Damien Drake Quotes in Looney Tunes: Back in Action (2003)


Damien Drake Quotes:

  • [DJ sees a spaceship heading right towards them]

    DJ Drake: Dad, I think we should move.

    Damien Drake: What's wrong with Beverly Hills?

    DJ Drake: I meant from this spot.

  • DJ Drake: Dad, you know how I always wanted a dog?

    Damien Drake: Yeah?

    DJ Drake: I got one!

  • Mr. Chairman: Chair people, I reveal to you... the whereabouts of the Blue Monkey

    [laughs, then plugs the phone in the table and the map appears with Daffy in it]

    Mr. Chairman: ... There's a duck in the middle of the map, remove the duck... Remove the Duck! The duck is in the mid... Duck!

    [Throws the phone at the screen and breaks it]

    Mr. Chairman: ... Oh... Now, we cannot let a boy, a girl, and a duck and a rabbit thwart our plans for global domination!

    Damien Drake: Wanna bet?

    Mr. Chairman: A Wager?

    Damien Drake: $5 dollars says my son will scuttle your diabolicle plans and save the world.

    Mr. Chairman: You're awfully spunky for a man in your position

    [Uses the controls to make Damien slap himself in the face]

    Mr. Chairman: ... How do you like that, Mr. Slap-Yourself-In-Your-Own-Face"?

    [Gives the controls to the Laboratory Scientist]

    Mr. Chairman: [to the Scientist] Give him a good zets every once in a while

    [gives the controls to the scientist]

    Mr. Chairman: .

    Laboratory Scientist: My pleasure

    [then continues making Damien slap himself]

    Laboratory Scientist: .

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