Kristy Thomas Quotes in The Baby-Sitters Club (1995)


Kristy Thomas Quotes:

  • Kristy Thomas: Hi, I'm Kristy. I'm the founding member of the Baby-Sitters Club. I don't mean to brag or anything but we're famous, here in Stoneybrook. Everybody knows us. That's because everybody uses us. You call one number, and get connected with seven incredible babysitters. This is Stacey, she's our club treasurer. She's good at keeping track of money, she's also good at spending it. Stace was raised in New York City. Sometimes she thinks she still lives there. That's Mary Anne. When we were little, we used to live next door to each other. She's kind of quiet, kind of serious. Why are we friends? They say opposites attract. Dawn's Mary Anne's stepsister. She grew up in California. Dawn really cares about the environment. Her biggest regret is that she wasn't born on earth day. Claudia's an amazing artist. She's REALLY talented. I mean, do you anybody who can take a fourk and a hammer and turn it into... That? And of course Mallory, she's a junior member of the club. She started her novel when she turned eleven and is determined to finish it by the time she's eleven and a half. Jessie's Mallory's best friend and another junior member of the club. Jessie's motto is ''Why walks when you can dance?''. You know, we're more than just a club. We're friends. Best friends. Nothing could ever change that.

  • Jessi: Stacey, how was your date with Luca?

    Stacey: Smashing...

    Kristy Thomas: Smashing? What, did he hit you over the head with his charm?

  • Kristy Thomas: When can you start?

    Alan Gray: Yesterday.

    Kristy Thomas: You've got a deal.

    Dawn Schafer: Kristy! He's a dweeb.

    Kristy Thomas: He's a free dweeb!

    Alan Gray: Yeah, I'm a free dweeb.

  • Mallory Pike: We're rich!

    Jessi: We can almost buy a car!

    Mallory Pike: In five years, we can drive it!

    Kristy Thomas: Hey, you guys, if we raise enough money, we can have our own office!

    Stacey: That's a great idea!

    Mallory Pike: We could have a fax machine!

    Jessi: Go international!

    Claudia Kishi: That would sure let me off the hook if I flunk.

    Mary Anne Spier: You're not going to flunk.

    Kristy Thomas: Claude, I'll help you.

    Claudia Kishi: [Hesitant, smiles] Okay.

    Dawn Schafer: I say we start looking.

    Mary Anne Spier: Stace, how many people signed up so far?

    Stacey: For out last count, we have...

    [Hesitant, disappointed]

    Stacey: Twelve.

  • Kristy Thomas: [Hangs up the phone after booking a baby-sitting appointment with Jacky Rodowsky] I know Jackie Rodowsky's a walking disaster but I like him, okay? New business.

    Claudia Kishi: We have a tragedy here! I flunked science and I have to go to summer school.

    Jessi Ramsey: [Sarcastic] Aren't your parents going to kill you?

    Claudia Kishi: Maybe.

  • Kristy Thomas: Today, using the BSC quick study method, you're going to learn about the human body!

    Claudia Kishi: Don't bother. It doesn't interest me.

    Mallory Pike: Does the Baby-Sitters Club interest you?

    Claudia Kishi: It's my life.

    Mallory Pike: Then get interested.

  • Kristy Thomas: Dad, why did you come back if you're just going to hide?

    Patrick Thomas: To see you. I missed you.

    Kristy Thomas: Well, you could have came before. Nothing was stopping you.

    Patrick Thomas: I tried.

    Kristy Thomas: Dad, you sent like two postcards in five years, or something. I was always thinking you would come. You never did, ever. I wait for you every year, you never even called. You don't care about me and everyone who does care about me's mad at me. I can't do this anymore. I've never lied to my mom or my friends and since you've got here, that's all I've been doing and I hate it. It's all your fault. I'm going to tell Mom you're here.

    Patrick Thomas: Kristy, we had a deal.

    Kristy Thomas: Yeah. Well, Dad, I'm breaking it just like you broke all your promises.

    Patrick Thomas: I'm here, aren't I?

  • [Claudia is arguing with Kristy for bailing on her when Kristy was supposed to help her study]

    Kristy Thomas: Look, Claude, I'm sorry, OK?

    Claudia Kishi: Sorry's not good enough.

    Mary Anne Spier: She said she was sorry.

    Claudia Kishi: Mary Anne!

    Kristy ThomasClaudia Kishi: Stay out of this!

  • Kristy Thomas: Hey, guys. Sorry I'm late. Can we start?

    Claudia Kishi: We already have. Okay, new business. The Miss Haberman problem.

    Kristy Thomas: Who's Miss Haberman?

    Dawn Schafer: She's our next door neighbour who's going to call the city and take away our permit.

    Kristy Thomas: We don't need a permit, I checked it out!

    Stacey: Well, it would've been nice if you were there to tell her that.

    Kristy Thomas: I had an appointment, okay?

    Claudia Kishi: Since when is a date an appointment?

    Kristy Thomas: It wasn't a date! Look, Claude, I said I was sorry. I'll talk to her, it's no big deal.

    Mary Anne Spier: It is a big deal, Kristy. We could lose the camp.

    Kristy Thomas: I said I'd handle it, okay?

    Stacey: I have to go meet Lucas.

    Jessi: I have to sit for Becca.

    Dawn Schafer: Come on, Mary Anne. The Masons are coming for dinner.

    Mallory Pike: I have to finish my novel.

  • Jessi RamseyMallory Pike: [Holding Kristy's birthday cake] Make a wish.

    Kristy Thomas: [Hesitates, smiles] Friends forever.

    [Blows out her candles]

  • Stacey: You guys think I should've told him?

    Kristy Thomas: What? Who?

    Stacey: Luca!

    Kristy Thomas: About what?

    Stacey: I'm only thirteen!

    Kristy Thomas: So?

    Stacey: He's seventeen!

    Kristy Thomas: [Shocked] That's ancient!

    Claudia Kishi: He's a poet!

    Stacey: He drives!

    Claudia Kishi: He's a musical genius!

    Stacey: He's been to Europe!

    Kristy Thomas: He's FROM Europe!

  • Margarite 'Cokie' Mason: [flirting] Logan, I meant to call you.

    Logan Bruno: Oh, yeah?

    Kristy Thomas: [Arrives with Jackie] Get lost, Cokie.

    Margarite 'Cokie' Mason: Hello, Kristin.

    [Referring to Jackie]

    Margarite 'Cokie' Mason: Oh, you have a date. And I can see his age is the same as your I.Q.

    Kristy Thomas: Who let you out of that bat cave, Margarite?

    Bebe: She hates to be called that.

    Grace: [Laughs] That's your real name?

    Margarite 'Cokie' Mason: No... it's the mumbling of an idiot.

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