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Tindaro Quotes:

  • King Eurystheus: You mean you're afraid like the rest of them?

    Tindaro: No, Eurystheus. I just use my wits. But you don't depend on your brain. You're only a mass of fat and muscle; full of violence and brutality.

  • Tindaro: Poor little Thea. Orphaned and held captive. She's been mourning for her father and grieving too much about her past. I think that was a grave mistake to have made. You mustn't separate a child from the parent. By now, the gods are angry and want us to remedy that... and send Thea to join her royal parents.

  • King Eurystheus: Fool. What now?

    Tindaro: Promises are made to be broken. I still want Alcinoe and you need Thea to reign securely.

    King Eurystheus: But Alcinoe may talk.

    Tindaro: She won't. I promise you that.

    King Eurystheus: How can you be so sure?

    Tindaro: I'll have her tongue cut out, Eurystheus.

  • King Eurystheus: At first it was the woman, now this boy's upsetting your plans.

    Tindaro: I can't understand it.

    King Eurystheus: You can't understand anything! You've never understood that it's destiny that guides us. And after this morning, I'll forbid you to work on any of these plots that don't make sense, you moron. From now on, I'll do the deciding. And I say Illus will die. That's how I'll challenge Goliath.

  • Tindaro: [narrating about Gerbinos sex-life] There isn't much going on under his pants. Funny, I've heard that he's the biggest dick in town...

  • Tindaro: [while marrying Gerbino and Pampinea] Pampinea... have you taken a bath?

    Pampinea: I have taken a bath this day, father.

    Tindaro: Witnesses of this holy matrimony, this woman come pure in both body and soul... Now, Gerbino Della Ratta, have you taken a bath.

    Gerbino: Yes.

    Tindaro: When?

    Gerbino: I have taken a bath!

    Tindaro: Are you sure? Downstairs? In between your legs?

    Gerbino: WHAT?

    Tindaro: Show me you hands...

    Gerbino: This is ridiculous!

    [shows his hands]

    Tindaro: Uggh! You have dirt in your fingernails!

    Gerbino: So, what's wrong?

    Tindaro: Now I can't really say "Witness of this holy matrimony, this man comes with pure body and soul, but with dirty fingernails", now can I?

    Gerbino: [goes to the fountain, washing his hands, goes back to Pampinea and Tindaro, waves hand at Tindaros face] Happy?

    [Tindaro nods]

    Pampinea: [to Gerbino] He was trying to help...

    Tindaro: Yeah, exactly...

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