunt Meg: Overnight, forget it, I'm all right.

    Jo: You're going to the hospital.

    Aunt Meg: OK, I'll go, but I'm gonna drive myself.

    Rabbit: [standing next to her] Honey, your car is in a tree around the corner.


    -- Jo
  • Dusty: Jo! Bill! Did you see that explosion?

    Jo: [having just driven through the exploding petroleum truck with Bill] Yeah, we saw it.

    -- Jo
  • [Jo and Bill are trying to hide from the F5 in a barn but see it's full of sharp metal farming implements]

    Jo: My god, who are these people?

    Bill: I don't think so!

    -- Jo
  • Jo: [in the middle of an argument chasing the first tornado, veering off the road] Do you want me to drive?

    Bill: [while looking at Jo instead of road] No!

    Jo: [Seeing they are heading for a large combine parked along the side of the road] Then would you?

    [Bill swerves to avoid]

    -- Jo
  • Jo: [crawling up a ditch with Bill] Where's my truck...?

    [the truck crashes back to earth, right in the middle of the road, in front of the truck Melissa is driving]

    Jo: There it is.

    -- Jo
  • [Bill needs Jo's signature on divorce papers]

    Jo: So you want the papers?

    Bill: I did drive all the way out here for 'em.

    Jo: They're signed and ready.

    Bill: Good, good. Let's see 'em.

    Jo: Do you need them right this second?

    Bill: Well, it'd be nice.

    Jo: What's the urgent urgency? You act like you're getting married.

    Bill: I am.

    Jo: [after a shocked pause] Wow.

    Bill: Yeah.

    Jo: [while talking to her truck as Bill follows her] Is it Melinda?

    Bill: Melissa.

    Jo: Wasn't there a Melinda in there somewhere?

    Bill: No, there's only been Melissa since you.

    Jo: Boy, not much for browsing are you?

    -- Jo
  • Aunt Meg: [referring to Bill] He didn't keep his part of the bargain, did he?

    Jo: [while getting dressed after taking a shower] Which part?

    Aunt Meg: To spend his life pining for you, and die miserable and alone.

    Jo: Is that too much to ask?

    -- Jo
  • [Jo is salvaging belongings from her crashed truck and looking at Bill's new truck]

    Jo: You got full coverage on that truck?

    Bill: Liability only.

    Jo: [thoughtfully] Liability only...

    Jo: It's a very pretty truck.

    Melissa: [smiling] Thank you.

    Bill: Don't even think about it.

    [Jo keeps cleaning out her truck]

    Bill: No way.

    -- Jo
  • Jo: [in her truck] Can I drive?

    Bill: No!

    Jo: Then would you?

    Bill: [noticing truck has drifted off the road and is about to run into a parked vehicle] Whoa!

    -- Jo
  • [after spotting Jonas being interviewed by a reporter on TV in the living room of Meg's home]

    Jo: He really is in love with himself. I thought it was just a summer thing.

    -- Jo
  • Jo: [referring to Mellissa, while in her truck] She's nice.

    Bill: Ha!

    Jo: Uh oh. She's not nice?

    -- Jo
  • Jo: Have you lost your nerve?

    Bill: Tighten your seatbelt.

    -- Jo
  • Jo: You've never seen it miss this house, and miss that house, and come after you!

    -- Jo
  • Bill: [Rabbit is leading them through a field as a short cut to get ahead of Jonas] This is a field, Rabbit.

    Rabbit: I know, keep going beyond it, right through that brush. See that brush right in front of you?

    Bill: Yeah we see the brush, what's beyond that?

    Rabbit: Beyond what?

    Jo: Beyond what? Beyond the brush!

    Bill: The brush, a brick wall, a bearded lady, what?

    Rabbit: Oh, um... it's the highway, it's the highway.

    Jo: [the team seems to be heading into nothing but taller brush] Where's the road, Rabbit?

    Allan Sanders: Yeah where's the road man?

    Rabbit: It should be any moment.

    Bill: Watch out!

    [Without warning, Jo almost slams right into Jonas's van as they reach the highway. The rest of Jo's team also force much of Jonas's caravan off the road]

    Jason 'Preacher' Rowe: [Sarcastically] Hello! Shit.

    -- Jo
  • Jo: Debris! We got debris!

    -- Jo
  • Joey: [Computer beeps] We've got a touchdown!

    Laurence: [On radio] We have touchdown! Touchdown! Tornado is on the ground!

    Haynes: [Hands radio to Beltzer] Listen to this!

    Laurence: Looks like it's heading down Route 33.

    Bill: Jo, we're on 33.

    Jo: What's the path?

    Laurence: Looks like it's going about 35 mph.

    Rabbit: [Looking around] Can you see this?

    Allan Sanders: I can not see this. Where is it? Hello? Which way you guys looking?

    Bill: Where, where, where...

    Jo: Direction, Rabbit.

    Rabbit: North northeast!

    Beltzer: Do you see it?

    Haynes: No.

    Rabbit: North northeast, you copy?

    Bill: Shit, it's coming right at us!

    Laurence: Axis has gone vertical, gone vertical. Sucker's really gaining up strength.

    Jo: You see it?

    Bill: No...

    [Takes radio]

    Bill: Beltzer! We do not have a visual. Repeat, we do not have a visual. Help us out here!

    Jo: Where is it?

    Beltzer: Yeah, I got it Billy. Best motion I've ever seen. Looks like the base of this sucker's at least a half mile wide.

    Bill: Rabbit?

    Rabbit: If you are going east on 7, it should be coming right over that hill in a matter of minutes!

    Allan Sanders: This is the one man, I feel it.

    -- Jo
  • Beltzer: Hey there professor, I think I fixed it.

    Jo: [dish sparks while standing on top of his van] Fuck me, this thing is useless!

    Beltzer: Sorry, Jo.

    Jo: [dish works] That's good!Thats Good! Beltzer get me a reading.

    Beltzer: Hang on a second, boss lady, hold your horses. Which way you want it, Jo?

    Jo: Looks like the dry line has stalled. A sector scan of West North-West look for rotation and increase the PRF.

    -- Jo
  • [after the twister has passed]

    Bill: It's gone... it's gone.

    Jo: [looking behind them] Where's my truck?

    [cut to road; truck crashes to the ground in front of Melissa in Bill's truck]

    Melissa: [screams]

    -- Jo
  • [last lines]

    Allan Sanders: Hey Jo and Bill, check out that sky!

    Jo: You know what? I think we've seen enough.

    [turns and kisses Bill]

    -- Jo
  • Jo: [in the truck, discussing Bill's current life changes] Hey, as long as you're happy...

    Bill: I AM. I AM happy. I'm a happy person. I'm happy with my life. I'm happy with the way things are going in my life. I'm happy with... with...

    Jo: Melissa?

    Bill: I know her name! YES. I'm happy... with... Melissa!

    -- Jo
  • Dusty: [after first tornado, Dusty walks over to Joe's crashed truck while she's grabbing things out of it, laughing and noticing DOROTHY I still strapped in the bed, damaged] Well there's some good news, it *did* fly. What was it like?

    Jo: It was windy.

    Dusty: Windy.


    Dusty: That's intense.

    Jo: [before breaking one of the windows in her truck by kicking it] All right, move it, Dusty!

    Dusty: [jokingly, raises his arms defensively] That's intense!

    -- Jo
  • Dusty: [while watching Jonas on television at Meg's home at her dining table, eating steak and eggs] Oh God, he sucks.

    Rabbit: Oh, shut up. Get him off.

    [Bill turns off the televsion]

    Jo: [about Jonas] He is so in love with himself. I thought it was just a summer thing.

    -- Jo
  • Jo: We go and get him out.

    Tum Tum: We. As in you and us?

    Jo: Yes. You guys and the girl.

    Colt: Wait a minute.

    Rocky: Colt, I think it's okay.

    Colt: Okay. but we'll have to do it tonight, cause they're going to start the hearing tomorrow.

    Rocky: Tonight, then,

    Colt: Tonight.

    Tum Tum: Tonight?

    Jo: Tonight.

    -- Jo
  • Jo: Why do you want this so bad?

    Carl Brashear: Because they said I couldn't have it.

    -- Jo
  • Jo: Don't you see? I'm not like you. The things I want...

    [Jo sighs and takes Carl's hand]

    Jo: The things I want are smaller. If I just work hard and keep my head down...

    Carl Brashear: Your whole life will pass you by.

    -- Jo
  • Jo: [regarding Sarah's sudden interest in her boyfriend's favorite team] It's all a sinister form of male manipulation.

    Sarah Hughes: Rubbish!

    Jo: It's true! You get colonized! Your native culture gets driven out, and it's replaced by stuff that you don't like and don't even want to know about.

    -- Jo
  • Dr. Animal: What are you most afraid of?

    Jo: Anchovies.

    Dr. Animal: Good answer.

    -- Jo
  • Jo: Maybe that lady didn't kill her, maybe it was a mistake

    Lily Wine: Oh, if only it were...

    Jo: That's right, maybe Antonio killed her

    Lily Wine: No...

    Jo: Or she could have got run over by a truck

    Lily Wine: No!

    Jo: She could have got eaten by a cannibal, on a California vacation... any one of these, really... OR...

    Lily Wine: Gasps

    Jo: There's always the possibility of being torn to shreds by a harvester

    Lily Wine: wraps her hands around Joe's throat to choke him

    Jo: She could have fallen in to a vat of sulfuric acid, really it could have been any one of these things!

    -- Jo
  • Jo: Just one second Jane, I'm not Jo. I'm...

    -- Jo
  • Hannah: [Runs out of the hotel room screaming] AAAGGGHHHH!

    Bradley: What goin-

    [trips up]

    Jon: [comes out with a baseball bat] Nobody move-

    [trips over Bradley]

    Rachel: [comes out with her eyes covered] Guys why has it gone all dark?-

    [trips over Jon]

    Tina: What are you lot doing down there?

    Rachel: Am I dreaming? What's this big hard thing?

    Tina: Jon

    Jon: Get off!

    Rachel: Oh sorry

    Jo: What is going on in here?

    Hannah: [still screaming] AAAGGHHHH!

    Hannah: Look at the time! We've missed our flight! Alistair's gonna kill us!

    [Everyone starts screaming]

    -- Jo
  • Alistair: I promise you, it won't always be like this; one day, your records won't sell, the label will drop you and even I won't return your calls.

    Jo: I like the sound of the last bit anyway.

    -- Jo
  • Jo: [before breaking up with him] Mike, I learned it from you. You always told me this was the rule. Rule number one: Throw away your cards the moment you know they can't win. Fold the fucking hand.

    -- Jo
  • Jo: [sitting on his lap] What kind of a job is that going to be, Mike um, writing an opinion on high stakes poker?

    Mike McDermott: [sitting on their bed] Hon, you're the one that told me I should use my poker skills in the court room.

    -- Jo
  • Jo: [talking on the street] Do you know why I left this morning? I found that gangsters roll in your pocket

    Mike McDermott: It's not what you think

    Jo: Who do you think I am? You lie right to my face, in old days you never lied, you've lost everything but at least you never lied

    Mike McDermott: Last night I sat down at this card table and it was the first time I felt alive since I got busted at KGB's joint

    -- Jo
  • Joey Knish: [interrupting their study group] Hey Jo, Long time.

    Jo: Knish. How are you?

    Joey Knish: The same.

    -- Jo
  • Jo: What's the worst thing you can imagine?

    Monica: Chickens. Small boys with chickens.

    -- Jo
  • Jo: To the woman my husband loves. If you're reading this, then it must be true, he loves you without a shadow of a doubt or else he wouldn't have given this to you. I can only hope that you feel the same way about him that he does about you. I wanted to write this letter because I wanted you to know one very important thing; I'm so glad he's found you. I only wish I could be there some how to met you, and maybe in some ways I am. Outside of my husband and my two beautiful children, you are the most important person in the world to me because I am gone and they are yours now. You need to take care of them; make them laugh, hold them when they cry, stand up for them, and teach them wrong from right. The thought of you it gives me hope; hope that Alex remembers what it feels like to be young and in love, hope that josh finds someone to fish with again, hope that Lexie has someone to help her on her wedding day. I hope that one day my family will be whole again. And most of all hope that somehow I'm there with all of you, watching over all of you.

    -- Jo
  • Jo: Promise me something Katie, you'll take a lot of pictures and only regret the ones that you didn't take.

    -- Jo
  • Jo: The good thing Katie, is that life is full of second chances.

    -- Jo
  • Jo: And to think it all started with a bike.

    Katie: I thought you said that was him being southern.

    Jo: That was him making a move.

    -- Jo
  • Jo: It's a bike, not a kidney.

    -- Jo
  • Katie: So your really leaving then huh?

    Jo: Yeah, I think we both now that it's time for me to go.

    -- Jo
  • Jo: Good, you can keep me from peeking inside neighbors windows, it's a bad habit of mine.

    -- Jo
  • Katie: At least i know when it's time to leave

    Jo: You know your right Katie, but some of us don't have that choice

    -- Jo
  • Jo: It's a beautiful day, isn't it? Look at how the light shines through the trees.

    -- Jo
  • Jo: Katie...

    Katie: Hey, look i just wanted to apologize for what i said...

    Jo: He's here.

    Katie: Whose here...

    Jo: You know who.

    -- Jo
  • Jo: I wish I had a good excuse, but I have a curiosity.

    -- Jo
  • Jo: Katie! See it's not so hard!

    Katie: Bye Jo!

    -- Jo
  • Friedrich: But I have nothing to give you. My hands are empty.

    [entwines her hands with his]

    Jo: Not empty now.

    -- Jo
  • Beth: If God wants me with Him, there is none who will stop Him. I don't mind. I was never like the rest of you... making plans about the great things I'd do. I never saw myself as anything much. Not a great writer like you.

    Jo: Beth, I'm not a great writer.

    Beth: But you will be. Oh, Jo, I've missed you so. Why does everyone want to go away? I love being home. But I don't like being left behind. Now I am the one going ahead. I am not afraid. I can be brave like you.

    -- Jo
  • Laurie: I'm quite taken by that one.

    Jo: That's Meg!

    Laurie: Meg.

    Jo: That's my sister. She's completely bald in front.

    -- Jo
  • Marmee: I am going to write this man a letter.

    Jo: A letter. That'll show him.

    -- Jo
  • Jo: My book! Someone's publishing my book! Hannah! Hannah, someone's publishing my book!

    Hannah: Heaven help us!

    Jo: But it came without a letter, how did it arrive?

    Hannah: Foreign gentleman brought it. Odd name, Fox or Bear.

    Jo: Bhaer! Did you ask him to wait?

    Hannah: I thought he was one of Miss Amy's European friends come with a wedding gift. I told him Miss March and Mr Laurie were living next door.

    Jo: Oh Hannah! You didn't!

    -- Jo
  • Jo: [as Jo and Laurie dance awkwardly at Belle Gardner's ball] I'm sorry! Meg always makes me take the gentleman's part at home! It's a shame you don't know the lady's part!

    -- Jo
  • Marmee: [Jo has been to visit Aunt March to try and get money for a train ticket] 25? Can Aunt March spare this much?

    Jo: I couldn't bear to ask.

    [she takes off her hat, everyone gasps - she's got short hair]

    Jo: I sold my hair.

    -- Jo
  • Jo: If I weren't going to be a writer I'd go to New York and pursue the stage. Are you shocked?

    Laurie: Very.

    -- Jo
  • Jo: Now we are all family, as we always should have been.

    -- Jo
  • Jo: I go around throwing away perfectly good marriage proposals!

    -- Jo
  • Amy March: [after hearing of Jo's need to get away from Laurie] Aunt March is going to France.

    Jo: FRANCE? Oh! That's ideal! I'd put up with anything to go!

    Amy March: [hesitates] No, she has asked me to accompany her.

    -- Jo
  • Meg: Have you heard from the professor?

    Jo: No. No, we did not part well.

    Meg: Well, John and I don't always agree but then we mend it.

    -- Jo
  • Jo: Late at night my mind would come alive with voices and stories and friends as dear to me as any in the real world. I gave myself up to it, longing for transformation.

    -- Jo
  • Jo: If only I could be like father and crave violence and go to war and stand up to the lions of injustice.

    -- Jo
  • Jo: What's going to happen?

    Friedrich: The inevitable.

    -- Jo
  • Jo: Will we never all be together again?

    -- Jo
  • Jo: Imagine, giving up Italy to come live with that awful old man.

    Meg: [Meg tsks] Oh Jo, please don't say awful; it's slang.

    -- Jo
  • Jo: Teddy, please don't ask me.

    -- Jo
  • Younger Amy March: [Jo is curling Meg's hair] What's that smell? Like burnt feathers.

    Jo: Aaahh!

    Meg: You've ruined me!

    -- Jo
  • Marmee: Wouldn't this have made a wonderful school?

    Jo: A school.

    Marmee: Hmm. What a challenge that would be.

    -- Jo
  • Jo: Teddy? Oh, this is magic!

    Laurie: Jo, you are absolutely

    Jo: Covered in flour! Oh dear.

    -- Jo
  • Marmee: I fear you would have a long engagement, three or four years. John must secure a house before you can marry and do his service to the union.

    Jo: John? Marry? You mean that poky old Mr Brooke? How did he weasel his way into this family?

    Marmee: Jo! Mr Brooke has been very kind to visit father in the hospital every day.

    Jo: He's dull as powder Meg, can't you at least marry someone amusing?

    Meg: I'm fond of John, he's kind and serious and I'm not afraid of being poor.

    Jo: Marmee, you can't just let her go and marry him.

    Meg: I'd hardly just go and marry anyone.

    Marmee: I would rather Meg marry for love and be a poor man's wife than marry for riches and lose her self-respect.

    Meg: So, you don't mind that John is poor.

    Marmee: No, but I'd rather he have a house.

    Jo: Why must we marry at all? Why can't things just stay as they are?

    Marmee: It's just a proposal, nothing can be decided on. Now girls? Don't spoil the day.

    -- Jo
  • Jo: Meg? John Brooke stole your glove.

    Meg: Which glove? Not my white one.

    Jo: Laurie says he keeps it in his pocket. Hannah, don't you think he ought to give it back?

    Hannah: It isn't what I think that matters.

    -- Jo
  • Marmee: [as revenge, Amy has burned a precious manuscript] It is a very great loss and you have every right to be put out. But don't let the sun go down on your anger. Forgive each other, begin again tomorrow.

    Jo: I will never forgive her.

    -- Jo
  • Jo: Alright, I'm up. Horrible piano.

    -- Jo
  • Friedrich Bhaer: You know, when first I saw you I thought "ah, she is a writer".

    Jo: What made you think so?

    [Friedrich indicates her inky fingers]

    -- Jo
  • Jo: Friedrich, this is what I write. My apologies if it fails to live up to your high standards.

    Friedrich Bhaer: Jo, there is more to you than this. If you have the courage to write it.

    -- Jo
  • Jo: [shocked at the decline of Beth's health] Marmee.

    Marmee: She wouldn't let us send for you sooner. The doctor has been a number of times but it's beyond all of us and I think she's been waiting for you before she...

    -- Jo
  • Friedrich Bhaer: You do not take wine?

    Jo: Only medicinally.

    Friedrich Bhaer: Pretend you've got a cold.

    -- Jo
  • Younger Amy March: Do you love Laurie more than you love me?

    Jo: Don't be such a beetle! I could never love anyone as I love my sisters.

    -- Jo
  • Jo: I don't have an opera dress.

    Friedrich Bhaer: Where we are sitting, we shall not be so... formal.

    -- Jo
  • Jo: I went to my gynecologist, and before you, every level in my body was fine.

    Carl: Baby, are you sick? Talk to me.

    Jo: Tell me the truth, Carl. Who have you been sleeping with?

    Carl: Jo, I promise you since... Since you and I have been together, I have not slept with another woman, and I promise you that.

    Jo: What about a man?

    Carl: What the fuck did you just ask me?

    Jo: I see the way you look at them when you think I'm not paying attention. I see it. The pool boy in the Hamptons, my driver, the guy the other night at the opera. I see it all, Carl.

    Carl: You have no idea how much I hate coming up into this motherfucking house sometimes. Every day, Joanna, if it ain't you telling me what to wear, how to look, calling the shots over my head.

    Jo: Are you gay?

    Carl: How you gonna ask me a question like that?

    Jo: How did you marry a woman, and then turn around and let a man bend you over?

    Carl: Ain't nobody bending me over.

    Jo: So you doing the bending? Is that what it is?

    Carl: I don't wake up holding another man, walking down the street holding some man's hands. That's gay, okay? That ain't me.

    Jo: You're saying a lie, Carl. You're saying a lot without saying nothing at all.

    Carl: I'm saying that your husband is a man, Jo. I'm a man every day of the week. I'm a man. I'm just a man who enjoys having sex with another man, Jo. No attachments, no fucking... No relationship, just sex, you know? That's what I'm saying, and I'm sorry. I'm sorry, Jo, for my truth.

    -- Jo
  • [opening lines; all in voiceover]

    Yasmine: [as she dances] Dark phrases of womanhood, of never having been a girl. Half-note scattered without rhythm.

    Juanita: [as she waters her plants] ... without rhythm. No tune distraught. Laughter falling over a black girl's shoulders. It's funny...

    Gilda: [as she cleans dust away with her broom] ... funny. It's hysterical. The melodylessness of her dance. Don't tell nobody, don't tell a soul. She's dancing on beer cans and shingles.

    Jo: [as she readies herself for bed] She's dancing on beer cans and shingles. This must be the spook house. Another song with no singers, lyrics no voices and uninterrupted solos, unseen performances. Are we ghouls? Children of horror?

    Alice: [as she prays in her closet] Children of horror? The joke? Don't tell nobody, don't tell a soul. Are we animals? Have we gone crazy?

    Kelly: [as she looks at a pregnancy test] ... gone crazy? I can't hear anything but maddening screams and the soft strains of death. And you promised me. You promised somebody. Anybody. Sing a black girl's song.

    Nyla: [as she walks to the stage for her diploma] ... a black girl's song. Bring her out to know herself. To know you, but sing her rhythms caring...

    Tangie: [as she reads over unseen documents] ... caring, struggle. Hard times, sing her song of life. She's been dead so long, closed in silence so long.

    Crystal: [as she has sex with Beau Willie] ... so long.She doesn't know the sound of her own voice, her infinite beauty. She's half-note scattered without rhythm, no tune. Sing her sighs... Sing the song of her possibilities. Sing a righteous gospel. Let her be born.

    YasmineJuanitaGildaJoAliceKellyNylaTangieCrystal: [simultaneously] Let her be born and handled warmly. And this is for colored girls who have considered suicide but moved to the ends of their own rainbows.

    -- Jo
  • Jo: Save your "sorry." One thing I don't need are anymore apologies. I got sorry greeting me at the front door. You can keep yours. I don't know what to do with them... I can't even... I have to throw some away. I can't even get to the clothes in my closet for all the sorries. I'm not even sorry about you being sorry.

    -- Jo
  • Juanita: Now, how many times have you heard your man say it don't feel the same? My love is too beautiful to have it thrown back on my face.

    Yasmine: I like that.

    Juanita: Try one.

    Yasmine: What?

    Juanita: Well, I do it all the time in my class. You just say, "My love is too ____," and you just fill in the blank.

    Gilda: My love is too sanctified to have it thrown back on my face.

    Kelly: My love is too magic to have it thrown back on my face.

    Tangie: My love is too "Saturday Night" to have it thrown back on my face.

    Jo: My love is too complicated to have it thrown back on my face.

    Yasmine: My love is too music to have it thrown back on my face.

    Juanita: Yes, and you remember that when a man tries to walk off with all your stuff!

    -- Jo
  • Juanita: [enters the office] Hi! I'm Juanita Sims, and I'm so glad

    [shakes hands with Jo]

    Juanita: you took this meeting. Now I'll be quick, because I know you're very busy.

    [sits on the chair]

    Juanita: I read in your magazine about your upbringing. I just knew that this would be a program that you would respond to. First of all, I'm a nurse, and I have just opened a free health and wellness clinic in a community center in one of the poorest neighborhoods in this city. Oh, forgive me. I'm just a little nervous. As you know...

    Jo: Where do I come in?

    Juanita: Well... It's a little non-profit, and everything I do I do out of my own pocket and...

    Jo: Let me stop you right now. I give to cancer, I give to Africa, I give to education. Those are my charities of choice.

    Juanita: Well, those are all very good charities, but there is so much need in our own community.

    Jo: 'Our?' We are all afforded the same opportunities in 'our' community. What they do with theirs, it is not my issue. Your answer is no. End of conversation.

    Juanita: End of conversation?

    Juanita: Crystal, show Miss Simmons out.

    [Crystal comes in]

    Jo: It's Sims. Miss Juanita Sims.

    [leaves Jo's table]

    Crystal: [to Juanita] Right this way.

    Juanita: [stops and turns back to Jo] No. I've been waiting out there in that damn lobby of yours for over an hour for you. Now, it's cool, you don't want to give any money, I get that. But this attitude, this blatant disrespect for other people's time and feelings, well, honey, that's just ridiculous. Does it take all of this for you to be that? Then, honey, if it does, then you may be paying just a little too much. And I can see myself out of this tacky-ass place. Ain't got no color up in here, all this white. No color up in this place, including you.

    [walks out of the office]

    Juanita: Tacky-ass heifer. Wait till I tell everybody how tacky you are. I can show my own self out, thank you very much.

    [tries to open the door]

    Juanita: How do I open this damn door?

    -- Jo
  • Jo: Another song with no singers, lyrics... no voices. Unseen performances...

    -- Jo
  • Jo: You think you'r the only person with reproductive organs. I'm gonna have this fucking baby. I'm gonna have this baby and my baby is gonna sell drugs to your baby on the playground. Do you know that. You fucking bitch.

    -- Jo
  • Jo: I hope to be dead and buried by the time I reach your age. Just think you've been living for forty years.

    Helen: I know, I must be a biological phenomenon.

    Jo: You don't look forty. You look a sort of well-preserved sixty.

    -- Jo
  • Geoffrey: The dream is gone.

    Jo: But the baby's real.

    -- Jo
  • Jo: I feel like throwing myself in the river.

    Geoffrey: I shouldn't do that, it's full of rubbish.

    -- Jo
  • Jo: I'm not sorry and I'm not glad.

    -- Jo
  • Geoffrey: Do you like me more than you don't like me or do you not like me more than you do?

    Jo: Now you're being Irish.

    -- Jo
  • Edmund: Where are we? I don't know this area.

    Jo: Well, you look out for yourself.

    Edmund: I live in Alex. How do I get back at this hour?

    Jo: You don't have to go back home.

    Edmund: Where am I supposed to sleep? I don't know anybody here.

    Jo: It's up to you. Everything around here's empty.

    Edmund: By myself?

    Jo: [pointing to Christl] With her. Why not? She's your type.

    -- Jo
  • Jo: Oh. The Blue Cart. It's wonderful! I've always loved that one.

    Vincent Van Gogh: You've always loved that one? That's impossible. I just finished it.

    Jo: I've seen it before.

    Vincent Van Gogh: I can't believe you.

    Jo: It's true.

    Vincent Van Gogh: You know my paintings, you know my name. How is it possible?

    Jo: Maybe I shouldn't tell you. It might disturb history.

    Vincent Van Gogh: Oh, come on. Don't worry about history.

    -- Jo
  • Jo: You know, I've always wanted to see you smile. And now you're smiling all the time. It's wonderful.

    Vincent Van Gogh: You made me smile. Every painter likes to be remembered.

    -- Jo
  • Marvel: It's pretty though. Imagine the poor guy. I'll betcha nobody knows him all his life, and then... Say, wasn't there some guy in history who spent all his life looking for an honest man?

    Jo: Sure! In his day, men were men, but now they're too scared to be anything but honest.

    -- Jo
  • Alice: If it wasn't for nervy little Alice, you'd all be sinking your weary bones into the soft recesses of some park bench, with light sleepy coverlets made by the great American press.

    Jo: Press! That reminds me. I have pressing business.

    [she begins to iron her underwear]

    -- Jo
  • Masie: Here's one for the books. "Sandwich man walks onto a wallet with forty-two grand in it."

    Jo: I'd like to find that man.

    Masie: Can you imagine? The darn fool turned it in.

    Marvel: His head must be a jellybean instead of what they thought it was!

    -- Jo
  • Jo: Why don't you ditch that ham and get yourself a rich husband.

    Alice: Rich husband? Hah! I've heared they come that way. Not very often.

    Marvel: Often enough, but not our way.

    Alice: Oh, the girl has brains!

    -- Jo
  • [last lines]

    K.C.: Just a quiet little town in the country, we'll open a small business, meet a couple of nice guys... DOUBLE bullshit!

    Jo: You know, K.C., it's like that movie we saw in prison, um, ooh, what was it? A whole bunch of people getting killed! And, and this crazy guy running around with a chainsaw... Uh, something, something "Massacre", that's it!

    K.C.: What about it?

    Jo: We just lived it!

    -- Jo
  • Jo: This mystery is appropriately Chinese: what's not there seems to have just as much meaning as what is there.

    -- Jo

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