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  • John Morgan: It just occurred to me... I've traveled halfway around the world, at great expense, simply to kill a different kind of bird.

  • Batise: [translating for Thorn Rose] No hole in moccasin... she tell you she is a virgin.

    John Morgan: I have no reason to doubt it.

  • John Morgan: I don't know anyone from Denmark. I've never heard of anyone from there. Have you?

    Paige: Yeah, sure.

    [long pause]

    Paige: Eddie?

    Eddie: Um, Kierkegaard, Niels Bohr, Hans Christian Andersen.

    John Morgan: [whispers to Mike] Who's Hans Christian Andersen?

    Eddie: Um, Lars Ulrich.

    Mike Morgan: From Metallica?

    Eddie: From Metallica.

    Mike Morgan: Get out.

    John Morgan: Ok.

    Eddie: And, um, Helena Christensen.

    John Morgan: Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait a second. The Victoria's Secret model?

    Eddie: Yes.

    Mike Morgan: Ok, that's gotta be the coolest country in the World now.

    John Morgan: Seriously, you should be a superpower.

    [all burst out laughting]

    Eddie: Yes.

  • John Morgan: You know it means the rope, Butch, if they catch you? Who's in on it?

    'Machine Gun' Butch Schmidt: Well, me and Olsen and Joe and the Hawk.

    John Morgan: The Hawk? That means blood.

    'Machine Gun' Butch Schmidt: No, he promised me he wouldn't bump nobody off.

    John Morgan: Why, he croaked his own mother.

    'Machine Gun' Butch Schmidt: Sure he did. He cut her throat. He was sorry for it. He's all right.

  • Anne: If you're ever around here again, drop in.

    John Morgan: Oh, you don't mean that.

    Anne: Why, of course I do.

    John Morgan: Gee, you're a peach of a girl.

  • John Morgan: What happens when you get through the inner gate?

    'Machine Gun' Butch Schmidt: We crash that outer gate and there's a car waitin' outside.

    John Morgan: When does it come off?

    'Machine Gun' Butch Schmidt: Thanksgiving day. Noon. Most of the screws go to turkey dinner. We'll give 'em a belly full.

  • Stanley Pilborough: I expect good of nobody... and I'm sometimes pleasantly surprised. When I find good, my first feeling is one of nostalgia for something we've lost. Ask John Morgan...

    John Morgan: Well, I don't know. I only know goodness... and anger... and revenge and evil and desire. These seem to me far better words then 'neurosis' and 'psychology' and 'paranoia'. These old words, these good old words have a sort of... conviction... which all this modern apparatus of language now lacks. We bury these words, these simple feelings. We bury them deep. And all the building over that constitutes this century will not wish these feelings away.

  • John Morgan: Looks like your roof is in trouble. I'm very practicle.

    Jean Travers: Right.

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