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Son Gohan Quotes:

  • King Horn: Give me the Pearl, or I'll kill him!

    Son Gohan: Don't give it to him, if you do we all die! Go!

    Son Goku: Master, please give him the Pearl, or he'll kill Grandpa! Please!

    Turtle Man: But your grandpa's right, if I give him the Dragon Pearl we'll all die anyway!

  • Son Goku: Grandpa! Grandpa, what's up?

    Son Gohan: My boy, I don't care about my own life. But this Pearl is very important. We can't lose it!

    Son Goku: Grandpa, tell me what's going on. Why do you suddenly talk like this? I won't let anyone hurt you, and I'll safeguard the Pearl!

  • [Monkey Boy goes out hunting]

    Son Gohan: Hey! The day before yesterday we had a tiger, and yesterday was lion. So, my boy, what are you thinking of giving me today, then?

    Son Goku: Elephant!

    Son Gohan: Huh? That may be too tough for my teeth.

    Son Goku: Okay, how about some fish?

    Son Gohan: Fine! What kind of fish?

    Son Goku: Crocodile!

  • Son Gohan: [about King Horn's Dragon Pearls] I suspect they're inside his stomach...

    Turtle Man: Hmm...

    Son Gohan: Turtle Man, are you thinking of getting that Dragon Pearl inside his stomach, too?

    Turtle Man: Right! When the seven Pearls mix, he'll explode!

  • Son Gohan: The Dragon Pearl and the magic pole are precious family treasures! We can't let them be stolen from us!

  • [sparring]

    Son Gohan: Let it go! You've lost!

    Son Goku: Forget it! I haven't lost yet!

    Son Gohan: You haven't lost yet? So you want more!

  • Son Gohan: [after an attack from Maililia] Wow, that blondie is fierce!

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