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Sam Davis Quotes:

  • CIA Director Garrett Houtman: I've got two words for you.

    Sam Davis: Good luck?

    CIA Director Garrett Houtman: John Lacy.

  • Sam Davis: Don't you realize you should be thanking me right now? I took you on an adventure!

  • Sam Davis: I've made some terrible mistakes and I've probably alienated everybody who was close to me, but I did that because I love you.

  • [first lines]

    Sam Davis: [reading for children's book] He would not take no for an answer. Our young hero traveled a great many leagues beneath the ocean's surface to find his shackled mermaid. And he had no intention of leaving without her. However, the evil Sea King had other plans. Like a mad man driven by love and revenge, he unsheathed his spear gun and fired!

  • Marshall Schmidt: [referring to book in his hand] You recommended this to me a long time ago. You said you felt it was written about you.

    Sam Davis: Yeah, well, those were my younger and more vulnerable years.

  • Sam Davis: Everybody seems sad here. That's why we could really clean up in a place like this.

  • Sam Davis: It's refreshing to find two people so good looking involved with each other.

  • Sam Davis: Maybe you shouldn't send post-cards to people to notify them about heart-breaking news.

  • Zoe: Whit thought it would be nice for us to schedule our wedding while he already had everyone here for his birthday weekend.

    Sam Davis: Hold on - nothing about that statement seems odd to you?

  • Zoe: What are you doing?

    Sam Davis: It seems I'm in the process of winning you back.

  • Sam Davis: You seem like trouble. I would like to get into some trouble.

  • Sam Davis: Here, have a cheese plate, it will slow your heart down.

  • Zoe: Now you're just being an ass, Sam.

    Sam Davis: Yes, I am. I'm winning you back goddamn it.

  • Marshall Schmidt: When did you start smoking?

    Sam Davis: Recently.

    Marshall Schmidt: You know, you probably shouldn't be doing it at a gas station.

    Sam Davis: That's an old wives tale, Marshall.

    [flicks it away]

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