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Ercole Quotes:

  • Ercole: Collapse like my shattered dreams!

    [as he pulls down columns supporting a building]

  • Ercole: I've come a long way. Seeing you was worth it.

    Iole, Daugher of Pelias: How simple men are. As though I were a plant or an animal. Still, I thank you, you know.

    Ercole: I'm telling you the truth. Don't thank me for it.

  • Ercole: I can't stand being superior. Let me experience the real things, love or hate.

    The Sybil: Those are mortal states, Hercules.

    Ercole: If it's my immortality making me unhappy, then I'll do without it.

    The Sybil: That's dangerous, Hercules. Don't you know how foolish you'd be to renounce it? To be born a man and to see everything die is not to be immortal. Stay as you are. Be a god. Don't exchange immortality for fear, pain, and sorrow.

  • Ercole: No Jason, it's no use to go on torturing yourself. You'll never know who killed your father now Crion's dead.

    Jason: I wanted so badly to get at the truth, but he would never tell me. He could read my thoughts, he felt my desire for revenge.

    Ercole: And I see by the look in your eyes that your desire for revenge is bound to grow worse.

    Jason: I feel it. The desire for revenge dominates all my thinking, but the assassin has no face and I don't know his name.

  • Ulysses: My father said you put strength ahead of everything, but I know you want us to use our forces only to serve our intelligence.

    Ercole: And you are right. Alright. Now, you will stay by my side and I'll teach you to fight. But not only with your hands. And some day, your friends and enemies will honor you and name you the wise.

  • Iole, Daugher of Pelias: What's the matter? Why do you sit and stare at me like that?

    Ercole: I don't know. So few women come this way.

    Iole, Daugher of Pelias: And so?

    Ercole: As long as your here, I might as well. I never saw a girl more beautiful.

  • Ercole: The sun is high already. You sleep too much.

    Iphitus, Son of Pelias: The pleasures I enjoy must aggravate you, but it's early, so please don't start that eternal nagging just because I delayed the great Hercules.

  • Ercole: Don't you really want me to stay here, Ilole?

    Iole, Daugher of Pelias: It doesn't matter, just so long as you'll be with me. Oh, if you said you didn't love me and we were parted. To move alone through that house, to hear what the people say. Do stay.

  • Ulysses: That's very good, a fine jump. But next time, try to end up on your feet.

    Ercole: I wanted you to notice me. I want to be like you, Hercules.

    Ulysses: And you will, my boy, because you have a strong will.

  • Ercole: Better get back to Iolcos.

    Iphitus, Son of Pelias: No, I want to enjoy the spectacle.

    Ercole: Go away.

    Iphitus, Son of Pelias: I want to see you battling a lion, not throwing a discus around.

    Ercole: Your tongue is faster than your sword.

  • Ercole: Why did Iphitus have to die? Answer me, Sybil. I cannot understand. I'm greatly confused. A man I could crush with one hand gives me an order. A woman humiliates me.

    The Sybil: It is not you who is to blame, Hercules. Iphitus died simply because he was not meant to be king of Iolcos. Now the gods assign a new labor to you. They want you to go out and chance your fate against the Cretan Bull.

    Ercole: Enough. I'm tired of doing all of these senseless things for the gods. When will I be worthy in the eyes of the gods?

    The Sybil: The hour of your fate is nearing. Don't rebel against it.

  • Androclo, Re di Tebe: Uranus... to rule over all!

    Ercole: What you say is blasphemy!

  • Ercole: Do you really need weapons like that? Are you afraid to challenge me like this, man to man?

    Sansone: This will be the first time anyone has ever dared to face me as a foe. And without weapons, you will regret it.

  • Ercole: [discussing whether Ulysses's arrow hit Hercules's discus dead center] Sorry, you missed it, Ulysses.

    Ulysses: It was a bulls-eye. Ask Penolope.

    Ercole: No, you missed it.

    Ulysses: I'll go find the discus and prove I'm right.

    Penelope: You'd have to make half a day's journey to look for it.

  • Ercole: To send a woman here is strange. What's the purpose of it?

    Delilah, Philistine Queen: Because the king *really* trusts me.

  • Ercole: I've never met such strength as yours. Why don't the two of us join forces?

    Sansone: I was thinking the same thing.

  • Sansone: [to Delilah] You are as clever as your are beautiful.

    Ercole: And she's also a good liar.

  • Sansone: It was written that salvation should bear a woman's name, Iole.

    Ercole: Yes, the name Iole might also stand for innocence. Beware of Delilah.

  • Ercole: The Demulus are going to pay dearly for this foul and cruel murder. I swear it!

  • Ercole: These accursed ropes. They seem to be bewitched. The more I struggle, the tighter they get.

    Ulisse: Then you had better stop struggling.

    Ercole: Stop struggling? Have you gone mad? I am not going to let myself be eaten by a sacred vulture.

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