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Dr. Roger Fleming Quotes:

  • Ranger Brad: Oh, say... You don't believe those old legends about the Lost Skeleton of Cadavra, do you?

    Dr. Roger Fleming: Ranger Brad, I'm a scientist, I don't believe in anything.

  • Dr. Roger Fleming: Even when I was a child, I was hated by skeletons!

  • Dr. Roger Fleming: I've got to get that meteor but how? How? There must be a way inside that cabin. Think! Think! Cabin... cabin... cabin.

  • [Dr. Roger Fleming steals the Atmosphereum and immobolizes Kro-Bar and Lattis]

    Dr. Roger Fleming: Not moving very fast now, are you my interplanetary friends?

    Kro-Bar: So this is your idea of sharing.

    Lattis: It's not like Marvan sharing at all. This must be Earth sharing.

    Dr. Roger Fleming: You'll find much of Earth sharing works this way. It's really more like I'm sharing with myself.

    Kro-Bar: If I could only reach you, we'd share... pain.

  • Dr. Paul Armstrong: Hmm... I wonder.

    Dr. Roger Fleming: Hmm... I also wonder.

  • Skeleton: There is a radioactive element known as Atmospherium. You must find this and bring it to me.

    Dr. Roger Fleming: I-I will. I'll find Atmospherium, and bring it to you!

    Skeleton: That's what I just suggested. When I am brought back to life, together you and I will rule the world, together.

    Dr. Roger Fleming: But-but how? How will I find it?

    Skeleton: That is for you to know; that's not my problem. I sleep now.

  • Kro-Bar: Good work, Lattis. The human where-abouter has led us right to where the humans are. Evidently these beings like primitive, almost rustic, structures.

    Lattis: How foolish they are.

    Dr. Roger Fleming: [watching, out of sight] Aliens... from outer space.

    Kro-Bar: Careful my love, for we must seem to like such things now, like this foolish structure and all things human.

    Lattis: I catch on, my Kro-Bar. Almost as if we were... pretending.

    Kro-Bar: Pretending... I like the way you put things, my Queen. Mysterious, and yet perfectly understandable.

    Lattis: Oh well. We waste time on amusement. On with the pretending.

  • Dr. Roger Fleming: Sorry, I'd love to stay, but I have a skeleton to bring to life.

    Skeleton: That would be me!

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