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Miss Snow White Quotes:

  • [Monkey Boy and Piggy are shot at by a stranger]

    Son Goku: Who are you?

    Miss Snow White: This is my master Mr Westwood! And me, I'm Miss Snow White!

    Oolong: [to Monkey Boy] He's the bandit of the West! His kung-fu's good, and this is his territory! He'll kill you, unless he takes all your money!

    Yamcha: I'm glad you know. So leave your valuables! Then I'll spare your lives!

    Oolong: Oh, no... You got money?

    Son Goku: What's money?

    Oolong: Oh God... Hey, your kung-fu's good. So you can beat him?

    Son Goku: Of course I can!

    Oolong: [to Westwood] We got money, but you can't have it, so there!

    Yamcha: Then I'll send you to hell!

    [starts shooting]

  • Bulma: Westwood, can I become your friend?

    [Westwood screams and scrams]

    Miss Snow White: What's wrong with him?

    Bulma: This is the first time I've seen a man who's so excited about me!

    Miss Snow White: [flies after Westwood] Master, wait! Wait!

  • [At a hidden spot, Westwood digs up a Dragon Pearl]

    Yamcha: I got this a long time ago. I never knew it was so powerful. I'll get all seven of them, and make a wish!

    Miss Snow White: Master, do you want to rule the seven seas and be king of the world?

    Yamcha: I'm not interested in that! I don't want to be a king!

    Miss Snow White: Then you can make a wish to the dragon, and ask him to give you all the money in the world! Then you can be the richest man!

    Yamcha: I don't need money, and I don't want fame and I don't want fortune! I want the dragon to give me courage, so I don't shiver in front of women. I don't want fear.

    Miss Snow White: I don't understand that.

  • Miss Snow White: Master, whose kung-fu is better, you or that Monkey Boy?

    Yamcha: I'm not finished with him! I'm gonna go back and find him!

  • Miss Snow White: [copying Seetou's voice] Westwood, can I become your friend? Can I?

    Yamcha: That girl! That girl! Where, where is she?... I see. It was you, wasn't it? Come here!

  • [last lines]

    Yamcha: I have a wish...

    Son Goku: Yes, what is it?

    Yamcha: I want to challenge you to a fight!

    Son Goku: Well, your wish is granted!

    [they charge at each other]

    Miss Snow White: Go for it, Monkey Boy! Go for it, Westwood!

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