Saleswoman Quotes in The Hard Easy (2006)


Saleswoman Quotes:

  • [first lines]

    Saleswoman: Over here... Good morning.

    Delivery guy: Good morning. What, uh, What's with all the suits?

    Saleswoman: Some big dealer thing.

  • Saleswoman: The nicest lipstick in the world can't help a girl, if she doesn't take care of her personal hygiene.

  • Saleswoman: Can I help you? Hello? Are you going to buy that?

    Will Stanton: Um, sorry, it's for my sister.

  • Saleswoman: You can't trust any man. That's all they want!

    Corset model: [innocently] What else have we got to give?

  • Sylvia Fowler: Oh uh... is that umm... Crystal Allen across the hall?

    Saleswoman: Yes she's a new customer. Do you know her? Has she a lot of money?

    Sylvia Fowler: I think she knows where she can get a lot.

  • Saleswoman: Cash or charge?

    Amanda Brooks: Uh, what's the total there?

    Saleswoman: Including cosmetics, perfume, and jewelry, it's $41,611.89.

    Amanda Brooks: [to Margo] Huh, uh, how do you want to pay for that, Slick?


    Amanda Brooks: She never lets me pay for a thing. If I tried, she'd probably shoot me, dump me in the river.

  • Charters: [at newsstand, next to display of "Mein Kampf" and "Gone With the Wind"] There's not a copy of this week's "Punch" ?

    Saleswoman: Please ?

    Charters: "Punch." English magazine. Very humorous. You must have a copy.

    Saleswoman: No.

    Charters: [to Caldicott] She hasn't got a "Punch" old man.

    Caldicott: Hasn't she ?

    Charters: No.

    Caldicott: Well. Sold out I suppose.

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