Son Gokû Quotes in Dragon Ball Z: Doragon bôru Z - Kami to Kami (2013)


Son Gokû Quotes:

  • Son Gokû: Lord Beerus, you're really strong. I didn't stand a chance. You're really the best in the universe.

    Birusu: You have realized the power of Beerus, the God of Destruction. Nevertheless, you were quite tough too. You are the second strongest fighter I've ever faced in my life.

    Son Gokû: The second...?

  • Birusu: Madam Bulma.

    Bulma: Yes?

    Birusu: I apologize for causing trouble.

    Bulma: Besides that, apologize for hitting me!


    Birusu: I apologize.

    Oolong: [to Bulma] Are you out of your mind?

    Birusu: If it's all right, please invite me to another party.

    Bulma: Only if you promise not to run wild.

    Birusu: I understand. But next time, I want to try that dish pudding.

    Bulma: I'll have tons served up. But don't say it tastes awful after eating it!

    Birusu: If it tastes awful, I'll destroy the Earth!

    Son Gokû: Then we'll fight again, Lord Beerus!

  • Son Gokû: [powers up] Destruction isn't something to take pleasure in!

  • Son Gokû: [to Beerus] Hey there, I'm Goku! Want to fight with me for a bit?

  • Son Gokû: Who's Lord Beerus?

    [King Kai freaks out]

    Son Gokû: Is it the name of a snack?

    Kaiô: Yes, you know, it's the name of a very delicious snack!

    Son Gokû: That can't be true, you just spoke in a fearful tone...

  • [Beerus and Super Saiyan God Goku fight]

    Birusu: What's wrong? You look dissatisfied.

    Son Gokû: A little...

    Birusu: Do you dislike having become a god?

    Son Gokû: Yes. For something like this to exist...

    Birusu: What about it?

    Son Gokû: It was something I couldn't do alone.

    Birusu: Is that something to complain about?

    Son Gokû: Yes! I'm dissatisfied!

    Birusu: It's interesting, what you said. Do you dislike having achieved Super Saiyan God with your comrades?

    Son Gokû: I'm happy, really happy, but... I wasn't able to fight you without borrowing everyone's chi. That annoys me!

    Birusu: Then why did you become a God?

    Son Gokû: Because I wanted to fight Lord Beerus!

    [Bills gets mad]

  • Birusu: I want you to say "I lost."

    Son Gokû: I lost...

  • Birusu: Are you still dissatisfied about being a God?

    Son Gokû: Yes!

    Birusu: That's a sort of pride, and thus a weakness! Such a large pride you have... a Saiyan with that sort of obsession is rare.

    Son Gokû: That's not entirely true. Vegeta has more pride than I do.

    Birusu: Come to think of it, he threw away his pride to protect everyone.

    Son Gokû: I know. For him to throw away his pride as Prince... isn't it amazing? I respect him for it!

    Birusu: So did you throw away your pride as well to become a God?

    Son Gokû: That's how it is...

  • [last lines]

    Son Gokû: [laughs] Oh, yeah, Vegeta, when Bulma got hit, you screamed "My Bulma!" and became a great Super Saiyan!

    Bulma: I felt so loved!

    Vegeta: [embarassed] I don't remember saying such a thing! But, back then, I definitely exceeded your power!

    Son Gokû: Yeah, without a doubt! Next time, when we're fighting someone, I'll ask them to hit Bulma!

    Bulma: HEY!

    [slaps Goku]

    Piccolo: When Vegeta did that, you shouldn't have been there... you'd already arrived, and watched from a distance!

    Bulma: Goku?

    Oolong: [jumps on Goku] You bastard, are you serious? Everyone was getting battered!

    Son Gokû: I'm sorry, I was trying to find a strategy to match him... but there was nothing I could think of!

    Vegeta: Bulma, slap him two, no THREE more times!

    Bulma: Yes, sir!

    Son Gokû: I'm sorry! I regret it!

  • Kaiô: Why are you in your dogi?

    Son Gokû: Lord Beerus should be very strong.

    Kaiô: Oi, don't tell me...

    Son Gokû: [flexing his muscles] I'm curious to see how strong he is!

  • Son Gokû: Can you bring the Super Saiyan God here?

    Shenlong: I cannot. It no longer exists. Super Saiyan God was a god created by the Saiyans!

    Son Gokû: What do you mean by that?

    Shenlong: You have a lot of questions... what exactly is your wish?

    Son Gokû: Lord Beerus wants to fight the Super Saiyan God!

    Shenlong: [worried] Lord Beerus?... Uh, nice to see you, Lord Beerus...

    Birusu: Show me how to create a Super Saiyan God!

  • Birusu: I too have a complaint.

    Son Gokû: What is it?

    Birusu: I have yet to fight in my full power!

    Son Gokû: Really? I used about 80%!

    Birusu: 80%? Then will you match this speed?


  • Uisu: When Lord Beerus passes on, would you like to become the next God of Destruction?

    Son Gokû: I'll have to pass on that.

  • Son Goku: [feeding monkeys] Hey, take it easy, you guys! I'll bring you bananas every day!

  • Bulma: Do you miss your Grandad?

    Son Goku: He found me in the forest when I was just a baby. He brought me up, educated me and thought me kung-fu. And now, he's disappeared. I don't even know if he's alive. He's all I have in this whole world.

  • Son Goku: Are you really a girl?

    Bulma: Have you never seen a woman before?

    Son Goku: No, but Granddad told me there are two kinds of people: one's boys, and the other are girls! So you must be the other kind of people, right?

    Bulma: Yes! A boy and girl, apart from physical differences, are basically the same.

    Son Goku: Oh, yeah, I remember he said that a girl's chest is bigger than a boy's. Hey, can I take a look?

    Bulma: Hey, you can't touch me!

    Son Goku: My grandpa said that too, he said a boy mustn't touch a girl. He said that those who do are called...

    BulmaSon Goku: RAPISTS!

  • Bulma: Oh, no...

    Son Goku: Hey, what's wrong?

    Bulma: I saw a couple of trucks moving on, and those people were mean and nasty! They were headed towards your house!

    Son Goku: So what if they were going there?

    Bulma: I think those people were after your Dragon Pearl! Your granddad could be in danger!

    Son Goku: Will they kill Granddad?

    Bulma: It's possible!

  • [Roshi summons the Nimbus]

    Son Goku: What is that?

    Yamcha: You're stupid!

    Son Goku: You know, do you?

    Yamcha: It's his magic cloud!

    Turtle Man: Right! I captured this cloud many, many centuries ago, and I imbued it with magic powers and turned it into my private car! And the magic cloud has one specialty: people who are dishonest and have an impure mind, will never be able to get on it!

    Bulma: So then, you can sit on it?

    Turtle Man: ME?... Of course I can! I'll show you now!

    [jumps on the Nimbus]

    Turtle Man: See that? I'm an honest man! My mind is pure too! That's why I'm able to get on this cloud! Right, go! Move it! Fly!

    [the Nimbus throws him off]

    Turtle Man: Goddamn you lazybones, how dare you make a fool out of me in front of a pretty girl!

  • Son Goku: You lie to him, and frame me? I'll teach you!

  • Pansy: I had a very good father and mother, and we lived in a peaceful village. But the baddies destroyed it, because of the Dragon Pearl!

    Bulma: Dragon Pearl?

    Son Goku: Bad guys? Who are these guys?

    Pansy: The leader is a terrible monster. He kept hundreds of mean cyborgs. They killed everyone in the village and then they blew up the village! My father, in order to protect the Dragon Pearl, stayed behind and was killed too. My mother went back for my father, and then she was killed! The monster took our Dragon Pearl; it turns out he also owns a Dragon Pearl. Both my parents are dead. My home is destroyed. I've been wandering on my own since then. I have nowhere to go.

    Son Goku: Seetou, could these be the same people who stole my Dragon Pearl?

    Bulma: It's got to be! So then, they took the Pearl from Jen's village, and now they've stolen Monkey Boy's Pearl too! That means they have three Dragon Pearls now! And I have one Pearl...

  • Turtle Man: [cackles] My pretty little lady, do you want to have this Dragon Pearl?

    [holds out his own Pearl]

    Bulma: If you're willing to part with it, of course I'll take it!

    Turtle Man: I'm gonna let you have it, but... uh... you have to do something for it!

    Bulma: So what do you want?

    Turtle Man: I've been living on this remote island for all my life, and I've never seen a girl as pretty as you! So I... so I... well... I want... I want to see you without any clothes on!

    Oolong: How dare you, you dirty old man! How can you think of something as low as that?

    Son Goku: Master, that's too much!

    Turtle Man: Hey, kid, sex is human nature!

  • Son Goku: Magic cloud, you can go home now! When I need you I'll call you, okay?

    [the Nimbus dissipates into OK letters and vanishes]

    Turtle Man: Goddamn you! Goddamn you, son of a jerkball! I've treated you for so many years! When I served you, I had to toss for hours to please you! But now you jump when he tells you to jump and fly when he tells you to fly, you jerk? Why do you treat me like this? You got that, fouled-up bitch?

  • [Piggy bumps his head]

    Son Goku: You're dumb, just like a pig!

  • King Horn: Give me the Pearl, or I'll kill him!

    Son Gohan: Don't give it to him, if you do we all die! Go!

    Son Goku: Master, please give him the Pearl, or he'll kill Grandpa! Please!

    Turtle Man: But your grandpa's right, if I give him the Dragon Pearl we'll all die anyway!

  • [Monkey Boy and Piggy are shot at by a stranger]

    Son Goku: Who are you?

    Miss Snow White: This is my master Mr Westwood! And me, I'm Miss Snow White!

    Oolong: [to Monkey Boy] He's the bandit of the West! His kung-fu's good, and this is his territory! He'll kill you, unless he takes all your money!

    Yamcha: I'm glad you know. So leave your valuables! Then I'll spare your lives!

    Oolong: Oh, no... You got money?

    Son Goku: What's money?

    Oolong: Oh God... Hey, your kung-fu's good. So you can beat him?

    Son Goku: Of course I can!

    Oolong: [to Westwood] We got money, but you can't have it, so there!

    Yamcha: Then I'll send you to hell!

    [starts shooting]

  • Bulma: Monkey Boy, there are seven Pearls!

    Son Goku: Seven?

    Bulma: Didn't you know that?

    Son Goku: No, I didn't. Grandpa said I must protect it. He never mentioned to me there were seven Pearls.

    Bulma: There are seven altogether, and there's a secret about them! It's said when the seven Pearls are put together, the sky will open up and a huge dragon will appear. When you see him, you can make a wish, and ask for anything!

    Son Goku: Is that true?

    Pansy: I've heard that before! That must be the reason that evil monster steals the Pearls!

    Bulma: That must be it! That evil monster... we must try and stop him! He can't succeed!

    Pansy: But that monster is too powerful for us! We'll need to get us some help! My mother told me to go to the Turtle Man! Only he can kill the monster!

  • Son Goku: Grandpa! Grandpa, what's up?

    Son Gohan: My boy, I don't care about my own life. But this Pearl is very important. We can't lose it!

    Son Goku: Grandpa, tell me what's going on. Why do you suddenly talk like this? I won't let anyone hurt you, and I'll safeguard the Pearl!

  • Son Goku: Granddad, with this magic pole, I can protect you and the Pearl from any invaders!

  • Son Goku: Grandpa, I'll let you attack me!

  • [Monkey Boy goes out hunting]

    Son Gohan: Hey! The day before yesterday we had a tiger, and yesterday was lion. So, my boy, what are you thinking of giving me today, then?

    Son Goku: Elephant!

    Son Gohan: Huh? That may be too tough for my teeth.

    Son Goku: Okay, how about some fish?

    Son Gohan: Fine! What kind of fish?

    Son Goku: Crocodile!

  • Son Goku: You're different from me!

    Bulma: Of course we're different! You're a boy, and I'm a girl!

  • Pansy: [to Monkey Boy] He's a monster!

    Oolong: Little boy, keep out of this! Don't you know that this girl is my bride-to-be?

    Son Goku: Bride? Hey, what's a bride-to-be?

    Bulma: You silly boy, don't you even know that?

  • Son Goku: My Grandpa says all evil must DIE!

  • Bulma: Hey, don't touch my Pearl!

    Son Goku: Is that Pearl yours?

    Bulma: Of course it's mine, my father gave it to me!

    Son Goku: I've got one at home too!

    Bulma: Huh? Do you really? Mine has five stars, how many stars does yours have?

    Son Goku: It's got four!


  • Bulma: Where's Grandpa?

    Son Goku: [crying] He's disappeared...

  • Son Goku: Seetou, tell me where these people are!

    Bulma: I've never seen them before, they're all dressed in a funny way!

    Son Goku: Where do we find them?

    Bulma: Well, they came from the West, they're probably heading back there!

    [Monkey Boy flies off]

    Bulma: HEY!

  • Son Goku: Hey, look here! I don't even know you! Why would I want to fight you?

  • Turtle Man: So what do you think of my magic cloud, then?

    Son Goku: Not bad! It's obedient!

    Turtle Man: Hmmmm. But it's not obedient with me, though... You lazybones, you're no good! Ah, you're no use! I'll give you away, to HIM!

  • Turtle Man: You have a Dragon Pearl?

    Bulma: Yes, I have a Five-Star Pearl!

    Son Goku: My granddad had one too, but the baddies stole it from him!

    Pansy: My home had one too, and the baddies stole it from us!

    Bulma: Now these baddies have three Pearls, and they're trying to find the other four Pearls! We heard that your kung-fu was good, and we came to ask you to help us stop the evil monsters!

    Pansy: [goes on her knees] They destroyed our village! Master, please help us stop these evil people!

    Turtle Man: Get up, there's no need for that! Don't you worry! That monster may have three Pearls, but they're no good unless you get all seven of them together, you know that? And without me, he'll never be able to achieve what he wants!

    Bulma: Why's that?

    Turtle Man: Because I have in my possession a Two-Star Dragon Pearl! Without it, how can he get what he wants, eh?

    [presents it]

  • Oolong: Sir, I'm very good at kissing asses, you know that? I can make you feel very special!

    Son Goku: I don't like people kissing my ass.

    Oolong: That's okay, I've got other skills! And one of them is: I know magic! I can change into other things, and if you're bored, I can change into ANYTHING!

  • Oolong: All right, I'm going now!

    [changes into a bat and flies off]

    Son Goku: You won't get away!

    [chases him]

  • Bulma: Hey, I've got an idea...

    Bulma: [to Piggy] You strip for him!

    Oolong: HUH? ME strip for HIM? If I took off all my clothes, he wouldn't want to look even if I paid him!

    Bulma: I mean that you change into me. Then he'll think he's looking at me, when he's actually looking at you!

    Son Goku: That's great? Did you hear that?

    Oolong: Huh? You want ME to bare all for that sex maniac?... Okay, but you gotta pay too!

    Bulma: What do YOU want?

    Oolong: Well, he'll see the top... I'll see the bottom!

    Bulma: Listen, Piggy, when you change into me, you'll be able to see the whole body.

    Oolong: Oh, yeah! How come I'm so stupid? I'll change right now!

  • Son Goku: Why didn't you tell us you had a Pearl?

    Oolong: My teacher told me not to tell anyone!

    Turtle Man: Where is your teacher?

    Oolong: Oh, he's very famous! Everybody knows him, including every dog, and even every cat, because...

    Turtle Man: [knocks his head] Just say it!

    Oolong: The Pig Fairy! My teacher said if I showed the Pearl, people would steal it! He said I must find you guys! That's why I used Jade to meet up with you! I think, now the time is right, so I showed the Pearl to you!

  • King Horn: [having Sparkle as a hostage] Stay where you are! Come any closer and he dies!

    Son Goku: Master, I'm begging you, please help my grandpa!

  • Son Goku: Jade, make your wish now!

    Pansy: Dragon, I want my home and my village restored, no more monsters, and to bring back peace to us!

    Shenron: I see. Your wish is granted!

  • [sparring]

    Son Gohan: Let it go! You've lost!

    Son Goku: Forget it! I haven't lost yet!

    Son Gohan: You haven't lost yet? So you want more!

  • Bulma: You haven't eaten anything. Come, have some beef jerky! It's very tasty... How do you make this beef jerky?

    Son Goku: This is not beef!

    Bulma: Oh? Then what is it?

    Son Goku: It's pepper-minted gecko!

    [Seetou screams]

  • Son Goku: Oh, now you've changed into a fatty!

    Oolong: This is my original form! I'm the 91st descendant of the Pig Fairy, sir! They call me the Pig-Headed Wizard!

    Son Goku: The Pig Fairy? Well, I'm the 91st descendant of the Monkey King!

    Oolong: Oh, so that explains the pole... your ancestor and my ancestor were brothers, so that makes US brothers!

  • [a shadowy form flaps around]

    Son Goku: What's that?

    Oolong: [looks around] What am I doing HERE? Brother, let's go! Hurry!

  • Bulma: Monkey Boy, who is this?

    Son Goku: This is Westwood!

    Bulma: Wow, he's so good-looking!

    [Westwood backs away fearfully]

    Son Goku: What? You call THAT good-looking?... How about this!

    [knocks out Westwood with one punch]

    Bulma: What did you do that for?

  • Turtle Man: But then, why'd Westwood tell me one of you wanted to fight me?

    Son GokuBulmaOolongPansy: WESTWOOD?

  • Son Goku: Westwood, why are you following us?

    Yamcha: Don't forget, one of those Dragon Pearls you lost belonged to me in the first place. I have a right to look for it too, you know!

    Turtle Man: Good! You're welcome to join our group!

  • Turtle Man: So, then, every one of us here all have a relationship with a Dragon Pearl, is that right?

    [everyone agrees]

    Son Goku: [to Piggy] Hey, you don't!

    Oolong: Uh... you're right! I don't have a Dragon Pearl, I've no relationship with it...

  • Son Goku: I'LL KILL HIM!

  • [last lines]

    Yamcha: I have a wish...

    Son Goku: Yes, what is it?

    Yamcha: I want to challenge you to a fight!

    Son Goku: Well, your wish is granted!

    [they charge at each other]

    Miss Snow White: Go for it, Monkey Boy! Go for it, Westwood!

  • Son Gokû: [after a low-flying plane passes over him] Whoa, that's a really big bird! And listen to it's tummy growl!

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