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Charles Aitken Quotes:

  • Charles Aitken: [after surviving an attack by a prehistoric fish] It got my pencil!

  • Greg Collinson: A city. A city in the middle of the Atlantic ocean?

    Atmir: You will not find it on any map. But you know its name.

    Charles Aitken: Atlantis!

  • Atmir: That is Troi, the third city. We can rest there.

    Charles Aitken: The third city?

    Greg Collinson: So what happened to one and two?

    Atmir: They are lost beneath the waters of the outer limits....forever.

    Captain Daniels: What, just to rot?

    Atmir: All things decay. We control many things, but even we cannot make time stand still.

  • Charles Aitken: Seven cities to Atlantis? You know, the Greeks always claimed there were nine.

    Atmir: Plato was not always right.

    Charles Aitken: You know about our history?

    Atmir: Far more than you realize.

  • Greg Collinson: Are you sure you've got the right outfit on? We're not goin' to a cricket match, old boy.

    Charles Aitken: It's the gear that's been recommended by the Royal Society. That's a rather knowledgeable group. Not that you've ever heard of it.

    Greg Collinson: Well, I can't be a genius about everything, Charles.

  • [last lines]

    Greg Collinson: That's terrific, Charlie.

    Charles Aitken: I know it sounds trivial, but I really do HATE being called Charlie!

    Greg Collinson: [surprised] What?

  • Charles Aitken: [Seeing visions in the Crystal Helmet] Science creating Utopia. Perfect society...

  • Charles Aitken: Good Lord, they're flying!

    Atsil: Levitation is not so difficult.

    Charles Aitken: But how?

    Atsil: Power of mind. A quality latent in some humans, such as yourself.

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