Bugs Bunny Quotes in Looney Tunes: Back in Action (2003)


Bugs Bunny Quotes:

  • Bugs Bunny: Gee, it was really nice of Wal-Mart to give us all this free Wal-Mart stuff just for saying "Wal-Mart" so many times.

  • [Bugs is served a martini by one of the contraptions in Damian Drake's spy car]

    Bugs Bunny: Oh, well... it's five o' clock somewhere.

    Kate Houghton: If you touch one more thing...

    Bugs Bunny: Shhh... I'm about to defy you.

  • Bugs Bunny: Eh, what gives, doc? We made thirty-five pictures togetha'.

    Elmer Fudd: Well, as it turns out, I'm secwetwy evil.

    Daffy Duck: That's showbiz for ya!

    Elmer Fudd: Now, make with da the card; so I can pwease my dark masters!

  • Bugs Bunny: [fishing from a boat in the backseat of Kate's flooded Alfa Romeo] Well, whaddya know, I found Nemo!

  • Daffy Duck: You'd never catch that rabbit doing something this heroic.

    Bugs Bunny: [appearing in the seat next to Daffy] Eh, what's up, duck?

    Daffy Duck: You're dethpicable.

  • Marvin the Martian: You tricked me!

    Bugs Bunny: Eh, what's up, Darth?

  • [making suggestions to improve Bugs's image]

    Kate Houghton: So, what do we do? We team you up with a hot female co-star!

    Bugs Bunny: Usually...

    [dresses in drag]

    Bugs Bunny: *I* play the female love interest!

    [Michigan J. Frog, at the table behind Bugs, jumps up and begins to sing "Hello, My Baby"]

    Kate Houghton: Okay, about the crossdressing thing - then, funny; now, disturbing.

    [Bugs removes the dress and lipstick]

    Bugs Bunny: Lady, if you don't find a rabbit wearin' lipstick amusing, then we ain't got nothin' to say to each other.

  • Bugs Bunny: Daff never misses a cue.

  • DJ Drake: [to Kate] You.

    Kate Houghton: [to DJ] You.

    Daffy Duck: [to Bugs] You.

    Bugs Bunny: [about DJ] Him.

    Daffy Duck: [about Kate] Her.

    Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck: Them.

  • Bugs Bunny: I'm tellin ya, Daffy, I heard the Warner Brothers say that you were their best duck.

    Daffy Duck: Flattered though I may be, flattened I will not, in order for you to get the laughs! It's all "woo-hoo, yuk yuk", and then "wham, bam, blam!"

    [whacks himself around for added emphasis]

    Bugs Bunny: And your tail's on fire.

    Daffy Duck: Exactly my point! I...

    Bugs Bunny: No, I mean your tail's on fire.

    [Daffy sees that his tail IS on fire - he runs around trying to extinguish it - Bugs laughs]

    Bugs Bunny: Daff, you're accident prone.

    [Daffy finally puts out his tail]

    Daffy Duck: Oh, what am I talking to you for? All you have to do is munch on a carrot and people love you.

  • [Bugs and Daffy crash-land their spaceship through the window of Acme HQ, then walk away unscathed]

    Bugs Bunny: I think we scratched it.

    Daffy Duck: Who cares, it's a rental.

  • Daffy Duck: What a fantastic view.

    Bugs Bunny: Unless you're in the audience in which case you've been staring at an elephant's behind for 30 seconds.

  • Bugs Bunny: All those in favour of us *not* hitting that wall, say 'aye'.

    Kate HoughtonDJ DrakeDaffy Duck: Aye!

    Daffy Duck: Mother!

    Spy Car Computer: Taking you to Mother!

  • Bugs Bunny: So this is Area 51?

    Mother: No.

    Bugs Bunny: The secret government base?

    Mother: No.

    Bugs Bunny: Where they keep all the aliens?

    Mother: No. Area 51 is a paranoid fantasy we concocted to hide the true nature of this facility.

    DJ Drake: Which is?

    Mother: Area 52.

  • Kate Houghton: Look, I'm trying to be nice, but I was brought in to leverage your synergy, and I am not going to let you or some wacky duck...

    Bugs Bunny: Daffy.

    Kate Houghton: Wacky, daffy, nutty, fruitcake, crispy over rice, it doesn't matter.

    Bugs Bunny: [produces award statuettes] Well, these matter...

    [hoists up Walk of Fame star]

    Bugs Bunny: ...and this, and they say bring Daffy back. Right, boys?

    Statuettes: We want Daffy! We want Daffy

  • Bugs Bunny: Oh, I hate to see a grown man cry... especially when it's a girl.

  • [a Wal-Mart appears in the desert]

    Bugs Bunny: Is that a mirage, or just product placement?

    Daffy Duck: Oh, who cares, with shopping convenience at such low prices? Water! Fresca! Mountain Dew! Your Product Name Here!

    DJ Drake: Is this your idea?

    Kate Houghton: The audience expects it. They don't even notice this kind of thing anymore.

  • [poking at Mother's Area 52 from the outside]

    Bugs Bunny: Suddenly I feel like I'm in Aunt Marge's Jell-O mold.

  • Kate Houghton: There are some aspects of the script that need work. There's no heart, no cooperation, no one learns anything...

    Bugs Bunny: Daffy learns not to stick his head in a jet engine.

  • Bugs Bunny: [car almost crashes and then stops all of a sudden] Eh, out of gas.

    Kate Houghton: [screen goes black] What? It doesn't work like that!

    Bugs Bunny: [screen goes back to car as it crashes] Thanks, toots.

  • [the group is lost in the desert]

    Bugs Bunny: I told you we should've taken that left turn at Albuquerque.

    Daffy Duck: Now don't start that again.

  • [the Toons gather around Judge Doom's remains]

    Mickey Mouse: Gosh, I wonder who he really was?

    Bugs Bunny: I'll tell you one thing, Doc. He weren't no rabbit.

    Daffy Duck: Or a duck.

    Goofy: Or a dog.

    Pinocchio: Or a little wooden boy.

    Big Bad Wolf: Or a... sheep.

    Woody Woodpecker: Or a woodpecker.

    Sylvester: Or a pussy.

  • Bugs Bunny: [Eddie is falling; Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny, both wearing parachutes, join him] Eh, what's up, Doc? Jumpin' without a parachute? Kinda dangerous, ain't it?

    Eddie Valiant: Yeah.

    Mickey Mouse: Yeah. You could get killed. Heh, heh.

    Eddie Valiant: You guys got a spare?

    Mickey Mouse: Uh, Bugs does.

    Eddie Valiant: Yeah?

    Bugs Bunny: [in a sing-song tone] Yeah, but I don't think you want it.

    Eddie Valiant: I do, I do, give it to me!

    Mickey Mouse: Gee, uh, better let him have it, Bugs.

    Bugs Bunny: Okay, Doc. Whatever you say, here's the spare.

    Eddie Valiant: Thank you.

    Eddie Valiant: Thank you.

    [Mickey and Bugs deploy parachutes; Eddie pulls ripcord on parachute, and a car tire inflates]

    Eddie Valiant: Aw, no! AAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!

    Mickey Mouse: Aw, poor fella. Ha ha.

    Bugs Bunny: Yeah, ain't I a stinker?

    Lena Hyena: [Eddie continues falling until Lena Hyena catches him before he hits the ground] My man!

    [Gives him a stretching kiss, Eddie tumbles backwards away from her a long way]

    Lena Hyena: Come to Lena!

    Eddie Valiant: [Starts running towards him, Eddie rips part of a street line and moves it toward a wall which she runs straight into] Toons. Gets 'em every time.

  • Bugs Bunny: Here we are, Pismo Beach and all the clams we can eat!

  • Bugs Bunny: [sung] I dream of Genie, she's a light brown hare.

  • Bugs Bunny: You want me to tell stories to that? I'd rather throw peanuts at it.

  • Bugs Bunny: Let me tell you a story about a singing frog

    Prince Abadaba: A FROG? But frogs don't sing!

    Bugs Bunny: [whispers] This one did...

  • Prince Abadaba: What happened to Goldilocks?

    Bugs Bunny: She serving time in Tehachapi for breaking in and entering.

  • Daffy Duck: [demanding the unseen animator to show himself] All Right! I've had enough of this. This is the final, final Straw-WHO'S RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS! I DEMAND THAT YOU SHOW YOURSELF! WHO ARE YOU? HUH?

    [the animator draws a door in front of Daffy and shuts it, then he reveals himself as BUGS BUNNY!]

    Bugs Bunny: Heh!Heh! Ain't I a stinker?

  • Bugs Bunny: Well, what did you expect in an opera, a happy ending?

  • Bugs Bunny: So you see, that's how chases began, and that's how I came into the picture, just a mild mannered forest creature, shy, easily frightened. A quiet-living rabbit am I. And yet... I guess in a way I *am* an unusual rabbit on account of, uh... instead of having hundreds of children, like your ordinary run-of-the-mill rabbit, I had several fathers, fathers with odd names, like Tex Avery... uh, Friz Freleng... Chuck Jones... and Bob McKimson, the ones who directed most of me pictures. Fathers like Tedd Pierce... Warren Foster... and Mike Maltese, who wrote most of me bee-ography. And of course a father named Mel Blanc, who had thousands of voices and was nice enough to give me one of them. This show you're gonna see now is about what just one of those fathers did with me and me cartoon associates, an animation director who goes by the unlikely name of Chuck Jones. And old Chuck seemed determined to get poor little old me into outer space, too.

  • Wile E. Coyote: [dazed] Allow me to introduce myself: my name is Mud.

    [he passes out]

    Bugs Bunny: And remember, "mud" spelled backwards is "dum".

  • Wile E. Coyote: Allow me to introduce myself. My name is "Wile E. Coyote"... Genius. I am not selling anything nor am I working my way through college, so let's get down to cases. You are a rabbit, and I am going to eat you for supper. Now, don't try to get away. I am more muscular, more cunning, faster, and larger than you are... and I'm a genius, while you could hardly pass the entrance examinations to kindergarten. So, I'll give you the customary two minutes to say your prayers.

    Bugs Bunny: I'm sorry, mac, but the lady of the house ain't home and besides we mailed you people a check last week!


    Wile E. Coyote: Why do they always want to do it the hard way?

  • [Last line of the movie, after the the WB logo closes in]

    Bugs Bunny: Eat your heart out, Burt Reynolds.

  • Elmer Fudd: [sticking his spear in a rabbit hole]


    Elmer Fudd: Kill the Wabbit! Kill the Wabbit! Kill the Wabbit!

    Bugs Bunny: [peeps out from another hole] Kill the Wabbit?

    Elmer Fudd: Yo-ho-to-ho!Yo-ho-to-ho!Yo-ho...

    [Bugs steps in]

    Bugs Bunny: [singing] Oh, mighty warrior of great fighting stock! Might I inquire to ask-Eh,

    [eats a carrot]

    Bugs Bunny: what's up, Doc?

    Elmer Fudd: [singing] I am going to kill the Wabbit!

    Bugs Bunny: [singing] Oh, mighty hunter, twil be quite a task. How will you do it? Might I inquire to ask?

    Elmer Fudd: [singing] I will do it with my spear and magic helmet!

    Bugs Bunny: [singing] Your spear and magic helmet?

    Elmer Fudd: [singing] Spear and magic helmet!

    Bugs Bunny: [singing] Magic helmet?

    Elmer Fudd: [singing] Magic helmet!

    Bugs Bunny: Magic helmet.

  • [Bugs and Daffy are trying to convince Elmer to shoot the other and make a meal out of him]

    Elmer Fudd: I'm sorry fellas, but I'm a vegetarian. I just hunt for the sport of it. Ha ha ha ha ha.

    Bugs Bunny: Oh yeah! Well there's other sports besides hunting, you know!

    [Daffy appears in a tennis outfit]

    Daffy Duck: Anyone for tennis.

    [Elmer shoots him]

    Daffy Duck: Nice game.

  • Bugs Bunny: [Giovanni Jones has nailed him with his banjo for interupting his singing practice] Music-Hater.

  • Bugs Bunny: [sees Giovanni Jones staring at him] Eh, what's up, Doc?

    [Giovanni Jones sandwiches him with the harp, then leaves]

    Bugs Bunny: Hmm, also a Rabbit-Hater. Oh, well.

  • Bugs Bunny: [sees Giovanni Jones coming again] Uh-oh!

    [Hides under his horn, but Jones grabs him out of it, then ties his ears on a tree branch and makes him bounce up and down]

    Bugs Bunny: Of course you realize, this means War!

  • Bugs Bunny: Eh... after all, *pulls down credit card* credits where credit is due!

  • Bugs Bunny: 'Knighty Knight Bugs' was directed by Friz Freleng. He got an Oscar and I got a carrot.

  • Yosemite Sam: Any one of you lily livered, bow legged varmints care to slap leather with me? In case any of ya get any idears, ya better know yer dealin' with. I'm the hootiness, tootiness, shootiness, bob tailed wildcat in the west.

    [Fires his guns at the ground as they lift him in the air]

    Yosemite Sam: I'm the fastest gun north, south, east, aaaaaaand west of the Pecos. I'm the...

    Bugs Bunny: Ahhhhhhh shuddup!

  • [Daffy is rescued after being forced to lay golden eggs]

    Bugs Bunny: Is there anything we can get for you, old chap?

    Daffy Duck: Yes. Get me a proctologist, right away.

  • Bugs Bunny: Ah, this is Hollywood, city of winners. Winners of Oscars, Emmys and Grammys.

  • Bugs Bunny: Well what do ya know! He melted. He really was a snowman!

    Daffy Duck: Abominable, that is.

  • Abominable Snowman: And I searched and I searched... hooo it's hot... but I never caught up with my little bunny rabbit.

    Bugs Bunny: Jee, that's tough Mr. Abominabuble.

    Abominable Snowman: And now I'll never... gosh, it's hot... never see my bunny rabbit again.

    Bugs Bunny: Don't give up hope yet, doc. If you love him, he'll come back.

  • Daffy Duck: Oh Bugsy! Bugsy buddy!

    Bugs Bunny: Oh hi, uh, what's up, Duck?

    Daffy Duck: Come here old pal, hm?

    Hugo the Abominable Snowman: [picks up Bugs Bunny] My OWN little bunny rabbit, d'oy.

    Bugs Bunny: Hey! An abominabuble snowman!

    Hugo the Abominable Snowman: I will name him George, and I will hug him, and pet him...

    Daffy Duck: Oh sure, I know I'm a louse, but I'm a live louse.

    Hugo the Abominable Snowman: And I will give him security! And I will keep him warm like a mother hen, so he will never feel rejected or lack for love.

    Daffy Duck: Poor old Bugs. But, anyway you look at it, it's better HE should suffer. After all, it was me or him, and obviously it couldn't be me. It's a simple matter of logic. I'm not like other people, I can't stand pain, it hurts me.

  • Bugs Bunny: [sees a bat, mistaking it for another big mosquito] Another one?

    [sprays it]

    Bugs Bunny: They ought to spray this place.

  • Bugs Bunny: [sees a vampire bat] Golly, what big mosquitos they do have around here.

    [gets a flyswatter]

    Bugs Bunny: Hold still you little devil,

    [swats the bat]

    Bugs Bunny: there!

  • Bugs Bunny: Ok Abom, here's your bunny rabbit.

    Hugo the Abominable Snowman: D'oya... bunny rabbit... George?

    Daffy Duck: Bunny rabbit, me?

    Bugs Bunny: Yes, you, Doc.

    Daffy Duck: Ho ho, very funny, ha ha, very droll. Hey, shorty! What do you consider to be the distinguishing characteristics of a rabbit?

    Hugo the Abominable Snowman: D'oy... distinguishing... character...

    Daffy Duck: Yeah, yeah, what makes a rabbit look like a rabbit?

    Hugo the Abominable Snowman: Why, d'uh, d'uh, long ears!

    Daffy Duck: And whom around here has long ears?

    [to Bugs]

    Daffy Duck: Sorry to hafta do this to ya, bud.

    Bugs Bunny: [ties ears down around face] Eh, don't give it a second thought.

    Hugo the Abominable Snowman: [picks up Daffy] Oh boy! Just what I always wanted! My own little bunny rabbit! I will...

    Bugs Bunny: They really do make a charming couple.

    Hugo the Abominable Snowman: ...and pet him, and squeeze him, and rub him, and stroke his bill, and rub his pretty feathers... Hey, wait a minute. Bunny rabbits don't have feathers and bills.

    Daffy Duck: I know, I know.

    [pointing at Bugs, who is tunneling away]

    Daffy Duck: There's goes your bunny rabbit!

    Hugo the Abominable Snowman: Hey, uh, George, wait!

    [tunnels after Bugs]

    Daffy Duck: Ho ho, look out, bunny rabbit! This I gotta see.

    [tunnels after Bugs and Hugo]

  • Count Bloodcount: I am a vampire.

    Bugs Bunny: Oh, yeah? Well, abracadabra, I'm an umpire.

    [an umpire uniform appears on Bugs]

    Count Bloodcount: Hocus-pocus!

    [turns into a bat]

    Count Bloodcount: I'm a bat!

    Bugs Bunny: Okay, I'm a bat, too. Abracadabra!

    [turns into a baseball bat]

    Count Bloodcount: [puts glasses on] You wouldn't hit a bat with glasses on, would you?

    [Bugs as the baseball bat hits the bat on the head]

  • Count Bloodcount: [escorting Bugs to a bedroom in the castle] This is your room.

    Bugs Bunny: Yeah, sure, Doc, but I don't want a room, I just want a telephone.

    Count Bloodcount: [putting Bugs to bed] Rest first; telephone tomorrow. Rest is good for the blood.

    Bugs Bunny: [yawns] Well, I am a little "fati-gued".

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