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  • Takemaru: The night of a lunar eclipse. Excellent. It is the perfect time to slay a demon.

    [Goes to Izayoi]

    Izayoi: Who is it?

    Takemaru: It is I, Takemaru of Setsuna.

    Izayoi: Takemaru... oh, thank goodness you've arrived. You must gather the men standing guard outside and leave the grounds at once. Please do as I say. I fear there is no one strong enough to challenge him.

    Takemaru: My lady... I have long felt a deep connection with you, as I'm sure you are aware. Even though I realize full well that your heart has been captured by a demon.

    [Izayoi screams in pain as Takemaru fatally stabs her]

    Takemaru: My feelings for you will never change, my lady.

  • Inuyasha's Father: Izayoi! Izayoi!

    Takemaru: At last you've come, demon. A little late though.

    Inuyasha's Father: What?

    Takemaru: Lady Izayoi is beyond your reach now. I've dispatched her myself.

    Inuyasha's Father: Damn you, fool!

  • Takemaru: I have no regrets about fighting you to the death. Let us journey together into the netherworld.

    Inuyasha's Father: Live long!

    Izayoi: My dearest!

    Inuyasha's Father: Inuyasha...

    Takemaru: What is that?

    Inuyasha's Father: The infant's name... the child shall be called Inuyasha.

    Izayoi: Inuyasha...

    Inuyasha's Father: [Getting ready to attack Takemaru and turns to Izayoi] Now GO!

    Izayoi: Yes.

    [Izayoi runs out of the palace as it collapses completely, killing both InuTaisho and Takemaru]

    Inuyasha's Father: [Voiceover] Izayoi, you must survive. Live a long life. Live long and well with Inuyasha.

    [Izayoi looks at the newborn InuYasha in her arms, who is still crying. The opening credits begin]

  • Sesshomaru: That left arm...

    Takemaru: Oh, that's right. It used to be yours. You want it back, I suppose?

    Sesshomaru: No thanks.

  • Takemaru: Why are you called a mountain, grandfather?

    Kagemusha: [Unaware of the legend behind Shingen's nickname] "Mountain"?

    Takemaru: Everybody calls you that. Where is the mountain? Is it because we have this mountain in our garden?

    Sohachiro Tsuchiya: [Quickly intervening to cover for Kagemusha's ignorance] You know the master's banner. What is printed there?

    Takemaru: [Reciting the slogan on the Takeda clan's banner] Swift as the wind... Quiet as a forest... Fierce as fire... Immovable as a mountain.

    Sohachiro Tsuchiya: The lord is that mountain. Both in battle and at home, he is steadfast, like a mountain. When his army advances, first the horsemen attack, swift as the wind. Second, the lancers raise a forest of spears, advancing with silent resolve. Third, more horsemen engulf the enemy ranks, as mercilessly as fire. And the lord is always behind them, watching over them, immovable as a mountain. That is why our army, from general to foot soldier, can fight so resolutely... Immovable as a mountain. The lord is that mountain. So we call him "the mountain."

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