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Kro-Bar Quotes:

  • Kro-Bar: Aliens? Us? Is this one of your Earth jokes?

  • Lattis: Kro-Bar, Kro-Bar!

    Kro-Bar: What is it, my woman? You need not yell because of my proximity.

    Lattis: I yell not from the volume required by great distance but from happy excitement.

  • [Dr. Roger Fleming steals the Atmosphereum and immobolizes Kro-Bar and Lattis]

    Dr. Roger Fleming: Not moving very fast now, are you my interplanetary friends?

    Kro-Bar: So this is your idea of sharing.

    Lattis: It's not like Marvan sharing at all. This must be Earth sharing.

    Dr. Roger Fleming: You'll find much of Earth sharing works this way. It's really more like I'm sharing with myself.

    Kro-Bar: If I could only reach you, we'd share... pain.

  • Kro-Bar: Sorry, sometimes my wife forgets that she is not an alien from outer space.

  • Lattis: Who knows how many untold millions will die by its hand?

    Kro-Bar: If only it did have hands, my woman. If only it did have hands.

  • Skeleton: [using mind control] Bring the meteor to the skeleton.

    Kro-Bar: [using mind control] Bring the atmosphereum to Kro-Bar and Lattis.

    Betty Armstrong: I must make a skeleton meatier using a crowbar covered in lettuce.

  • Kro-Bar: Yes, it is different this earth as it is called but then are we of the planet Marva as we call our planet not also strange and different to this planet and its people also?

    Lattis: You think the earth people think we are strange, you think? It is strange how the ways of different people on different planets differ.

  • Kro-Bar: Good work, Lattis. The human where-abouter has led us right to where the humans are. Evidently these beings like primitive, almost rustic, structures.

    Lattis: How foolish they are.

    Dr. Roger Fleming: [watching, out of sight] Aliens... from outer space.

    Kro-Bar: Careful my love, for we must seem to like such things now, like this foolish structure and all things human.

    Lattis: I catch on, my Kro-Bar. Almost as if we were... pretending.

    Kro-Bar: Pretending... I like the way you put things, my Queen. Mysterious, and yet perfectly understandable.

    Lattis: Oh well. We waste time on amusement. On with the pretending.

  • Kro-Bar: Aliens? Us? Is this one of your Earth "jokes"?

  • Kro-Bar: You know, this talking that we are doing is very helpful in getting to know your people and mine. Why, as we observed you from afar, we thought of you as little more than pleasant entertaining monkeys, so dirty and foul.

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